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Are you looking for a way to keep up on all of your tasks?  And writingHealthyLivingPLR or creating content happens to be the biggest one?  If you have been frustrated because there are so many things to do when you xx a blog you’re not sure which ones need the most attention.

Creating and getting content out on your blog, social media platforms and any other medium you use to promote yourself should be your biggest priority.  Why?

Because content is how you grow your business.  The more you produce and share, the bigger your audience will get because they have more opportunity to find you.  Once they do find you they’ll want to keep reading posts on your site.

Do you feel that you stare at a blank screen and can’t quite get the words that you want to come out?  Or maybe you have no idea what people want to read about.  So you just sit there and do nothing.

Maybe you’re one who is in the health and fitness niche, but you just don’t have time to write as many blog posts or email autoresponders that is required to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Imagine Yourself Having Access to High-Quality Content That You Didn’t Have To Write  Yourself!

Why Would You Want Access to Monthly Content?

When you’ve got content ready to go you are more motivated to get it up on your blog or out in your email.  It takes so much less time to personalize the content, upload it to your blog and add images then if you still down to create content from scratch.

You Can:

  • Spend Time on Other Projects That Serve Your Community Better
  • Be Consistent With Your Blog Posts and Email Marketing Campaign
  • Grow Your Blog and Audience With More Content
  • Get Ideas That Will Propel You Into An Unexpected Blog Post, Report or eBook
  • Benefit From a Different Perspective You Might Not Have Thought Of Yourself

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to getting PLR sent to you monthly.

What Can I Expect From Being a Member in the Healthy You PLR Club?

Each month you’ll have access to 45 pieces of new content.  You’ll get 15 blog posts and 15 email autoresponders that complement the blog posts, plus 10 product reviews and 5 Top 5 product lists.  They can easily be linked together, so when you post your onto your blog you can add the URL into the email we provide and send to your list.  

Word count on these will range from 320 to 450 words.  The emails would be the only ones with anything lower than 400.

You could get topics that cover nutrition, fitness, being healthy, eating right, walking, diet lifestyles and a variety of other health related topics.

The Healthy You PLR Club has profit potential written all over it.  Take the links I supply and go get your affiliate link and you are done.

You’ll Get The Following Every Single Month:

  • 15 Blog Posts
  • 15 Email Posts
  • 10 Product Reviews
  •  5 Top 5 Product Lists

Healthy You PLR Club will take the guess work out of what to post.  I will do the research and write the content – you post it.  I keep current on health related topics, so you don’t have to.

*** Please note – that I am working on different components for the membership.  This will allow you to use the blog posts and emails quicker and easier!  This will start in July 2017!

Healthy You PLR Club Membership Topics For April:

Each month has three topics that are blended together.  Take a look at this month’s content.

 Blog Topic Titles

1. 5 Outdoor Exercises Without Equipment (441 words)
2. Outdoor Vs. Indoor Exercise (456 words)
3. 5 Ways Surfing Can Change Your Life (495 words)
4. Benefits of Surfing (431 words)
5. Rules to Stay Safe While Surfing
6. Benefits of Dark Chocolate (450 words)
7. 5 Dark Chocolate Recipes (469 words)
8. 5 Best Tasting Dark Chocolate (440 words)
9. 5 Tips To Use Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss (444 words)
10. Benefits of Forgiveness for Your Health (458 words)
11. How Does Forgiveness Affect Your Health (431 words)
12. 5 Steps to Grow Veggies in Containers (501 words)
13. Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in Containers (442 words)
14. How Does Fresh Fruit Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels? (434 words)
15. 5 Places to Buy Fresh Fruit Online (435 words)


1. 3 Exercises Without Equipment For Legs (413 words)
2. Simple Indoor Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment (451 words)
3. 3 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Surfing (401 words)
4. Which Muscles Does Surfing Build? (439 words)
5. 3 Reasons to Take Surfing Lessons Before You Hit the Waves (402 words)
6. Dark Chocolate Almonds: Are They Healthy? (406 words)
7. Best Dark Chocolate Recipes For Weight Loss (430 words)
8. Dark Chocolate Bars Vegans (398 words)
9. Does Dark Chocolate Work For Weight Loss? (485 words)
10. Who Benefits From Forgiveness (419 words)
11. How Forgiveness Helps You (392 words)
12. 3 Best Way to Grow Veggies in Containers (413 words)
13. How to Grow Root Vegetables in Containers (436 words)
14. What Fresh Fruit Has the Least Sugar? (410 words)
15. 3 Places to Buy Fresh Fruit From Your Local Area Online (384 words)

Product Reviews

1. Seavenger Men and women 3mm Full Suit Flatlock Stitching Jumpsuit (456 words)
2. Double Barrel Surf Wax – Cool Water – 3 Pack (447 words)
3. Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard (479 words)
4. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almonds (452 words)
5. Lindt Excellence Extra Dark Chocolate (468 words)
6. EMSCO Group Big City Picker Raised Bed Grow Box (450 words)
7. All New Square Foot Gardening II: The Revolutionary Way to Grow More in Less Space (442 words)
8. Total Surfing Fitness – (470 words)
9. EarthBox 1010011 Garden Kit, Terra Cotta (445 words)
10. Total Forgiveness (444 words)

Top 5 List

1. Top 5 Surfing & Foamie Boards (448 words)
2. Top 5 Wet Suits For Men & Women (468 words)
3. Top 5 Veggie Container Kits (476 words)
4. Top 5 Vegetable Garden Books (457 words)
5. Top 5 Forgiveness Books (510 words)

There is so much that you can do with content such as repurpose the blog posts into slides and share on Slideshare sites or grab tips out of the content and create social media memes that your audience will love.

This content will help you engage your audience and there is tons of it.  You can use if freely on your blog or wherever you’d like to.

Buy All Of This For a Low Monthly Price With The Healthy You PLR Club Membership
($47.00 per month)
Content comes out on the 10th of each month.
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All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
2. Do not put my name on it.

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