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DFY 5-Day Personal Development Challenges

The customer challenge that builds personal relationships.

 Our DFY Monthly Challenges are designed to be easy to follow, super effective, and give you all the support you need to be successful. Simply choose the challenge that’s right for you.

Challenges Can Be Low Cost

Depending on your business, a customer challenge could require a sizable investment. In most cases though, you can structure a challenge that costs very little money to market, launch, and manage. Considering how effective customer challenges can be, the fact that literally any business can afford to run them is one of the biggest benefits next to customer engagement.

Challenges Are Fun

Don't overlook this simple aspect of a customer challenge. When you add personal enjoyment for your participants, this marketing tool provides fun for both you and them.

Your Prospects and Customers Feel Important

Everyone wants to feel important. Customer challenges provide your potential customers and current clients with the feeling that you care about their needs and desires. This will help you build a stronger, more personal relationship with them, which will lead to greater customer loyalty.

  •  Are looking for a way to grow your business?
  • Capture the attention of new customers?
  • Solve a specific problem you are dealing with?

Imagine What It Would Be Like If...

Gaining massive exposure for your brand and business

Getting more customers who are looking for your products and services

We do all the heavy lifting, creating challenges for you so you can focus on generating leads and closing sales

DFY Challenges can be designed, developed, and deployed in as little as 3-5 business days


April has an innate ability to get right to the heart of the matter and see what needs to be done. She has motivated and inspired me to meet my goals and expand my business. With her help, I have built an email list, launched a course, and am in the process of publishing 2 books.

April Coggins

MS Dyslexia Specialist & Tutor Bright Minds Tutoring

Get real results in less time, with less cost

  • Challenges can provide you with new customers and that in turn can increase your sales
  •  Our DFY Monthly Challenges are designed to be easy to follow
  • You will get the 5 days in word and text format as individual documents, as well as the 5-days compiled into one document.
  • 500 to 600 words per email challenge day
  • The email challenge will talk about the challenge they face, what the answer is, how to overcome it, and then the actionable steps they can take to practice what they learned.


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