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Last night I didn’t sleep well. Not sure why, but the last three or four nights I haven’t been tired. I haven’t had caffeine – so I’m not sure what is going on. It just sucks to go to bed only hours before I like to get up. I hope my sleeping schedule sorts itself out soon! 🙂

Lots of good PLR today….

Here are the deals that I found today:

These deals are good for a limited time.  I found them on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.  The deals might not be available when you look at this post, but please know that I ONLY promote and work with high-quality PLR Sellers  – so everything on this page is worth investing in regardless of when you decide to do purchase it.

Last Day To Save on Ready-To-Publish Health Newsletters

Today is the last day to get the savings on Alice’s new Ready-to-Publish Newsletters. You’ll get 4 Newsletters, 16 Articles, 10 Healthy Recipes and 1 Lead Generating Opt-In Page!

All of that for ONLY $10 — plus check out my bonuses below.

>>Get the Health Niche Ready-To-Publish Newsletters & Start a Membership Today<<


  • FE – For this front end you can pick 2 PLR pack from Niche Starter Packs.
  • OTO – I’ll let you pick 4 MORE PLR packs of your choice (from Niche Starter Packs).

To claim your bonus, just let me know ( that you purchased the product. Also, send me the PLR packs you’d like and I will add the PLR packs of your choice from Niche Starter Packs to your NSP account.

Ruth’s Protein For Weight Loss PLR (With a 24 Hour Coupon!)

Yesterday Ruth Released a New Protein PLR Pack. I know that protein is a big part of losing weight and that is exactly the angle that she has put on this pack.

Get Product Starting at ONLY $7 for 24 Hours!

>>Take Advantage of the Coupon on the Protein For Weight Loss & Save Today <<

(Coupon code is APRIL)

Here’s what’s included:

  • Main Report: “The Truth About Protein for Weight Loss”
  • Royalty Free Images – 13 images (included in the report but can also be used for blog posts, social media etc.)
  • Tweets – Related tweets to share with your fans
  • Social Graphics – Share these 5 tips images on social media
  • Protein for Weight Loss Checklist – Makes the info easy to refer to
  • Animal Vs. Plant-Based Protein Checklist – Makes another good bonus
  • Editable eCovers – You get the finished and editable versions of the book and checklist cover to use however you like!
  • Keywords – Use these 100+ keywords to optimize your website content for search engines

There are so many angles that you can take with this like protein for diabetics, disabled, elderly, women and for girls. But there are also so angles you might not have thought of like for golfers, high blood pressure, former athletes and for foodies. I didn’t even make those up! I did research and those were some keyword phrases people use.

Understanding & Treating Depression PLR

Did you know that there are different types of Depression? It actually comes in many forms like temporary, seasonal, bipolar and manic. So when someone lands on a blog that is talking about one or two they might think that this blog isn’t for them.

>>Create Opt-Ins With 6 Different Depression Reports & Get More Subscribers Today!<<

Tiffany Lambert just released a brand new pack of PLR that drills down this already narrow niche of depression. You get 6 new reports, and each one discusses the various forms of depression – from time-based to short or long-term, severe and other forms of depression.

6 Brand New Reports Totaling 30 Pages

Report #1: Time-Based Depression

This 5+ page, 1,970-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Time-Based Depression
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Time-Based Depression
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Time-Based Depression
– Tips for Managing Time-Based Depression
– Best Natural Remedies for Time-Based Depression

Report #2: Long-Term Depressive Disorders

This 5+ page, 1,979-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Long-Term Depression Disorders
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Long-Term Depressive Disorders
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Long-Term Depressive Disorders
– Tips for Managing Long-Term Depressive Disorders
– Best Natural Remedies for Long-Term Depressive Disorders

Report #3: Bipolar Manic Depression

This 5+ page, 2,017-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Bipolar Manic Depression
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Bipolar Manic Depression
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Bipolar Manic Depression
– Tips for Managing Bipolar Manic Depression
– Best Natural Remedies for Bipolar Manic Depression

Report #4: Psychotic Depression

This 5+ page, 1,995-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Psychotic Depression
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Psychotic Depression
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Psychotic Depression
– Tips for Managing Psychotic Depression
– Best Natural Remedies for Psychotic Depression

Report #5: Situational Depression

This 5+ page, 2,001-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Situational Depression
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Situational Depression
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Situational Depression
– Tips for Managing Situational Depression
– Best Natural Remedies for Situational Depression

Report #6: Atypical Depression

This 5+ page, 2,038-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

– Causes of Atypical Depression
– Recognizing the Symptoms of Atypical Depression
– Diagnosis and Treatments for Atypical Depression
– Tips for Managing Atypical Depression
– Best Natural Remedies for Atypical Depression


  • 10 Depression Articles
  • 10 Bullet Journal PLR Articles

(You’ll be able to download the bonus in your customer portal on JVZoo)

People need help in this niche and you have SO many selling opportunities in the depression niche. Right on the sales page, Tiffany shows you a list of at least 13 types of products you can promote using this content.

Instant Pot PLR Articles & Recipes

Tracy & Susanne have released a new pack all on Instant Pots. There are SO many people that have these. That is because they cook food fast and so many different types!

You’ll get 10 great articles that talk about what the instant pot is, how it works, slow cooker vs instant pot, is it worth the money and so many other articles that are answering questions that people have who buy the Instant Pot.

Plus this pack is going to give you profit protential with the Instant Pot, as well as recipe books that you can promote as an affiliate.

>>Download 20 Instant Pot PLR Recipes To Get More Engagement, Readers & Subscribers Today!<<

Save $10 Coupon Code INSTANT

Rapid Results Marketing Formula DFY Training Course

Sharyn Sheldon has another fabulous done for you training course called Rapid Results Marketing Formula.

You’ll get everything you need to DELIVER, TEACH, and PROMOTE a step-by-step course that will help your clients break free from the chains of marketing overwhelm that weigh down their growth.

This can help so many bloggers and small businesses. Talk about an evergreen topic!

>>Get the Rapid Results Formula DFY Training & Create a Signature Course Today!<<

I had a work day yesterday. I did not work on what I scheduled time for. Instead, I worked on improving my sales page for the Summer Drink Firesale PLR Bundle. I think it looks much better, but it took longer than I thought it would.

Tomorrow I’m having another work day while DMan plays with a friend’s son. We both love to go to their house. I get to talk “IM” and DMan gets to play in the woods! Win-win! 🙂

Have a great and productive day!

April & DMan

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