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NOTICE: This is a very exclusive offer. It is available only for the BCStack so take advantage quickly.

If you're like us, you love having a vast library of content at your fingertips that you can use in your blogging, emails, reports and products whenever you need it....from high-quality PLR sellers.

Jennifer Andersen (Health & Wellness PLR), Rachel Youngson (Use PLR), Trish Lindemood (Kitchen Bloggers) and April Lemarr (Niche Starter Packs) have teamed together to create an amazing bonus for anyone who buys the BC Stack through our affiliate link. 

In return for using the link above (our affiliate link) above, we'll also provide you with:

* Jennifer at HealthandWellnessPLR.com. 15 New Exclusive Articles and a Health Journal.  ($39 Value).

These are exclusive to this bonus only.  They won't be sold or given away at a later date.

  • 15 New, Exclusive Articles
  • 45-Page Health Journal

These are the article topics:

Natural Health

1. How to Start Living More Holistically
2. The Best Natural Painkillers
3.7 Ways to Use Raw Honey
4. 5 Signs You Are Doing Mindfulness Wrong
5. Tips for Stocking Your Holistic Medicine Cabinet

Self Help

1. Signs You Are a Highly Sensitive Person
2. How to Have More Patience
3. Getting Your Anger Under Control
4. Tips for Quieting Down Your Inner Bully
5. What is Imposter Syndrome?


1. How to Start a Gratitude Journal You Will Actually Use
2. Tips for Developing a Journaling Routine
3. Make Your Journal Entries More Meaningful
4. What to Write on Days You Don’t Feel Like Journaling
5. How to Set Up a Journaling Sanctuary

Rachel Youngson at WholeFoodPLR.com. Is offering tons of valuable training that is goingt o help you use all the PLR that you have. ($197 value).

1. Access to Our UsePLR Members Group:

               * PLR Trainings from Expert Guests

               * PLR Accountability Partners

               * Weekly PLR Power HOurs

               * Exclusive Member Specials

               * and much more

2. PLR Success Steps Journal

               * Detail and Evaluate Your PLR

               * Create Your PLR Action Plan

               * Figure Out Your PLR Profit Plan

               * Print this Journal to Use With Each of Your PLR Packs

3. Create Fast Info Products Using PLR

               * Outlining Your Information Product

               * Creating Your Mind Map

               * Marketing and Selling Your Information Product

4. Use PLR to Create Winning Evergreen Webinars

               * Find Your Magic Topic

               * Your Webinar Landing Page

               * Figure Out Your Offer

               * Becoming a Traffic Magnet

               * Webinar Hosting Comparison Chart

5. Create Fast Sales Funnels with PLR

               * Taking Stock of What You Have

               * Planning Upsells and Downsells

               * Finding Your Email Strategy

               * Finding PLR Related to Your Niche

6. Use PLR for Fast Content Repurposing

               * Content Repurposing Workbook

               * Quick Start Checklist

               * 7 Worksheets

               * Planner Worksheet

 Please note: All products from UsePLR are for personal use only.

* Trish Lindemood at KitchenBloggers.com.  Is offering three brand new recipes that are beautifully photographed. ($XX).

The recipes Included are:

1. Caprese-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
2. Easy Baked Apple Crisp
3. Instant Pot Potato Salad 

Each recipe will have plated images, in-process photos, and original recipes cards.

These brand new recipes will NOT be ready to download until Monday.

* April Lemarr and NicheStarterPacks.com: Is offering three different packs.  The first is Organic Farm Fresh Diet & Gardening (Regular $27), DFY Challenge: Bullet Journal (Regular $47), and brand new Journaling For Anxiety (Regular $27) -  ($101 total value)

Check out what is included in each bundle:

Organic Farm Fresh Diet & Gardening

  • 14 blog posts / articles
  • 14 complementary emails (approx. 110 words each – introduces the blog post)
  • 140 social media blurbs (5 Facebook posts and 5 Tweets per blog post)
  • 4 product reviews
  • 2 top 5 product lists
  • Bonus: royalty free images

​Take a look at the topic titles:

All About Growing Vegetables

  • 3 Ways to Grow Vegetables in Containers (424 words) 
  • 3 Favorite Fall Veggies (423 words) 
  • 5 Favorite Veggies That Freeze Well (429 words) 
  • Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in Containers (442 words) 

Herbs Indoor 

  • 6 Steps To Plant Herbs in Mason Jars (412 words) 
  • DIY Indoor Herb Ideas (545 words) 
  • How to Have Year Round Fresh Herbs (485 words) 
  • 3 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors (412 words) 

