DFY Growth Mindset Journal With Writing Prompts

DFY Growth Mindset Journal With Writing Prompts

You'll get:

50 Writing Prompts in three different formats. 

31-Page Journal, "Journaling For Growth Mindset" (Powerpoint)
10-Page Printable, "50 Journaling Prompts For Growth Mindset" (Powerpoint)
50 Journal Writing Prompts in Word

3 Editable eCovers 

2 Canva eCover Templates
1 PowerPoint eCover

Longtail Keyword Research

5 Blog Post Series 

Growth Mindset Topic Titles:

1. What is Growth Mindset & Why is it important - 629 words
2. The 2 Types of Mindset (Fixed and Growth) - 617
3. Growth Mindset & Examples - 623
4. Ways You Can Develop a Growth Mindset - 605
5. 5 Steps To Create a Goal To Grow Your Mindset - 614

Plus a compiled word document of the blog posts.  


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