Less People Are Purchasing "Diet" Products Than They Were Just a Few Years Ago!

The Clean Eating Lifestyle Has Exploded Into the Mainstream Market and Has People Frantically Searching For Information On This HOT Topic!

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People are tired of being on diets and all the chemicals that are put in our foods.  They want to get back to basics and that is why the Clean Eating diet exploded into the marketplace recently.  People dream of home made food like their grandma and mom used to make.  They have just gotten so far removed from this that they have no idea how to take all the the pre-made, fast food and convenient foods out of their diet and add healthier options.Nutrition PLR

They need content and they need it now.  

Your Clean Eating PLR Bundle Includes:

This pack provides MEGA content for you.  It has 48 pieces that include 5 "Top 5" articles, 17 blog posts, a 16 page long report, 5 product reviews and a 5 page report.  The reports have a unique slant that is geared towards getting children to embrace the lifestyle.

CleanEatingPLRTop 5 Topic Titles

You'll get 5 Top 5 articles that are all over 600 words and 

 1. Top 5 Food Dehydrators to Use When Eating Clean (717 words)
 2. Top 5 Food Processors That Help You Save Time When You Have a Clean Eating Lifestyle (690 words)
 3. Top 5 Juicers For Better Health On the Clean Eating Diet (635 words)
 4. Top 5 Personal Size Blender That Will Make Your Life Easier When You are On the Clean Eating Diet (697 words)
 5. Top 5 Kitchen Storage & Organizers To Help With Your Clean Eating Strategy (663 words)
 6. Top 5 Yogurt Makers For A Clean Eating Diet (654 words)

CleanEatingPLRProduct Reviews

 1. Ball 67000 Quart Wide Mouth Mason Jars, Silver Lids pack of 12 (32 OZ) (501 words)
 2. Popsicle Molds Ice Pop Maker (451 words)
 3. Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor (476 words)
 4. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor (476 words)
 5. In Defense of Food Book Review (422 words)

CleanEatingPLRClean Eating Blog Topics

 1. 5 Small Changes to Start a Clean Eating Diet Today (506 words)
 2. Clean Eating Benefits (450 words)
 3. Clean Eating Habits You’ll Need To Develop (509 words)
 4. Clean Eating Pros & Cons (505 words)
 5. Clean Eating Tools To Make Your Prep Time Faster (504 words)
 6. Clean Eating Tricks for Busy Moms (557 words)
 7. Cleaning Eating Basics – A Quick Overview (502 words)
 8. Let's Get Rid of Unhealthy Preservatives In Your Diet Once And For All! (551 words)
 9. Simplify Your Life With These Clean Eating Tips (497 words)
10. Get Slim By Changing Your Diet - Discover How (455 words)
11. What to Expect After You Start Clean Eating (471 words)
12. 7 Clean Eating Hack You’ll Want to Know (447 words)
13. 5 Ways to Drink More Water (587 words)
14. 6 Incredible Benefits That Vegetables Provide That You May Not Know About (582 words)
15. Fastest Ever Clean Eating Makeover! (454 words)
16. How to Go Out and Eat While Clean Eating (508 words)
17. Sneaky Tips on How To Get Picky Eaters to Switch To Clean Eating (576 words)


CleanEatingPLRGetting Kids to Embrace Clean Eating Report
Long Report (4,628 words) 16 pages

Includes a short intro and then covers the following topics in three main sections:

CleanEatingPLRWhy Make the Switch To A Clean Eating Diet?
  • Empowers Them to Make Better Food Choices
  • Teaches Healthy Habits That Will Last Their Entire Lives
  • Helps With Brain Development
  • Prevents Health Problems
  • Enables Healthy Growth
  • Keeps Kids Safe from Ingredients in Ultra Processed Food
  • Maintains a Healthy Weight
  • Able to Focus and Concentrate
  • Feel Better Physically and Mentally
CleanEatingPLRTips and Techniques to Use For Kids That are Picky Eaters or Older
  • Switch and let them know this is the way we eat now
  • Sneak in a clean eating diet any way that you can
  • Cook the food in different ways
  • Use substitutes for common ingredients
  • Include a “new” food with favorite foods
  • Keep offering them the same “new” food multiple times
  • Know what your kids like and incorporate it into the meal
  • Know what your kids hate
  • Involve your kids
CleanEatingPLRHow to Get Them Off the Junk Food and Ultra Processed Food
  • Watch What You Eat
  • Wean Them Off Slowly
  • Cook More Meals At Home
  • Prep Your Meals and Snacks Ahead of Time
  • Talk About Health
  • Keep a Variety of Snacks on Hand
  • Take Note of the Healthy Food They Like
  • Make a List of Foods You Want as Part of Your Diet
  • Slowly Get Rid of All Junk Food
  • Limit Snacks
  • Be More Aware of How It Happens
CleanEatingPLRKid Friendly Clean Eating Snack Ideas and Easy Prep Report

Short Report (1,719 words) 5 page report

Includes an intro, plus the following topics:
  • Why the right snacks are important
  • What to keep on hand
  • Other Kid Friendly Snack Ideas
  • What to use to make prepping easier
  • How to Prep Weekly Snacks
With the Clean Eating PLR pack you'll get a massive amount of content for only $13!  That is less than twenty five cents per piece.  

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