Content Creation Collection Toolbox

This toolbox is a collaboration of the best training (courses & eBooks), high-quality done-for-you content, beautifully crafted commercial use low content books, developer rights plugin, and Canva templates you'll find on the web by over 54 product creators.

That's right - with this toolbox you're not getting just one person's product but 54!

Valued at over $2,120for a fraction of the cost!

55 Content Creation Shortcuts, Tools & Training

at over 98% Discount!




The Struggle to Create Content Consistently Is Real...

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time to create all the content required to run your business?  No matter how hard you try there is always another piece of content you need.

Then when you have time to create you sit down and feel overwhelmed with researching, writing and releasing the content (whether it is blog posts, opt-ins, products, etc) because there is so much to do.

Don’t worry–we’ve all been there!

But there IS another way to “do” content.

Introducing the Content Creation Collection Toolbox - It's Your Shortcut To...

Master Content Creation & Increasing Your Content Output 

Just imagine for a second you have all the Canva templates, done-for-you content and training that you'll need to quickly and easily manage, create, schedule and produce thought provoking content to communicate with your audience better, update your blog frequently and gain loyalty and trust from your audience with positive connections.

That's exactly what the Content Creation Collection Toolbox will do for you.  Learn to leverage your content and rapidly grow your business.

What Is The Content Creation Collection Going To Do For You?  It'll Help You....

Save Time With Done-For-You Products, Content & Graphic Images

Get More Qualified Leads By

Consisently Putting Content Out 

Take the Overwhelm Out Of Product Creation With Ready To Use Content

Strengthen Your Knowledge of Content Creation & Marketing With Effective Training

Offer Value & Build Relationships With Your Readers  - Quickly

Create Your Own Branded Product With Done-For-You Products

It's Your Simple Solution To Your Content Needs


Training Courses, Workshops & eCourse

Training by Amber Louise at lady boss nomad

Digital Biz eCourse


You get the steps you need to setup shop using the popular online ecommerce platform Gumroad. This is a great choice as it gives you access to a wide range of tools to make selling your digital products super easy.

Training includes sections on:

1. How to plan
2. How to set up
3. Creating a great product
4. Implementing your marketing

In this eCourse training I’ll show you how you can create your very own online store in a few simple steps.

51HFMCredits - Norma Esler

Training by Connie Ragen Green at CONNIERAGENGREEN.com

3 Day eBiz


3 Day eBiz Teaches You How To Get Started, Build and Expand, and Grow an Online Business To Earn Your Primary Online Income or to Supplement Your Present Income

Training by melissa brown at coachreadycontent.com

Make Your Content Stand Out' Self-Paced Study course


Education-based content you publish online is the best way to showcase your expertise, teach your tribe–both clients and prospective clients–and create a loyal following of fans.

It can take a huge amount of time and effort to create that content. If your potential clients are not finding it, not reading it, and not engaging with your content, you’re wasting your time with all your efforts.

In this self-paced study, you get two recorded videos and 2 pdf handouts that teach solid strategies you can use to help you stand out above the crowd of those who also do what you do. Showcase your content and become known as the ‘go-to’ person when people are looking for the solution to the problems you fix.

Learn how to put a YOU-nique spin on your content and really stand out so those who are looking for you will find you in the sea of noise on the internet!

training cheatsheets by Charlene Burke at search by burke

45 Ways to Transform Content Into Info Products


What can make your product different than the others?

People need and want to learn things in new ways. They're tired of dealing with the same problems and going through the motions. They want to be inspired and learn from someone who can approach things in a way they need them to.

By presenting the information in a different way, by transforming it into something new, you're offering people information they may have heard of, but can learn from you because it is presented in the way they need it to be.

This offer includes a Cheat Sheet of 45 Product Types with links to sites so you can learn how to create that type of product; a 14 Page Guide walking you through how to create your first product.

training by Amy Harrop at Content profits

Bonus Boost


Bonus Boost is a no-fluff, quick-read curriculum that walks you through ten lessons for using free incentives to build your list, get more orders, and automatically grow your publishing business in a dozen different ways.

Training by Monique Solomon at BLOG WITH MO

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Growth in 2020


Instagram growth gets harder every day. With the algorithm being updated each day, what does it take to stay in the news feeds of your followers?!

This professional social media marketer knows! It's one thing to grow one Instagram page but in my day job, I handle growing multiple pages so I know what it takes to grow your follower count and your engagement. These are two crucial data points that must be your focus if you plan to use Instagram to build a profitable business.

