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My Son Hit Double Digits (Big 1-0) This Year and So I'm Offering a HUGE Discount On Some Of My Done-For-You Content.

This is us on the right a few weeks ago.  We were down in Southern California pet sitting a pig (I'm NOT kidding), but we were able to go feed the giraffes.

That was so fun.


So Here's Why I'm Having This Birthday Bash and You'll Get To...

"Grab Hundreds & Hundreds Of Pieces Of Health PLR Content - Including Blog Posts, Intro Emails, Social Media Posts, Graphics & Much More"

If you're in the health, weight loss, bodybuilding, fitness and related niches... 

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You'll get all of this content and graphics for only $29!  

I had a health membership and towards the end I was creating tons and tons of great content, but I didn't have a lot of people inside.  This wasn't very beneficial on my part but now you're going to be able to take advantage of this surplus of PLR content.

I'm throwing a Birthday Bash for my son's birthday and have included TONS of high-quality, health PLR content.


We had his birthday bash during the weekend and he wanted a seafood feast.  He's been asking to go to Joe's Crab Shack so we compromised.  I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of different seafood he hasn't tried before like lobster tail, clams, crawfish, mussels, and shrimp.  My sister-in-law told me about a corn that she heard about with cojita cheese, chili powder and mayonnaise on it - so I got the ingredients for that.  

I bought it and my amazing sister-in-law cooked everything.

It was so much fun and every enjoyed it so much that she plans to do it with all the family and have everyone bring a different type of seafood.

I didn't book anything for his birthday so that his friends could come because we were really in California pet sitting a pig and the time got away from me before I realized it - so we did the seafood feast instead.

I'm very glad you're here to celebrate this amazing person...plus you get to save TONS!

Here's Why You'll Want This MEGA PLR Content Bundle:

Engage Your Audience – You'll provide tips from the social media posts and content that people want to read.

Create a Community Of Like Minded Individuals – By providing tons of great health content you'll be creating a place for people to come together and you’re going to be creating a community!  You can also start a Facebook group, a forum or use one already made like Mighty Network.

Stands Out As an Expert– By posting regularly you're going to start to be known as an expert in your field.

Drive Traffic To Your Site  You can turn followers into subscribers by providing blog posts series.  You'll also get more traffic by posting regularly.  

Increase Your Sales – By bringing more visitors to your site this is going to give you more sales.  People will see you as an expert and will trust your site more = more sales.

Grab This Limited Special For Only $29!

This is a bundle that you can sell for profit, engage your audience in a paying membership or create an opt-in to turn readers into subscribers.  Take this and create training videos for each day or upload them to your blog post and email autoresponder.  

You'll want to grab this special because this is probably the ONLY time you'll ever be able to get all of this content in one PLR bundle.  I'll be using it as individual PLR packs, upsells and bonuses but never as a bundle together again.

Let's take a look at what you're getting!

Take a Look at The Components That Are Included In This PLR Pack (not all content has each of them):

This content has so much content that you're going to have a wide range of topics to post for weeks, months or even the full year depending on how you set up your content schedule.

Take an overview of what you're getting - to get the full details, you'll find them below.  That will give you topic titles, word count and what is in each bundle because there are eight different onces!

  • Mindful EatingIncludes 4 blog posts, 4 emails, keywords, images, report, royalty free images, 8 social media posts.
  • DFY Superfoods PLR Content - Includes 20 blog posts, 20 intro emails and 200 social media posts.  This includes superfood topics such as raspberries, okra, wheatgrass, flax seed, chia seeds, chamomile and so much more.
  • Low Carb PLR - Includes 6 blog posts, 6 intro emails and 60 social media posts.
  • DFY Health PLR Content - Includes 3 blog posts (18 total), 3 intro emails (18 total), 3 graphic images (18 total), and 6 social media posts (36 total) for each of these topics gymnastics, ice skating, health goals, motivation, Mediterranean Diet and heart health.
  • Product Articles - Includes 10 gift basket ideas (these are more general and not specifically health related), 5 product reviews and 1 top 5 tangible product list.
  • DFY Indoor Exercise PLR Content - Includes 25 blog posts, 25 intro emails and 250 social media posts.
  • Kettlebell PLR Articles - Includes 10 PLR articles

As you can see this is a HUGE PLR pack that has a variety of health content inside of it.  

Most of this content was created to post a series on the topic, introduce the content with an email and then share it on your social media platforms.  If you use it how I've created it you'll have almost 24 weeks of content posting 3 articles per week.  That doesn't even include the product articles or the kettlebell articles.

Inside you'll get these components: