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Discover Ways To Use Done-For You Content & Low Content ProductsIn Business From A Few Of The Contributors

Take a look at these amazing people (just like you) who are sharing ways on how to use content and low content products to build your business.  You'll get actionable strategies and will be able to implement them immediately.  

This training was created so that you can take the CCC Toolbox and use it 

Here's a brief overview of the training & videos:

Carmen Chan is going to help you take those planners and turn them digital, Ruth Bowers is going to show you how to work with digital papers to change the look and feel of the mix and match planners.  

Then Catherine Beebe will help you de-mystify Affinity and walks you how to export your PLR from Powerpoint the correct and shows you that it doesn't need to be intimidating.

And then you're getting some bonus training on personalizing your done-for-you blog posts.

what you'll Learn

Catherine Beebe: Edit PLR using Affinity Publisher

Catherine Beebe

Catherine provides templates and training for low content books and printables using Affinity and Adobe products. She started her low content book business 3 years ago using InDesign, but just about a year ago picked up Publisher.

She believes Publisher is the best option for book design without breaking the bank.

Let her help you de-mystify Affinity and show you that it doesn't need to be intimidating.  Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to export your PLR from Powerpoint the correct way
  • Changing your fonts across the whole document in a few clicks
  • Set up your colors so you can make endless color changes quickly and easily
  • Master pages--what they are and how they can help you create endless book variations from one piece of PLR
  • Export your document for KDP
  • And much more!

Whether you are brand new to Affinity or have worked with it before, you will learn tips and tricks to edit nearly any PLR. If you have a PDF, you can use it!

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Carmen Chan: Convert Planner Printables Into a Digital Planner

Carmen Chan

This is Carmen, the designer and owner behind Simply Couture Designs. Her shop offers modern and chic Done-For-You planner templates with PLR and Commercial Rights that you can easily customize, re-brand and sell the finished product to the end customers.

Digital Planner has become very popular on Etsy and Pinterest, especially many customers have iPad and tablet these days. Digital planning is essentially a digital form of paper planning. You use the planner in an app called GoodNotes instead of writing on a piece of paper. Many people are choosing to go paperless and thus prefer digital planning over planner printables.

Being able to re-purpose existing printable planner templates into digital planners will empower you to tap into this digital planner market and serve these paperless customers, without wasting your existing printable templates.

In this video training, she'll show you how I convert one of her Planner Template into a Digital Planner with Hyperlinks and Tabs. You can follow the same steps to convert any planner printable template into an interactive digital planner to use in GoodNotes app and run on your iPad.

  • How to set up the fundamental structure of a digital planner in PowerPoint
  • How to create a realistic tab with hyperlink
  • How to create an interactive planner page with tabs and hyperlinks
  • What is an inheritance structure in Master Slide and why this can help you save tons of time.
  • How to repurpose the content of a vertical planner printable into a horizontal digital planner two pages spread.
  • How to export the finished digital planner as PDF.
  • BONUS: How to import the digital planner into GoodNotes to use. Install fonts used in the Planner,

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Ruth Bowers:  Make Your Own Digital Papers For Your Planners & Printables

Ruth Bowers

In 2018 Ruth refined her company vision and strategy to focus exclusively on the low-content publishing industry. She publishes print and digital versions of their books.

They also create coloring book, planner, and journal kits with commercial use rights as well as courses on how to use our materials to grow your own low-content publishing business.

What you’ll learn in this training:

  • How to create new digital papers from the ones you already have
  • How to create endless color combinations and palettes to create your own mix and match kits
  • How to layer patterns and textures to give your papers new looks
  • How using digital papers as backgrounds for your planners gives them a whole different look
  • How to make some changes in PowerPoint to change the look and feel of your planners

April Lemarr: 4 Training Videos On How To Pesonalize Blog Posts

Do you need help personalizing your done-for-you blog posts?

I've created four training videos and have an over-the-shoulder approach to show you how I'd personalize content that I didn't write.  Discover how to change your done-for-you content to reflect your personality, brand and how to make it unique.

  • Video 1: Rewrite Your Done-For-You Blog Posts
  • Video 2: Add Value To Your Content (I added action steps to each of my subtopics)
  • Video 3: Combine Two Articles Effectively
  • Video 4: Personalize Your Done-For-You Content With Stories

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