In this e-book, I've laid out all the tips that are relevant to Instagram today. Whether you're struggling to get the coveted 10k swipe up feature or you're well beyond that and have hit a wall, follow these tips to revamp your IG strategy and be prepared for major growth! Use the e-book to grow your own platform then turnaround and offer it as PLR to help your audience grow too! Now, that's a WIN-WIN.


training by Anne Elizabeth Perez at anneelizabethperez.com

How to Repurpose Your Blog Posts for Maximum Impact


If you want to create the sort of business that clients exactly suited to your skills will flock to, you have to combine your authentic self with savvy content and getting the word out there. This takes time, thought and good systems in place to make it possible.

One system that will help your content become scalable in terms of attracting enough people to your business is repurposing. It is believed that people need to hear your message at least 7 times before they take notice. Rather than covering a topic once and letting it disappear into the archives repurpose your blog posts and consistently deliver your message. Let's take a look , in this guide, at how to quickly and effectively repurpose your blog posts for maximum impact – more visitors, more leads and more sales.

*Bonus - Resource list of tools and tutorials to help you repurpose your content quickly and easily

brainstorm book by Amy Smereck at fruit free lancing

Content Brainstorm Book


The Content Brainstorm Book is a workbook which leads content creators through five stages to empower, eliminate roadblocks, and bring energy and effectiveness to the content production process. Foundational phases are Motivation and Mindset, followed by Mining & Melding, and Mapping & Moving.

Finally, we consider Members, the community that you build as a result of producing content. When you work through this book you will replace accidental content creation with intentional content creation and reap more benefits from your writing and publishing time.

training by Jan Small at simple Happiness

Supercharge Your Blog: 10 Ways to Get All the Traffic You Need


Give your blog a boost! If you would like more targeted traffic, you'll find ten simple methods to get all the traffic you need in this 30-page guide. And with these strategies, there's no need to get overwhelmed. Implement the steps one at a time for maximum success, choosing those strategies which suit the way you like to work, your skills, and your budget (even if it's zero!)

training by Kelly McCausey at lovepeoplemakemoney.com

Affiliate Beginner's Challenge


It's time to start earning affiliate commissions, don't you think so? I designed a training for complete newbies where I teach you everything you need to know about acting as an affiliate. I assume no pre-existing knowledge or experience and guide you step by step to start taking real action. You'll love adding new streams of income to your business by simply being of service to your people!

training by Rachel Newcomb at Smart Mom Smart Ideas

Easy List Growth


Are you tired of struggling to grow your email list? Do you check your email list stats and day after day you only adding 1 or 2 new subscribers? It’s frustrating. I’ve been there, too.

Here’s why I know you will love the Easy List Growth: How to Grow Your List with Partnerships eBook and workbook because you’ll learn how to exponentially grow your email list with partnerships and joint ventures including:

  • Why partnerships are the fastest way to grow your list
  • The mistakes people make choosing partnerships and how to find the right partnerships and joint ventures for your market
  • Understand how offering the right product will make your partnership successful
  • How to avoid choosing the wrong products to offer in partnerships and bundles
  • The secret to making money with partnerships and joint ventures

Get your copy of Easy List Growth: How to Grow Your List with Partnerships today and finally start growing your email list.


training byJudit Mueller-Kiss at JuditMuellerKiss.com

Original Content Ideas On-Demand -A Learn & Implement Workshop


Ignite your creative genius and generate an avalanche of fresh content ideas effortlessly!

  • Do you find creating brand-new content ideas a chore?
  • Do you feel totally blocked when thinking about what to write or talk about?
  • Do you waste hours until you finally generate some fluffy content that nobody will want to read or watch?

The reality? You would need to create a myriad of different content pieces: blogposts, content for your website, email newsletters, social media content and stories, live video content, podcasts, articles, infographics, etc. And not just once, either. You need to be able to create attention-grabbing content at least weekly, if not daily!

At the start of your venture, you were full of refreshing ideas and felt you could talk about your topic for hours on end. Then you created a significant amount of content based on those ideas. It got a bit more challenging to come up with something new, though. And then the moment came when it all dried up. You feel you have no idea what to talk about anymore!

  • No engaging topics to discuss.
  • No brand-new ideas to talk about.
  • No fresh perspectives. 

During the “Original Content Ideas On-Demand Workshop" you ignite your creative genius and generate an avalanche of fresh content ideas effortlessly!

This is a “90-Minute Learn & Implement Workshop”! Judit will show you 3 creative methods for creating refreshing perspectives and compelling content ideas. She shows you one method, and right after that, we take time to implement what you learned. Then you'll go through 3 teaching lessons and 3 implementation periods together.


