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Every year a large number of busy moms will start a diet or a weight loss plan.  They will all start their plan with different goals in mind.  These goals could be to exercise 
regularly or to use a certain diet with restrictive eating plans.

Some moms will lose a pound or two. A few others will enjoy greater success - 10, 20, or 30 pounds. But nearly all moms will get overwhelmed or too busy to finish what they started.

Diets are hard to keep up with especially when you've got kids in school and activities.  So not only are they driving the kids around to all of their events - they are also completing their household errands to make sure everything runs smoothly.  

This is already happening with your audience. They start to lose weight, but then they end up quitting instead. Or perhaps these moms try to exercise regularly, but then just can't fit it into their schedule - so they don't exercise at all or sporadic.

Busy moms are frustrated with this type of diet and exercise plan. They are humality by this one part of their life they can't seem to master. They are exhausted trying. And sometimes it feels like no matter how much they try, they just never lose weight, exercise regularly or eat a healthy diet.
This is how your audience is feeling right now.  Let them know it’s not their fault if they've tried and failed.

You see, the reason why they can't lose weight, exercise on a regular basis or eat healthier is because they weren't taught how to make healthier decisions.  Or maybe they've gotten out of the habit of making themselves a priority. I mean think about it: they have children who depend on them day in and day out to make the right decisions for them, help them become the people they going to become and all of the chores that comes with the title Mom - housework, errands, cooking and 
chauffeur.  It is hard to fit all of that in and make your health a priority.

But there comes a time in every busy mom's life when she has to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you can help her change her life for the better by offering your guidance.

Busy Moms Are Searching For a Healthier Alternative!

More busy moms are chucking the "diets" and fads out the window instead they want healthy options.  They want to eat more vegetables and make better choices about their diets.  

Look at these search terms -


With the Better Health For Busy Moms PLR Bundle you'll be able to reassure them that they are not the only ones going through this.

As a mom they still want to look great, but they are tired of weight loss shoving different diets down their throats.  The ones that have them eat ridiculous foods in order to lose weight.  Foods they would never consider eating for the rest of their lives.

They need someone who will teach them the essential skills again it takes to live a healthy lifestyle - someone like you!  After all, health in high school was a long time ago and so much has changed since then.  They have created habits around their current diet that they want to kick to the curb. 

They are starting to think about healthier options for themselves and their families.

Be An Industry Leader By Approaching the Health Niche In a New Way - Teach Busy Moms How To Make Healthier Choices


I've created a solution that will help busy moms go from overwhelm to working on their healthy lifestyle goals daily.  It has nothing to do with diets and eating restrictive foods.  

Instead it focuses on helping your audience 
actively improve their lifestyles.  This time it will last because you'll be providing valuable guidance to them by recommending changes that they can make, tools they can use to help them in the process and helping them realize that they need to shift their mindset in order to get it done.

It's all about learning new methods to provide get to your goal and making a lasting impact in their lives as well as the lives of the people they love.  You'll be able to guide them from a point of frustration to the feeling of accomplishment knowing they've got this!

The new PLR bundle that I've created will help your audience get started on her journey into a healthy lifestyle change.  With this content you'll be able to -

healthPLRUse this content on your blog to guide busy moms
healthPLRBreak it up into emails by suggesting tips and trick on accomplish her goal!
healthPLRCreate an Opt In Freebie to Build an Audience!
healthPLR Make videos to promote healthy lifestyle products!
healthPLRSet up a slideshow to open up more traffic sources on slide share sites

Better Health For Busy Moms - PLR Bundle Details

This package includes 15 articles, as well as a 7 page short report - for a total of 22 pages!

15 Articles Include the Following Titles:

 1. 3 Simple to Use Food Journals For Busy Moms (538 words)
 2. 3 Ways to Eat Better and Spend Less Money (554 words)
 3. 4 Steps Busy Moms Can Use To Get Started With Their Weight Loss Goals (491 words)
 4. The Books Every Mom Should Keep On Their Bookshelf When Changing Their Eating Habits - Eat This, Not That! Books (523 words)
 5. How to Get Your Family to Eat More Whole Grains (542 words)
 6. How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Weight Loss Goals For Busy Moms (479 words)
 7. 5 Inspirational Weight Loss Quotes For Moms Who Want To Get Motivated (467 words)
 8. 5 Simple Tips to Help With Your Health Goals (468 words)
 9. How to Figure Out Your Fitness Activity Level (459 words)
10. #1 Secret Weapon Busy Moms Use To Lose Weight Fast (510 words)
11. How To Make Realistic Health Goals When You Are A Busy Mom (481 words)
12. Learn How Grocery Stores Are Now Catering To a Healthy Lifestyle (486 words)
13. 5 Healthy Cookbooks That Will Help Busy Moms (541 words)
14. 3 Smartphone Apps That Will Help With Your Weight Loss Goals (475 words)
15. Healthy Lifestyle Vs A Diet:  What’s the Difference? (457 words)

7 Page Short Report

5 Simple Ways For Busy Moms To Start and Keep a Healthy Lifestyle During Their Life (2,328 words)

This report includes these topics:
Topic #1 - Mindset
Topic #2 - Try Different Recipes
Topic #3 - Be Prepared in the Kitchen
Topic #4 - Exercise Plan
Topic #5 - Know Your Why

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