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Sugar Report PLR

People are Addicted to Sugar! Scientist Have Discovered That Sugar Stimulates a Person’s Pleasure Center – Just Like Drugs! There is no two ways about it – people are addicted to sugar.  Not only do they consume sugar willing in their soda’s, coffee drinks and pastries – but they also Read More


Bubble Tea PLR Article

Bubble Tea is Making is Becoming a HUGE Trend & It Is Being Sold In More Places You might have noticed that bubble tea is starting to be added to your local tea and coffee shops.  Most of the time these teas are actually pre-made when you order them from Read More

Plant-Based Smoothie PLR

Smoothies Could Secretly Be Making Your Audience Fat! Show Them the Correct Way To Make a Plant-Based & Low-Calorie Smoothie Smoothies contain so many fruits and vegetables in them that they are a popular breakfast food. People make them because they taste good and they are healthy, but are these Read More

10 Parenting PLR Articles

Teach Your Audience How to Overcome Power Struggles With Their Child With These Pre-Written Articles! Do you have a blog that gives parenting advice? I can tell you from experience that parenting is HARD! 🙂 Some days I feel like the best mom in the world, but then when I spend Read More

10 Travel Articles

Travel Is a Billion Dollar Industry & People Are Always Looking For Tips To Save Money, Find the Best Ideas and Easiest Ways to Travel !Be a Travel Affiliate and Earn Commissions on Something People LOVE! Travel is one of the biggest industries because it encompasses so many parts – Read More

Anti-Aging PLR Article Vol.2

Anti-Aging is a MILLION Dollar Niche – Get In On This Profit Generating MarketHelp Your Audience Look Their Youngest & Drop Years With Tips and Product Recommendations on Their Skin Care Over the last few years make-up companies have started realizing that in order to make the skin look better Read More

10 Fat Burning Articles

Help Your Audience Burn Belly Fat Fast, Get Leaner & Slim Down! People are looking for ways to help them burn body fat quickly.  There are so many reason why they want the fat to melt away – going to a reunion, getting married, being in a wedding or they Read More

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling Provides Benefits – Teach Your Audience About Everything it Offers & Help Make Their Lives Better Journaling has so many benefits – it is therapuetic, it helps you organize and it can also help you in your business.  When you journal it involves writing down your actions, thoughts, feelings, Read More

10 Day Gardening eCourse PLR

Engage Your Audience With a 10 Day Gardening eCourse or Blogging SeriesTeach Your Community How to Decorate Their Garden & Grow Their Vegetables Better! Gardening relaxes so many people and help them with their stress level.  That is why it is a huge, evergreen niche to get into.  People love Read More

Growth Mindset PLR

Growth Mindset Articles & Report! Having a positive mindset is important in life – whether you are creating a business, work for a company or are an athlete. You’ll need to believe in yourself.But it doesn’t just apply to those types of situations, it works when you’re audience is trying Read More