Social Media Graphic Quotes

done-for-you social media images by Tara Alexandra at tarakachaturoff.com

Gratitude Quote Images & More PLR


Gratitude Quotes & More PLR is perfect for any niche. This package includes 30 unique social media quotes about gratitude formatted for Facebook and Instagram, a text-only list of the quotes, a curated list of 10 books about gratitude, and a list of links to 10 fascinating articles on the topic. Set against colorful image backdrops, these materials can be used at any time! Optional upgrade includes the same quotes formatted for LinkedIn and Twitter.

DONE-FOR-YOU SOCIAL MEDIA IMAGES by Cheryl A Major at thinstronghealthy.com

Embrace Optimism - Quotes & Images


Beautiful, inspiring quotes and images, in jpg format, to support you and uplift your spirit. In challenging times, I have found that quotes and images comfort and inspire me, so I created these especially for you to help nurture optimism and hope in your own life.


Done-For-You Content

done-for-you content by Courtney Chowning at bRANDABLE TECH

5 for WordPress


Quickly & Easily Recommend the Best WordPress Plugins To Your Community. This PLR package includes over 5,000+ words, screenshots, e-covers, social graphics, and a PowerPoint presentation.

51HFMCredits - Norma Esler


Content Creation Collection Sample Pack - Volume 2 


  • 10 Kitchen-Tested Archive Recipes (recipes have been released in other KitchenBloggers packages)
  • At least 30 large, original food photos (all recipes include at least 3 photos)
  • 3 customizable Recipe Cards
  • Canva Pinterest Templates
  • Printable (and customizable) shopping list in Excel, JPG, and PDF

done-for-you content by Gabby Conde at A CUP OF ZEN

Self Coach Your Way Through Problems Done-for-You Content


Help your audience self coach themselves through problems using the GROW method of coaching. Use these done-for-you blog posts, ebook template, and social media posts to create content for traffic to your website, a mini-course, or ebook for opt-in or for sale.

The abstract graphics come in a variety of colors. Includes 5 pre-written blog posts, graphics, ebook template layout in Canva and PowerPoint, and social media posts.

done-for-you content by Garry Baker at 30-min plr

Self-Improvement Procrastination, Confidence and Gratitude  


"Profit from The Million Dollar Self-Development Niche By Helping Your Audience Understand How To Overcome Procrastination, Find Confidence and Be Grateful

I'm going to HAND YOU the content you must have to help the men and women of your target market achieve their best possible self!

  • High Quality Lead Magnet
  • Save Hours of Creating Your Own
  • Generate Endless Traffic
  • Ready to Upload PDF format
  • Easy to Edit HTML format
  • Easy to Edit Word format

Get Lead Magnets That Use the Oldest Trick in the Book, ""Show your audience how you can help them ... by actually them..."""

done-for-you content by Jennifer Andersen at hEALTH AND WELLNESS PLR

Health and Lifestyle PLR Package


A bundle of 5 of my most popular health and lifestyle PLR products released in the last year, covering trending topics like law of attraction, intuitive eating, and staying healthy at home.


DONE-FOR-YOU CONTENT BY Susan Osborne at Fresh Scribes

Blogging Content & Lead Magnet Bundle


Save TONS of time filling your editorial calendar with five quality, ready-to-edit PLR articles (500+ words each) + five lead magnet templates carefully crafted for readers interested in the topic of blogging.

Edit these articles, call them your own and fill your blog and digital products with quality content + lead magnets.

Each article comes with a lead magnet to help you grow your email list. The lead magnets are made up of worksheets, checklists and an editorial strategy workbook.

All articles and lead magnets are in Word making them easy to customize, edit and make your own!

Start growing your blog and email list today!

done-for-you Content by Paris at PARISLAW.net

Positivity Content Bundle ( PLR)


"Positive Thinking is still an evergreen topic in the Self Improvement industry. In recent years, positive psychology has emerged as its own discipline, unveiling research behind the art of flourishing“ positivity.

In a world full of doubts, anxiety, uncertainty and fear, this is something many people need.

There are millions, maybe even billions of people seeking more information and expertise on how to snap out of their negative minds.
Are you ready to grab your slice of this market?

That is where the Positivity at Work Content Bundle comes in.

