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Personal development is an evergreen niche because so many people are looking to improve themselves.  One area that gets a lot of atteniotn is creating better habits through mindset.

Right now people are struggling to find their way.  They've got to create new routines that involves different responsibilities that they're not used of having like homeschooling, working at home, eating better and making sure that their families stay safe.

All of these come down to habits and your mindset.

Once people are able to establish habits other aspects of their life will get easier - but they're overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

That is where the Healthy Habits and Mindset Changes To Improve Your Life Done-For-You Content will help them because these articles talk about what they'll need to do and tips to guide them through how to do it.

As niche content creators, we know just how difficult and time-consuming creating good content and all the related components can be.

That's why we created this awesome PLR package to help you add content that people need right now on your site or build an authority site that covers these topics

What You Get in This Bundle

Jennifer Andersen has put together high-quality, informative content.  You'll find it easy to work with and can share recommendations to earn affiliate income.

You'll get the following in this bundle:

  • 25 High-Quality Articles
  • 80-Page Report, "Habits and Mindset Changes to Improve Your Life", 11,393 words (Compiled from the articles)
  • Beautifully Designed Canva eCover Template
  • Ready To Use Keyword Research For Habits and Mindset - Use Immediately
  • BONUS - Royalty Free Images (Sourced from Pixabay To Help You Save Time)

We've done a lot of the extra work for you so that you can jump into the content pack and start using it immediately.

The core component of this PLR package are the 25 informative and well-written articles which you can use as blog posts, etc. You can compile them into short reports, use them for article marketing, etc.

We all know just how costly images from stock sites can be. Well, you won't have to pay a cent for these beautiful royalty free images taken from the creative commons.

You can use these any way you wish to promote your site/products. You're limited by your own imagination.

Article Topic Titles:

1. Why Trust Your Intuition? (401 words)
2. How to Listen to Your Gut Feeling (425 words)
3. Intuition VS Ego: Who is Talking? (415 words)
4. Tips for Trusting Your Natural Instincts (445 words)
5. What Might Be Blocking Your Intuition (554 words)
6. What it Means to Live With Intention (403 words)
7. How to Live a More Intentional Life (450 words)
8. Daily Intentional Habits (431 words)
9. How to Have a Purposeful Morning Routine (472 words)
10. Tips for Being True to Yourself (450 words)
11. Celebrate What Makes You Unique (426 words)
12. How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (493 words)
13. 6 Ways to Express Your Individuality (509 words)
14. How to Become More Inspired (400 words)
15. Where to Find Inspiration for Bettering Your Life (432 words)
16. Finding Inspiration Through Your Daily Habits (422 words)
17. Why Everyone Needs Inspiration in Their Life (403 words)
18. Daily Behaviors That Might Be Causing More Stress (456 words)
19. Signs That Your Routines Are Worsening Your Stress (489 words)
20. Do You Have Too Many Expectations of Yourself? (461 words)
21. How to Simplify Your Daily Routines (422 words)
22. Ways to Add Self-Care as Daily Habits (471 words)
23. Lifestyle Changes You Can Actually Stick to (563 words)
24. Better Habits for Your Mind, Body, and Soul (405 words)
25. What Your Daily Routine Might Be Missing (427 words)

If you have a blog that talks about self help, personal development, and healthy lifestyle habits, this content is for you!

You'll also get an 80-page report that is compiled from the articles.  We've taken the articles, added subheadings, images, bullets and an eCover to create an eBook that you can use right away.


Use the eBook template that is provided and put it for sale on your site to earn profit or use it on your site to get traffic.  You can also take bits and pieces out of it and add it to your social media platforms.

  • Tap Into an Evergreen Niche - Pesonal Development
  • No Writing Struggles.
  • Over 90 Royalty Free Images To Make Your Site Look Awesome!
  • Engaging Blog Posts To Build Trust & Loyalty With Subscribers.
  • Beautifully Compiled eBook

How to Use the PLR:

  • Use our done-for-you content to quickly get an informational and educational blog series up for your readers to enjoy.
  • To make it even better, we've compiled all the blog posts into a report and you can add an opt-in form on your posts to collect leads.
  • Brand the Canva eCover Template to match your business.
  • Take the keywords and make all of the articles search engine friendly.

Just Download, Personalize & Use As Your Own!

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After you purchase this bundle – you will get to immediately download all of your content!

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April Lemarr & Jennifer Andersen

P.S. With this pack you'll get a beautifully compiled eBook from the blog posts.  This is going to save you tons of time.  Use the eBook to get highly targeted get more subscribers to your list or as a product and sell to your audience.


All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

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  2. Do not put my name on it.

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