Parents Are TIRED of Unhealthy Food When They Take Their Family on Vacation!

Help Them Discover Ways To Make Healthier Choices While They Travel With the Eat Healthy While Traveling PLR Bundle

Even when people are traveling they still want to eat healthy away from home.  In fact, it can be tiring eating out at all the restaurants and picking up convenience store food on the go.  They'll start wishing they had ideas of how to be healthier on the road.

There are so many calories and so much fat in foods you get on the go.  Show your audience how to pick healthy options when faced with the never ending unhealthy food when on the road.

This pack isn't just about traveling with a family. There are tons of niches that you can cater to with this PLR. People who drive trucks look for alternatives to always going to the truck stop and picking up the fatty foods that those restaurants serve. They are looking for healthy alternatives that they can pack in their truck. It is tiring trying to figure out what food to buy next. Take the guess work out with this bundle. Plus eating out every single day can get expensive.

Or what about people who have jobs that require them to travel? They want to know how to eat healthy while they are working on the road and what to buy quickly when they've got to get to the next destination.

People who work on the road, go on family vacations or live in a truck (or RV) still want to be healthy.

You’ll get this PLR bundle for only $17.00!

You promote ​the following tangible products:

  • Squeezable Snacks in bulk (price ranges from $20 to $40+)
  • Coolers to carry in the car with them
  • Ice packs to go inside the cooler which might be a better alternative than ice during the long travels
  • Car games to entertain the children
  • Tablets for the kids to play game apps on

Section 1 - 10 Articles

Ten 450+ word articles are included in this bundle. In this pack you’ll get articles on How to Eat Healthy While Traveling. You’ll be able to help your community make better food choices when they are traveling.

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling Titles:

  • How to Choose Healthy Options From a Breakfast Bar – 511 words
  • Healthy Meals You Can Prepare in Your Hotel Room – 594 words
  • Healthy Snacks to Feed Your Kids While Traveling – 453 words
  • The Top 5 Healthiest Fast Food Joints and What to Eat – 494 words
  • What to Look For in a Hotel to Eat Healthier – 496 words
  • How You Can Eat Healthy at Any Restaurant – 462 words
  • 6 Low-Fat Snacks to Bring On a Road Trip – 525 words
  • 4 Easy and Healthy Meals to Bring On the Road – 495 words
  • The 8 Healthiest Travel Destinations in America – 457 words
  • Healthy Options From Convenience Stores – 464 words

Get in both Text and Word Format

Section 2 - Royalty Free Images

Images are expensive to purchase, so I’ve found royalty free images that you can use with the articles or inside the report.

Section 3 - Keyword Research

I’ve come up with 200 long tail keywords all related to eating healthy while traveling. You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

But these are all high-targeted keywords that have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines with. Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start with this list.

You’ll get this PLR bundle for only $17.00!

All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
2. Do not put my name on it.



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