This content bundle includes:

  • 5 High Quality Articles (Are you naturally a negative or positive thinker?, Can being positive really lead to more success, Ask these two questions to redirect negativity at work, 3 steps to shift into a positive mindset, 10 simple habits to grow your positivity at work)
  • 5 Day Challenge 
  • Positivity Quotes and Images
  • Email Series
  • Compiled Report

With this bundle you will be able to launch a series of posts, and you could even create a lead magnet to draw in leads for your coaching or training services on the topic.

done-for-you content by Norma Allen Esler at home free media

Free PLR Article Pack from HomeFreePLR


HomeFreeMedia offers a variety of PLR Article Packs to give you ready to go content for your business. 

done-for-you content by april lemarr at niche starter packs

5 evergreen done-for-you content packs


You'll get five evergreen done-for-you topics in a variety of niches.  The PLR packs are on Motivation, Mastering Instagram, Overcoming Life Challenges, Better Night's Sleep and Eating Pulses.  Hot topics that you can use in your business right now.

DFY Low Content Products

DONE-FOR-YOU mandalas BY Edith Hignutt at LC PLR

30 Mandalas, 30 Activites, 30 Party Pack Pages


Do you want to get a jump start publishing coloring and activity books or printables? We've put together 30 mandalas, 30 kids activity pages and 30 party pack pages to get you started. Mix and match, break them into bundles, sell as separate or bundled printables. Add covers and upload to Amazon.

done-for-you planner by Becky Beach at PLR Beach

Deluxe Undated Weekly Planner


This adorable Deluxe Undated Weekly Planner is sure to delight everyone who wants to get organized year after year. Save money and time by using this undated planner to create unlimited planners for your commercial use. Think of all the money you could make with this precious planner!

This is a PLR product, which means you have full commercial rights to rebrand it how you wish. You could sell this product as a printable on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers. You could even turn it into a book on Amazon KDP and collect the royalty payments. The only thing you can’t do is resell or give away the PowerPoint template.


done-for-you planner by Catherine Beebe at Content accelerators

Meal Planner Templates-Affinity or InDesign


People are hungry for meal planning help right now. Use these templates to create books for KDP or printables. 6 different designs in 3 sizes ready for your creative touch. Choose from Affinity or InDesign files.

done-for-you puzzles by Stephanie Hansen at Dazzling digitals

120 Sudoku Puzzles Collection


Jumpstart your puzzle book business with this 120 Sudoku Puzzles Collection, which includes 40 puzzles each of easy, medium, and hard sudoku puzzles. The skill-level packs are separate, so you can use one for a lead magnet and the others as an upsell, sell each set individually or all 3 as a package deal, or even add a few puzzles within your planners and journals - giving you several options.

With the commercial use license, you can make them your own by editing the included PowerPoint files. As an added bonus, instructions on how to play are added for your customers who are new to this type of puzzle. Finished products can be sold on platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and your own website.

CCC Toolbox mockup cover new1

done-for-you coloring designs by Lady Rayven Monique at Color Monthly

Clary Sage Essential Oil Coloring Pages


This bundle includes 23 beautifully illustrated clary sage essential oil & medieval times themed coloring pages.

All the pages are offered in two forms, both with sayings, recipes, uses and lore written directly on the coloring pages (in both JPG and PDF version) and complete images without any words at all (in JPG, PDF and PSD version) allowing you the freedom to alter them as desired, or to use them as an educational package.

done-for-you journal by Angela Hobbs at color my agenda

52 Week Motivation Gratitude Journal w/ PLR


This editable journal has 52 motivational and inspirational quotes to start your week, plus 52 weeks containing space for you to post your thoughts and thankfulness.
This comes with PLR Rights"

Includes JPGs to use in handouts or Junk Journals
A KDP ready PDF in black and white, Powerpoint source files 8.5X11,
and 2 covers (one black and white, 1 black, gold and white.

DONE-FOR-YOU activity kit by Lynn Webb at PLANNER CREATORS

Autumn Activity Kit for Kids


This activity kit enables you to build activity books or puzzle books for kids. This come with 50 Shaped Mazes (10 Designs x 5 Each), 5 Word Searches, and 5 Word Scrambles. All can be used for commercial purposes.

done-for-you planner by Michelle Farmer at plr nICHE SHOP

Homestead Binder


Unique 100% Original Homestead binder written by a homesteader! Perfect for the wannabe homesteader. This binder will help track goals and first-year plans for a new homesteader. From yearly goals to learning new skills, even essential checklist when out hunting for that perfect piece of land. Also, Farmers market pages for the new homestead business. Even food preserving challenge sheets to help learn how to store food long term.

done-for-you printables by Mitzy Thompson at Busy bee content

Printable Home Quotes Wall Art (PLR rights included)


You get 48 pages of printable Home Quotes Wall Art. These types of wall art in stylish fonts sell by the thousands on Etsy. You can sell them in your printables store or use them as instant lead magnets or bonuses. With so many people focusing on staying home at the moment these are timely quotes to stay positive.

