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Now Is Your Chance To Pick Up Done-For-You Products You Can Download, Personalize & Use As Your Own

Create an Evergreen Passive Income Product OR Use This As a Freebie To Grow Your List


Introducing the Being More Mindful Planner  & Printables..

  • 32-Page Done-For-You Planner
    Your audience will be able to go through this planner and learn how to be more mindful
  • 20 Canva Affirmation Templates
    Use these as a bonus to the planner or sell as well art.
  • 10 Digital Paper Backgrounds                                     Use these backgrounds and swap them out with the ones inside the planner.  People also use these for scrapbooking.
  • 10 Digital Sticker Pages                                                Provide digital stickers that go with the planner or sell them separately on Etsy or in your store.
  • 5 Informative Printables                                              People can opt-in and download these printables to get ideas of how to recharge themselves.

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You missed out!

Now you have content that is going to inspire and motivate your audience.

But you want to offer your audience more to help them be more mindful.

This Done-For-You Product includes a Planner, Affirmations, Digital Papers for the background, Digital Stickers and Printables and they were created so that you can sell individually as products or as a DIY Being More Mindful Kit to your audience.

Examples of How You Can Use This Done-For-You Product:

Example 1:

Grab the planner from this and turn it into a freebie. In less than an hour you can have an opt-in page with a free giveaway, that gets into people into your world and into whatever offer you want to make them next.

Increasing your audience is an essential part of business.

Example 2:

Turn this into a package that sells for $7 to $97, depending how you package it.

The more you put into it, the more perceived value.

A printable planner download with a video walking them through how to use each page could easily priced at $37 (or more).

Or offer the printable planner on Etsy and charge $7.

At $7 you'd get your investment back after 10 products sold if you pay full price.

Example 3:

Take this content and turn it into a coaching program.

Offer it as a group program, offer it as mastermind, or offer it as one-on-one.

Print the planner off and send it to your coaching clients. Schedule a call over a period of 4 weeks and work through the pages with them. A program like this could easily go for $47 to $97.

So you would get your investment back when one person joins.  And if 10 people join at $47 you've just earned $470!

3 Easy Steps To Use These Templates

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.

How this works....

I keep up-to-date on trending and popular topics that interest your clients, customers, and community so that you don’t have to.

Then when I find a topic my team and I do all the work to take it from thought to content or product.

This includes:

  • Researching topics
  • Outlining interesting subjects
  • Writing actionable and informative content
  • Creating content in different formats so that you can reach people in ways that they prefer
  • Repurpose content so that you can use it to gain more subscribers, get more traction online and earn more money

This saves you hours not having to create it yourself or find and hire a ghostwriter and graphic designer.  Plus the time it takes you to training and get back what you want.

Time & Cost To Do It On Your Own:


Per Hour Cost / Design




4 Hours

$20 / HR



Affirmation Content

1 Hour

$15 / Per Page



Affirmation Design & Layout

6 Hours

$15 / Per Page



Digital Stickers

3 Hours

$15 / Per Page



Digital Background Paper

2 Hours

$10 / Per Page



Planner - CANVA

10 Hours

$15 / Per Page



Planner - Powerpoint

6 Hours

$15 / Per Page




1 Hour

$15 / Per Page







I have taken an approximate of how much each of these would be based on the market value or the prices I know people charge.  A lot of these are underestimated, but I know you can find them at this price or lower if you do your research.

The hours above are also based on templates that I've created and the team that I've trained.  They might take someone else less time or longer based on skillset.

Even if you only use the planner design.  That would be approximately $390 to make.  Say you found someone that charged $10 per page, that's great (amazing price by the way), that would be $260, plus $10 for the eCover for a total of $270.

PLUS the time it takes to find that person, explain what you want, and then the back and forth to get your vision from what you envision it in your head to a planner.

Niche Starter Packs offers an affordable alternative to hiring your own team of writers and outsourcers for your content.

You can also take these done-for-you products and hire someone to recolor and customize to match your branding.  You'll elimate all the hours of creating it and it would be less expensive to have someone change to your branding colors then start from scratch.  Fiverr or Upworks is an option for this type of work.

Here's What You'll Get In This Done-For-You Product:

32-Page Planner, "Being More Mindful Planner"

Planners are a great way to write down your feelings and figure out what comes next.  This is going to help your audience dig deep into being more mindful.

This workbook is created in Powerpoint and Canva so that you can easily change anything inside, add your branding, re-arrange the questions or add your own. Both of these softwares make it easy to change the fonts, colors, layouts, and anything else you want to customize on each slide.