Farm Fresh Food and Produce 

  • Ideas Where To Buy Fresh, Organic Fruit in Your Area (467 words) 
  • Reasons Why Buying Seasonal Produce is a Good Idea (454 words) 
  • Simple Ways to Find Local Farms That Sell Fresh & Healthy Food In Your Area (424 words)
  • 5 Companies That Sell Fresh Fruit Online (437 words)
  • Benefit of Farm to Table Movement (427 words)
  • 5 Sites to Find Fresh Produce In Your Area (448 words) 

Homegrown & Farm Fresh Product Reviews and Top 5 Lists

  1. 3 Tier Stackable Garden Indoor Vertical Planter (461 words)
  2. EarthBox 1010011 Garden Kit (445 words)
  3. EMSCO Group Big City Picker Raised Bed (450 words)
  4. From Asparagus to Zucchini Book Review (438 words)
  5. Top 5 Indoor Herb Garden Containers (589 words)
  6. Top 5 Veggie Container Kits (476 words)

We collaborated to find done-for-you products and training on how to use PLR that are you going help you grow in your business.  

DFY Bullet Journaling

  • 14-Day Challenge
  • 14-Day Intro Emails
  • 35-Page eBook, “Bullet Journal: Create Your Own in 14 Days (Challenge Days Combined)
  • Canva eCover Template (For eBook)
  • Promotional Emails
  • 13-Page Report, “25 Incredibly Useful Bullet Journal Hacks
  • Canva eCover Template (For report)
  • 100 Long Tail Keywords
  • 114 Headline Swipes
  • BONUS: Royalty Free Images

Bullet Journaling Challenge Topics:

  • Welcome Day (321 words)
  • Day 1: What is Bullet Journaling? (432 words)
  • Day 2: Benefits and Use of a Bullet Journal (452 words)
  • Day 3: Bullet Journal Ideas, Collections, and Lists (419 words)
  • Day 4: What Supplies Do I Need? (428 words)
  • Day 5: Bullet Journal Supplies You Will Need (409 words)
  • Day 6: Pages You Need to Get Started (457 words)
  • Day 7: Finding Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal (418 words)
  • Day 8: Make a List of Pages and Layouts to Include (441 words)
  • Day 9: How to Create Your Index Page (406 words)
  • Day 10: Creating the Key Page (404 words)
  • Day 11: How and Why to Create a Monthly Log (415 words)
  • Day 12: Weekly Logs and How to Create Them (412 words)
  • Day 13: Daily Logs and How to Create Them (448 words)
  • Day 14: Best Advice for Bullet Journaling (417 words)

Brand New - Journaling For Anxiety

  • 5 Articles
  • 5 Intro Emails
  • 50 Social Media Posts

I've uploaded these articles so you can start using them right away, but I'm still working on a few components that go with this.  Here's the ones you'llg et shortly:

  • XX-Page Report, (Articles compiled)
  • Canva eCover Template
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Bonus Royalty Free Images

Journaling For Anxiety Topic Titles:

  • The Benefits of Journaling for Anxiety (631 words)
  • Different Types of Journaling for Anxiety (698 words)
  • 5 Ways to Instantly Ease Anxiety Through Journaling (638 words)
  • 5 Journaling Prompt Ideas to Help Tackle Anxiety (612 words)
  • 5 Tips for Journaling for Anxiety (632 words)

How to Claim To Claim The Offer:

1. Please reply to the person that sent you to this bonus page (Jennifer, Rachel, Trish or April) with the confirmation or payment letter.  They will send you the bonus information.

2. If you're able to use the subject line - "BCSTACK Bonus Offer" and we will personally set you up.

​Once again, this is available for a few short days only so grab it while you can!

These bonuses are being brought to you by these awesome ladies...

Jennifer Andersen runs Health & Wellness PLR, where she provides content for the health, natural health, mental health, journaling, and self-help niches.

Rachel Youngson is the owner of UsePLR, where she teaches her clients how to maximize their PLR profits. Today she has put together everything you need to repurpose your PLR to create multiple information products and sales funnels so that you can profit quickly and easily with your PLR.

Trish Lindemood is the “Chief Cook & Content Creator” at KitchenBloggers.com. She has been creating high-quality recipe and gardening PLR content since 2013. Her passion is to help her dynamic community of food, lifestyle, and health & wellness bloggers build profitable and fun web-based businesses by offering a combination of free food-blogging tips, in-depth study guides, and an active Facebook group of nearly 1,500 members (and counting!)

April Lemarr is the owner of Niche Starter Packs.  She's built a business that focuses on helping bloggers and entreprenuers by creating done for you content. I do the work of finding the trending topics, researching, writing and providing high-quality content for you to use.  I know that quality content is what builds relationships and I want to help you build your audience, save time and make a profit by providing that.

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