Designed in 8x10in pages so they're ready to print and frame.

done-for-you journal by Helen Ross at itscustommade.com



"Discover what you are meant to do in your business based on your purpose.
What is meant by purpose, If you really need a purpose,
How to make your purpose a passionate part of your life
…and a whole lot more!
If you are ready to find your passion and purpose, sign up for this report now."

done-for-you planner by Ana Tarouca at my fair ladies printables boutique

2021 Line Art Weekly Planner - Dated and Illustrated


Here is a 2021 Planner, with a simple design, mostly black and white (low printing cost) but beautiful and delicate in its simplicity. The minimalist line art illustrations combined with abstract shapes embellish the pages with its subtlety. You have full commercial use on this ready-made planner.

done-for-you calendar by Marie Di at Nest egg publishing

Lemon Fresh 2020-2021 18-month Calendar


Lemon Fresh PLR Calendar offers you an 18-month calendar (July 2020 to December 2021) beautifully illustrated with gorgeous pictures of fresh juicy lemons. Just looking at them will replenish your energy all year round and refresh you and quench your thirst in the Summer.

You are getting a fully customizable 18-month July 2020 - December 2021 Calendar in 3 sizes:
-Letter size
-8 x 10 size
-6 x 9 size
-2 formats: 
-Powerpoint (.pptx) and
-Portable Document Format (.pdf)

All images are high-resolution at 300 dpi.
On each page there is a blank space where you can add text, your logo or your client's logo.

DONE-FOR-YOU journal by Maria Silvo at ARtsy challenge

One-Minute Journal with PLR


This One-Minute Journal is a highly versatile product that's chock full of elements. If you want to easily upload to Amazon to publish as a physical book, simply create a custom cover with your own title and use the done-for you (DFY) PDF file. A PPT file goes with it, too, to make customization and branding easy. You get various elements likesuch as cover templates, inside pages, minimalist coloring quotes pages, inspirational quotes text file, line art patters, and DFY journal page headings.

As it comes with private label rights (PLR), you can rebrand, customize, edit, add your own pages or designs, mix-and-match with other PLR, give away, sell, and/or publish. 

done-for-you planner by Carmen Chan at Simply Couture Designs

Student Academic Planner Template


A complete bundle of Student Academic Planner with 91 unique planner pages, come with commercial use license that you can sell the finished planner on Etsy, Shopify and your own website. Make passive income online with student planners! Many students are studying remotely. They will need a planner to track their monthly goals, weekly schedule and class schedule.

This set of modern and simple designed planner pages are going to be a hit. It includes calendar for 2020 to 2021 school year. Demand is high during Back To School time of the year now! This is a big bundle of Student Planner pages. It comes with all the pages that a student will need to organize his/her school life. In addition, we include free book divider pages with inspirational quotes for student each month. Grab the Student Academic Planner Template now!

done-for-you digital planner by Melody Wigdahl atplrofthemonth.club

2021 DATED Digital Planner - with FULL PLR!!


2021 DATED Digital Planner - with FULL PLR! Digital Planners are a hot trend and this is the peak buying season! This is a fully DATED and interlinked 2021 Digital Planner, with more than 1100 active links! Fully GoodNotes compatible, you will receive the planner in Keynote, Powerpoint and PDF. (Note: you must use current versions to edit the documents!) PLUS a coupon for 25% off anything on our website!!

DONE-FOR-YOU activity set by Shawn Hansen at Quick & Easy creative content

Happy Halloween Template Pack with Covers


"The Happy Halloween Template Pack with Covers includes 52 professionally designed PowerPoint page templates in BOTH grayscale and TWO full-color options.  Also included are THREE sets of digital and print covers that are easy to edit in PowerPoint. Plus, you get video training to show you exactly how to edit the templates and covers in PowerPoint, so you can get publishing FAST! All templates and covers are sized at 8.5 x 11. Commercial Use Rights are INCLUDED!"

DONE-FOR-YOU planner by Sue Fleckenstein at createfuljournals.com

Weekly Planner Undated


"Planners are extremely popular and undated ones are a great evergreen product to have in your business. If you aren't sure how to create a planner, not to worry, with our done for you templates your planner will be ready quickly. Just add your brand colors, logo and URLs and save it as a PDF file and your planner is ready to sell or give away.

