I'm Rebranding...

Thank you for visiting Niche Starter Packs!  I know the logo at the top says Your Essential Toolbox, but you're not in the wrong place.  I am rebranding and so the site is undergoing some changes.  The colors and name might have changed, but....

I still offer High-Quality Done-For-You Products (PLR) and Canva Templates.  In my shop I'm offering new Canva Templates and DFY Products, but I'm also updating the products from Niche Starter Packs.  Scroll down to get to my new shop.  

My goal is to have YourEssentialToolbox.com my main site with a Shopify Store - so if you've bought any products on aMember at Niche Starter Packs, please download them because I am going to take the software off my hosting servers.  I am striving for the end of 2023.

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Our Canva Template Toolkits...

3 Easy Steps To Use Our Templates & Done-For-You Products


Find Your Template.

Pick your template and download to your Canva Account.



Customize and brand templates for your audience.


Use As Your Own.

Take the templates and done-for-you products and make your own products.

What We Do

At Your Essential Toolbox we help content creators build and grow their business by providing products that you can download, customize, and use as your own to start growing your list and building your digital product empire.

Don't forget to check out my blog for information on how to build a business - this includes mindset and habits, as well as creating systems in your business.

I love helping others in this way.

We Help You....

Create digital products faster

When you use templates and done-for-you products it will take you less time to create digital products for your own business.

profit With your own products

Offering digital products to your audience is going to build up your digital assets AND earn profits in your business.  

Share Your Content & Products

Use the social media mockup and graphic Canva templates to share your content and products with your audience.  Spotlight with beautifully designed templates.

grow your audience

Take the templates and done-for-you products to grow your list expodentially with the freebies and printables you'll be able to create with them.

engage your audience

With our social media posts and graphics - you'll be able to engage on the social platforms that are most important to your business.

connect with your tribe

You connect with your audience by showing off your expertise with beautifully designed products that you're able to get to market quickly with templates and done-for-you products that you use.  This allows you to create all the assets (freebies, products, lead magnets, social media posts) quickly to allow you to connect to like-minded individuals.

Save time designing and creating beautiful product with our Canva Templates.  No graphic skills required.

Canva Templates

Our Canva Templates make it easy for any content creator to come away with professional-looking products that you'd be proud to put your name on.

Flexible Terms

You'll get different terms on the products that you purchase - private label rights as well as PLR Resell License.  Which means the PLR Resell License you get to use them in your business and pass on commercial use rights to your customers.


Who Is Behind Your Essential Toolbox...

My name is April Lemarr and my goal is to help you create products and services quickly and easily.

Here’s why….


When I first started my online journey I was terrified to do anything because I didn’t want to do it wrong. Every word I wrote I scrutinized and then I let fear win and wouldn’t publish anything.

I know that was from lack of confidence, but this is the reason that I absolutely love providing done-for-you content, Canva templates, and commercial use low content products to others building their own businesses.

I don’t want anyone else to agonize over every single detail. It is exhausting and then when this happens you move on – to a new project, a new site, a new method to work online.

I’ve been creating products that others can download, customize, and use as their own for over 6 years. I love helping others in this way.

Now I’m starting to see a need for different terms to help others create commercial use products.

What People Say About Your Essential Toobox...


I'm most excited about the worksheets, step-by-step pages, checklists, and lead magnet pages.  I have to admit, I never considered using Canva for anything but graphics...but wow these will make other pages look good too! 

Jessica Mele - Blogger at RelaxedMarketer.com

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