It is a very flexible format to use.

You'll get these in both Canva and Powerpoint formats.

20 Canva Affirmation Templates

Affirmations help reprogram the mind, and these affirmation templates can help your audience get motivated and inspired to to keep them laser focused and productive.

You can put these in a bundle to sell as part of a product or put them up on your store as wall art.  Wall art is a popular search term and product that people buy on Etsy.  As a digital product or as a print.  You just have to be very clear which one they'll be getting.

You'll get these in PNG format and as Canva Templates.


Use Your Branding Colors On the Affirmation Posters Similiar To This.....

In 10 minutes by JUST changing the colors!

(please note the brown, green, and maroon colored affirmation posters are just an example of what you can do, you won't get these in your product)


10 Digital Paper Backgrounds 

You can use these digital paper background specifically with the planner that you'll get with this done-for-you product.  To do that you can change out the digital paper currently being used to make them look unqiue and different.

But that isn't all you can do with these.  People purchase digital paper for scrapbooking, crafts that they're working on, making cards and digital planners.

Add these to your store or Etsy.  People are always looking for new and different choices.

You'll get these in PNG format and as PDF format.  Size is 12 in X 12 inc.

10 Digital Paper Backgrounds 

You can use these digital paper background specifically with the planner that you'll get with this done-for-you product.  To do that you can change out the digital paper currently being used to make them look unqiue and different.

But that isn't all you can do with these.  People purchase digital paper for scrapbooking, crafts that they're working on, making cards and digital planners.

Add these to your store or Etsy.  People are always looking for new and different choices.

You'll get these in PNG format and as PDF format.  Size is 12 in X 12 inc.


10 Digital Stickers

Digital stickers are evergreen and a trending topic right now.  People love to add these stickers to their digital planners.  They like to have variety depending on what they're doing, what they're in the mood for and what colors they want to use.

You'll get these in PNG format and PDF format.  These are full page digital stickers - so 8.5 in X 11 in.


5 Pages of Being More Mindful Printables (PowerPoint)

Teach your audience how to follow through with these printables. These are also in Canva and Powerpoint, so in just a few minutes, you

can customized them.

The Being More Mindful Printables include:

  1. 10 Reasons to Let Go and Be More Aware of Today
  2. 20 Ways to Practice Living in the Moment
  3. 7 Days of Being More Mindful & Start Living in the Moment
  4. 5 Easy Steps to Focus on the Present
  5. 5 Ways to Bring Mindfulness to Your Life and Reduce Stress

Use these as a part of a product you're creating or as an opt-in to lead to one of your products. People love printables.

Easily Turn This....


Into this....

Here are the steps:

  • Change the font
  • Change the color
  • Drag and drop the text elements
  • Add your URL at the bottom
  • Take out the design elements
  • Add a branding design element

The possibilities are endless on how you can easily customize these printable templates for your business.


What You Can Do With a Canva Template:

The amazing thing about Canva templates if you don't like the colors that we have added  to the social media images  or have your own brand colors you can change them.  

These are completely customizable to what you want.  

Change the colors, change the images, change the words or change the layout of the graphic.  You can even add your domain URL, your picture or your own quote.  

These templates are very flexible.

Plus Canva is totally FREE.  All you have to do is sign up for a free account, accept the template into your account, and start working on it immediately.

If you'd like to create a product and put it up for sale on your site - this will help you.  Everything is already created all you have to do is:

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.


Copy to your Canva account and start branding or using these immediately.  Or download the PNGs that are included and use those in your products.

Canva Template Rights:

 Can be edited and modified in any way
[YES] Can be branded 
[YES] Can put your name as the author
[YES] Can be used in a marketing materials for your business
[YES] May use the graphics on your site/blog
[YES] Can be translated to other languages
[YES] Can use the graphics to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.

[NO] Cannot claim copyright to the content since it is PLR
[NO] Cannot resell the packs
[NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Can be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as author

These Canva templates are for you to use in your own personal business.  You can modify them and use them in products you sell for personal use rights to your audience. You cannot sell, giveaway or resell these Canva templates as templates.

Thank you!

April Lemarr

P.S. In this bundle you're getting done-for-you content and templates that you can brand and sell as your own.  It's important to educate your audience, but it is also essential to make money and this bundle will help you do that.

P.P.S. These templates provide an affordable way to quickly and easily have a beautiful product (or products) up for sale in your business fast.

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