Our planner templates are created in an easy to edit PowerPoint file. Duplicate the pages as you wish, change out colors and fonts, or use as is.

Our Weekly Planner is undated so you could add it dates or leave as undated. Best of all this planner comes with Commercial Rights. So you can brand it and sell as your own creation! Saving you time and money from having a custom product created for you. "

DONE-FOR-YOU planner by Ruth Bowers at RITCHIE MEDIA

2021 Watercolor Planner Kit


Help Your Customers Get Organized With This 2021 Watercolor Planner.

It's that time of year again when people are starting to make plans for the coming year. You can help your customers and clients get, and stay, organized with this Watercolor Weekly/Monthly Planner Kit.

This easily editable PowerPoint Template includes year-at-a-glance calendars, weekly and monthly spreads, plus extras like to-do lists, journal pages, and background pages in 5 different colors to make creating different planners easy!

Commercial Use Rights Included.

DONE-FOR-YOU activity packs by Niranjan Pradhan at premium flourishes

2021 Watercolor Planner Kit


One of his hot selling KDP niche graphics pack.

You get 30 high quality Kawaii Desert Graphics pack worth $71. This is pre-release as of this bundle sale and is available no where else at the moment. You get black and white line drawings, dot to dot images, tracing images and even high quality colored kawaii images.

Tools, Templates & Resources

master pack by Susan Palmquist at Budget Smart Girl

Product Creation Master Pack


Content creation is time consuming.

Writing copy, and finding the right words to lure in your customers.

Finding icons like buy now buttons to add to your store.

Putting together checklists to make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Brainstorming new ideas!.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get swipe files, icons, and checklists all in one package?

Now you can. Budget Smart Girl has curated a set of products that will help save you time (and prevent you from pulling out your hair), trying to find the right button or word to add to your product description or e-mails to your customers.

planner (personal use) by Hello Powerhouse AT HELLOPOWERHOUSE.COM



This blog content planner contains everything you need (but nothing you don't) to map out all your blog content for the whole year in just a weekend. We can all agree that blogging without a plan is a recipe for failure. You need to not only know your blogging goals but also all the necessary steps required to achieve those goals. That's why all successful bloggers have a solid blogging strategy.

This beautifully designed, simple and easy-to use planner was created to give you all the resources you need to outline a solid blogging strategy. Grab this planner now and get ready to achieve massive success with your blog.

software by Joan Altres at Work Smarter TV

IM Success Habits Action Taker Software EOS


Learn the essentials of business success in a unique way! Not only do you get an exceptional video training course, but you get it presented inside our ""Action Taker"" software that includes mind maps, task cards (kanbans), diagrams, and the ability to add notes, links, documents and more to the guide, so you can focus on the training and really make the most of what you learn. 

And with the RESELL RIGHTS (we call it ""Share Rights""), you can create a copy of the software which will contain your own notes, links, and any documents you add to the course, and pass the copy of the software to your own customers!

Having this ability means you can both sell the course AND your own copy of the software as your own product, plus you can make even more money by including promotional links inside the software to promote your other products or products you promote as an affiliate.

All training course videos are viewable inside the software, and you can add even more videos if you like, plus create and add your own mind maps, tasks, diagrams, audios, spreadsheets, documents, etc., to enhance the training course as much as you want before creating a copy of the software.

The software includes its own professional installer (your created copy of the software will have the same), and it works on Desktop PCs and Laptops running Windows 10 and up.

It's also easy to create your own copy of the software: One button click, name the software, and save to a location on your hard drive. That's it! The package includes video tutorials and a user guide.

Get this course and software now when you purchase this massive discount bundle offer!

planner by (personal use) Wendy LugoSantiago at DIGITAL MARKET LSEG 

LinkedIn Planner


It is not enough that your LinkedIn profile looks great, it also has to attract your ideal target audience. Plan how to set up and use your LinkedIn profile to get clients! No more playing it by ear and maybe reaching your target audience. Instead, you can use this planner to focus on getting clients with LinkedIn.

Learn what the benefits are of using a paid LinkedIn membership, optimize your profile to be found by your ideal target audience, and plan and track your content. Included with the planner is my one month content planner and my quarterly tracking template.

done-for-you canva templates by Vicki Patton at BUILD YOUR BEST YEAR



This kit will help you get your content out in style!

Don't settle for ugly designs ever again. Wow, your audience with these easy to customize graphics.

Make this template your own by adding your own brand colors, fonts and photos within Canva. Make as many as you want and save time creating graphics for your content!

