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Boost Your Traffic With TIMELY Blog Posts & Engage Your Audience With Interesting Emails 

30 Pre-Written Blog Posts & Emails That Give You More Time To Do the Tasks You LOVE & Helps Reduce Your Stress

When you own a business. Content is your biggest priority.  You need content for your blog, social media platforms, eBooks, reports and any other medium you use to promote yourself.


Because content is how you grow your business.

The more you create and share, the bigger your audience will get because they have more opportunity to find you. Once they do find you they'll want to keep reading posts on your site.

Since content is so important I've pulled tons of amazing content our of my archives.  This was content from my membership site and most of it wasn't available anywhere for sale.

This content is to help you if you just don't have time to write as many blog posts or email autoresponders that is required to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Do you often feel that you stare at a blank screen and can't quite get the words that you want to come out? Or maybe you have no idea what people want to read about. So you just sit there and do nothing.  Then this content is for you!

Imagine Having Access to High-Quality Content That You Can Use Right Now...

That You Didn't Have To Write Yourself!  

When you have content ready to go you are more motivated to get it up on your blog or out in your email. It takes so much less time to personalize the content, upload it to your blog and add images then if you still down to create content from scratch.

Use This Content So That You Can...

  • Spend Time on Other Projects That Serve Your Community Better
  • Be Consistent With Your Blog Posts and Email Marketing Campaign
  • Grow Your Blog and Audience With More Content
  • Get Ideas That Will Propel You Into An Unexpected Blog Post, Report or eBook
  • Benefit From a Different Perspective You Might Not Have Thought Of Yourself

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to getting this content.  Are you ready to save - both money & time?  This timely content will help you grow your business!

Introducing the Done-For-You Healthy You Content Bundle 

This bundle includes a wide range of timely health topics that cover nutrition, fitness, being healthy, eating right, walking, diet lifestyles and a variety of other health related topics.

This Healthy You Content will take the guess work out of what to post at this time of the year because these are timely.  You won't have to spend hours doing research on blog posts anymore, because these popular topics are already written and ready to go.  All you need to do is post it.  

There is so much that you can do with content such as repurpose the blog posts into slides and share on slideshare sites or grab tips out of the content and create social media memes that your audience will love.

This content will help you engage your audience and there is tons of it. You can use if freely on your blog or wherever you'd like to.

Here's The Content Topics You'll Get:

You'll get blog post and email topics that compliment each other.  You'll have enough content to post 3 times a week for 5 weeks or once a week for 15 weeks.  

When's the last time you posted consistently on your blog for 15 weeks in a row?

What would that do for your business?

Even if your blog is in maintenance mode and you only post twice a month you'll get almost eight months worth of content.

Remember - the more exposure you get the more chance you are to be discovered online.

Blog Post:

1. Health & Easy Meal Ideas For Halloween (431 words)
2. Healthy Halloween Treats For a Classroom or Co-Workers (438 words)
3. How to Make a Healthy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie (419 words)
4. 6 Pumpkin Recipes For the Season (483 words)
5. Detox Your Body Naturally (439 words)
6. 4 Ways To Get Rid of Halloween Candy Before You Eat It All (433 words)
7. 6 New Outdoor Workouts To Try During the Fall (482 words)
8. How To Detox Your Body Before the Holidays (473 words)
9. Types of Detox Methods (421 words)
10. Fun Exercise Scavenger Hunts That Will Keep You Fit (485 words)
11.Keep Exercising Outdoors Even in the Cold Weather (423 words)
12. Try a New Exercise: Rowing (451 words)
13. Benefits of Pumpkin (429 words)
14. Benefits of Rowing (427 words)
15. Benefits of Detoxing Your Body (436 words)


1. Chili Is A Great Tradition For Halloween Night (418 words)
2. The Best Chocolate to Use For Halloween Treats
3. 3 Pumpkin Smoothie Recipes (436 words)
4. 5 Healthy Pumpkin Desserts (445 words)
5. How To Detox With Food (483 words)
6. Alternative Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy (425 words)
7. How To Get a Good Workout at a Local Park (434 words)
8. 4 Ways to Lose Weight Before and During the Holidays (496 words)
9. How to Make a Detox Juice (415 words)
10. Tips For Having a Fitness Scavenger Hunt in Your Backyard (418 words)
11. Tips For Staying Warm While Exercising Outdoors (418 words)
12. Safety Tips to Follow For Outdoor Rowing (409 words)
13. How To Roast a Pumpkin and Seeds (410 words)
14. Tips For Adding Rowing to Your Fitness Routine (417 words)
15. Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy (414 words)

The emails are written so that you can easily add links to your site on past topics that you want to highlight.  You can also add a link to the specific blog post that corresponds to the email. You'll want to do this to get more engagement on your blog or to bring love to a blog post that hasn't been as popular. There are many benefits to linking to other blog posts to your site.

13 Ways To Repurpose & Use Blog Posts

You don't have to use these as blog posts. 

Take a look at these 13 different ways to repurpose or use the blog posts:

  • Use it as a script and create a video
  • Strip the audio and provide a podcast
  • Create a slideshow with the main bullet points
  • Combine these blog posts together or with similar topics on your blog and create an guide (or report)
  • Take snippets out and post on Twitter
  • Make an Instagram story from the content
  • Send a tips newsletter from the content
  • Go to Canva and create a shareable graphic
  • Make a challenge from it
  • Grab the main points and create a beautiful infographic
  • Use one or more as a series and then do a follow up blog post about the content
  • Outline a book and start putting it together with done-for-you content
  • Make a seasonal chatbot on Facebook

That is the way that they are created but that is the wonderful thing about PLR - you can use the content how you want to.

Stop Writer's Block Today & Get 30 DFY Healthy You Content Pieces 

You'll get blog posts and emails that are all in the health, wellness and fitness niche.

Thank you!

April Lemarr

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