Do you need a boost of self confidence on some days? Almost everyone does and I’ve done a little research and found 10 TED Talks That Boost Confidence on Hubspot.  Whenever you feel you need a little extra confidence pick one of these and talks and it will help.

A healthy self-esteem can change your life. If you have a healthy self image of yourself you are more likely to make good decisions, work harder towards your goals and accomplishments and live a happier life.

Darren’s PLR eBook on Self Esteem is a powerful, life changing eBook for yourself or your audience. He even has a resource report that will help them find the confidence they need during their growth with suggested sites, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos and Instagram accounts.

You can really highlight this part of the book because sometimes people skip over the resources to get to the main eBook and then forget about them. To do this you could post about them to the participants on one of your social media outlets.

April’s Advice

What I really like about Darren’s eBook is the exercises that he has inside. To make the most of this eBook I would make a workbook that people can easily write it and also get to the exercises.

I have created a tutorial walking you through the process.  Be aware that my bird is in the background and is singing up a storm.  Thankfully he wasn’t mad because he can get really loud!

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to get the page number off from the first page of the workbook which happens to have the cover.  Take a look at the image below and it should help you.


Do you see where that arrow is point?  You need to make sure the box that says Different First Page is checked.  When you check it the page footer will start on page 2 instead of the page 1.  If you want to have an eCover on the first page I would highly recommend this.

Here are the steps I would take to make a workbook out of the Self Esteem PLR:

Step 1:

Go through the entire book and copy and paste the exercises into a new Word document. You’ll also probably notice that for the exercises he has an image graphic for them which he includes the source file (Photoshop) and a JPG image.

If he doesn’t have an exercise you think should be included take one of the image graphics and use it as a template to make your own image. All you would need to do is change the title and the picture. You’ll find it under Module 11 Graphics – Book Assets – Sections.

If you don’t have Photoshop I found a program that pulled up the PSD files and I was able to edit them with no problem. It is called PhotoPea –

Step 2:

Create page breaks between each page and then add lines for each exercise that needs it. That way it will be easy for your participants to do the exercises.

Step 3:

Create a cover for your workbook. Go to the PhotoPea website and open up the PSD file of the cover. Go to the layer on the right side of the page that says Digital Manual and highlight it. Once it is highlighted go to the left side of the page and click the text button. Then go to your cover and highlight the words Digital Manual and then write WORKBOOK. Make sure it is all capital to go with the way the cover looks. Then save as PSD and title it workbook. I would also save for web after that.

Step 4:

Copy and paste the Workbook cover on the very first page of the Word document you are creating. The steps above cover the essentials of what you’ll need inside for the workbook. At this point you can save as Workbook in Word form, plus you’ll also want to save a PDF form.

More pages you might want to consider adding would be an author page right after the cover, as well as a table of content.

Plus for easy reference of page numbers you could add a footer. You want to include the page number, but I would also include Brought to you by (your name here) and the name of the book (not essential, but nice to have).

Step 5:

Reference the Workbook page numbers in the eBook.

Step 6:

Add the Workbook to your finished product. This includes putting a blurb about it on the sales page, as well as adding the Workbook to your customer’s product.

Does this take more work? Absolutely. But people love workbooks and in their eyes this will bring so much more value to this incredible eBook. I print workbooks and planners out all the time so that I can get the full benefit of the products that I buy. You could also offer a PDF version that they can type directly on if you have that software.

Get the Self Esteem Engagement PLR while it is on the launch price.