You get 63 Canva template pages in the form of an eBook, Instagram/FB posts, Pinterest pins, and blog post banners!

checklists by Kerrie Mullins-Gunst at BestBusinessNow.com

18 Content Creation and Management Checklists


Grab this comprehensive collection of 18 checklists to discover the secrets to creating and managing profitable content quickly and easily. 

Topics covered by the 18 checklists include:

  • How to find topics for content creation
  • Content planning strategies
  • Creating a social media content plan
  • Finding an audience for your content
  • Creating resourceful content
  • Managing content effectively
  • ....and twelve more.

Whether your business involves creating content or using content, you will find value in these 18 checklists to help you build a business you love with less effort than you ever imagined was possible."

software by Ken Bluttman at THINK DIGITAL PUBLISHING

Low Content Creation Machine


Low content creation has never been easier! Low Content Creation Machine is a software product that creates journals/planners for you. Just point and click your way to creating the pages you need. Create journals, planners, prompt guides, checklists, and more.

business templates by Cecilie Aslaksen at mommakingmoneyathome.com

Fill In The Blanks Templates


Stop Struggling to Get Everything Done!

These Ultimate Fill-in-the-Blank Templates will give you everything you need to complete your high-converting opt-in while saving you tons of time. Whether it s an email follow up sequence, or just a thank you email, you're covered. Spend your time on the product creation part of your business, and use these templates to keep your leads warm, so that they'll start buying your products instead of opting out of your list.

done-for-you canva templates by Emily Owen at EASY BLOG EMILY

Pinterest gift guide templates


What if there were drag and drop templates that would make designing beautiful gift guide pins easy?

Well, there are!

These beautiful drag-and-drop Canva templates will have you designing beautiful gift guide graphics in minutes (not hours!). They're fully customizable so you can change the colours, fonts and images to suit your brand. With these gift guide templates you will finally have people clicking through on your pins and reading your awesome gift guide posts (affiliate income, here we come!).

fill-in-the blank copyright templates by Lucrezia Iapichino at bloggingfornewbloggers.com

Copyright Notice Template + Bonuses


Professionally created by an international lawyer and specifically designed for content creators, this plug-and-play template will protect your content and shield your work from copyright infringement.

This copyright notice template will let people know how your content is protected and how it can be used or shared.

Suitable for your website, e-books, courses, freebies, resources, and more, this copyright notice and statement will demonstrate you know your rights and show a higher level of trust and expertise. It will lend more legitimacy and will act as a deterrent.

It comes with several bonuses, including a Copyright 101 mini-course and a cease-and-desist letter template ready to use in the event of copyright infringement.

Create your content more confidently knowing you've taken the appropriate steps to protect it.

Fill-in-the blank in this copyright notice template with your details and protect your most valuable asset - your content - in a matter of minutes! 

done-for-you canva templates by Marissa Abao at marissaabao.com

Pinterest Pin Canva Templates: Perfect for promoting your lead magnet/freebie on your Pins!



Pinterest doesn't get easier than this!

Pinterest Pin Canva Templates Pack

Do you like to showcase your lead magnet or opt-in freebie offers on your Pins?

This Pinterest Pin Canva Templates Pack is perfect for you! It has mockups where you can put the cover of your lead magnets such as discovery call or free consultation, webinars, cheat sheet, checklist, or guide, mini-challenge or contest, and self-assessment or quizzes.
This Pinterest Pin Canva Templates pack is ready to use. You will get 25 customizable templates that feature fun layouts and a variety of designs.

Easy to customize!

You can drag and drop in your own images, change the text, fonts, and colors to match your branding. Take a look at some samples that I created above.

done-for-you canva templates by Lori Winslow at loriwinslowonline.com

Fall Themed Pinterest Templates


The Fall Themed Pinterest Templates include:

20 Fall Themed Pinterest Sized Templates
5 Fall Themed Animated PIns
Graphics will be delivered in .jpg, gif, mp4 and PowerPoint

toolkit Lidiya Kesarovska at LetsReachSuccess.com

The Blog Income Toolkit


A collection of proven strategies and done-for-you templates to boost your blog income.

Inside you'll find:

- The Blog Income eBook (a 45-page book that shows you exactly what goes into a 5-figure blogging business over the course of a year)

The 12 income reports inside have all the numbers (revenue + expenses) so you can see how a full-time blogger earns money in different ways, updates and milestones for each month (so you can see what Lidiya worked on, how it went, what her day-to-day blogging tasks are as well as the big projects she tackles) and tips that will help you grow and monetize your own platform.

- Done-for-you Email Sequence - there's a guide that will walk you through the first steps of creating your welcome email sequence (you'll see how many emails to include, what to write about in each, how often to send them, etc.) + a done-for-you email series (the exact one Lidiya uses in her blogging business, so you don't need to create yours from scratch).

- Canva Lead Magnet Templates (2 workbooks + 15 printables)

 - Media Kit Template + Brand Email Pitch - a media kit template that you can fill in (with info about you and your blog, your audience, packages, contact details, etc) and start sending to brands when you pitch them + the exact email Lidiya has been sending over the years + an email template you can use yourself.

starter kit guide by Teresa Miller at freestyleauthor.com

Freestyle Author: Email Starter Kit


One of the cornerstones of all busines content is what you write to your email list. Setting up a form and collecting emails will do your business no good if you don't keep the communication lines open between you and your subscribers.

The Email Starter Kit is a Small PDF Guide that Packs a Powerful Punch.

It's a complete List-Building Idea Kit that includes:
50 Freebies to Give Away for the Opt In
50 Interesting Things to Send Your Mailing List
Subject Line Tips and Starters, Including:
10 Tips for Writing "Off the Hook" Subject Lines
40 Subject Line Starters

Creative and thoughtful communication with your subscribers will result in happier and more engaged readers, and a more positive relationship for the long term.

This guide makes that communication easier, by jump-starting your creativity and inspiring ideas to help you stand out in the inbox!


Client Magnet Toolkit


Show potential clients your services and offers benefit them. Use this list of 30 benefits to help you get started. 

30 Ways to Get Referrals From Your Clients List 

Referrals help you build credibility and relationships with potential clients. Use this list to help you get referrals from your existing clients in ways you may not have thought of. 

  • Personalize Your Client Letters List: Use this list of 30 personalizations to help you create great client letters that will help you convey your message as well as make solid and meaningful connections. 
  • Cold Email & Cold Email Follow Up Templates: Use these email templates to reach out to potential clients you are interested in working with. 
  • Event Follow-Up Email Template: Use this email template to follow up with a potential client that you met at a live event.
  • And 27 more templates...

As you can see, everything included in the Client Magnet Toolkit will give you what you need to communicate effectively with existing clients and reach out to potential clients to grow your business.

Once you’ve built a relationship with your clients, you can begin asking for referrals and testimonials. If you’ve built a trusting relationship, they will be more likely to share their friends and business contacts with you.

With this toolkit you’ll find communicating with your existing and potential clients to be much easier.

Total Value:


Inside this Content Creation Collection Toolbox 55+ product that include:

  • 10 Done-For-You Content Bundles & Products 
  • 2 Social Media Inspiration & Quote Graphics 
  • 12 Training Programs on how to use your content 
  • 17 DFY Low Content Products that include Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Coloring Pages
  • 15 Templates, Tools, Resources  that includes Canva Templates, Plugins, Software & Personal Use Planners.

You get access to EVERYTHING for a ridiculous deal!  Save 98%

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get All The Products From The Content Creation Collection Toolbox?

Once you purchase the Toolbox you'll be sent an email to access the download page.  This page has links to each person's product.  

You'll sign up for the products that you want.  

What Will I Get?

You'll get a total of 56 products.  Here is a breakdown of them all:

10 Done-For-You Content Bundles & Products
2 Social Media Inspiration & Quote Graphics
12 Training Programs on how to use your content some are even specific for PLR
17 DFY Low Content Products that include Workbooks, Planners, Journals, Coloring Pages
15 Templates, Tools, Resources that includes Canva Templates, Plugins, Software & Personal Use Planners.

Will I Use All Of These Products?

Probably not.  Don't get overwhelmed with all the products - sign up for the ones that are going to hep you in your business right now.

How Much Time Do I Have To Download All The Products?

The deadline to download all of these products is December 31, 2020.

Can I Get This Toolbox Later?

This is the first time I'll be offering another chance to grab all of these amazing deals, but it won't be until November and the download date stays the same.

What's The Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of the done-for-you content packs and low content products - there is no refund.

These products are downloadable immediately and you can use them in your business - so we're unable to give you a discount.

What Are The Terms Of Use For Each Product?

On the download page each product has the terms of their product.  For a more in depth understanding of how you can use them please visit the person's product you have questions on or email them to ask.

Here are some of the terms:

Personal use

Commercial use

Private label rights

Commercial use and private label rights means that you can download, personalize and use in your business as your own.  Yes, these were specifically designed with this purpose in mind and the product creators won't get mad.  :)

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