Ideas on How To Use The DFY Internet Marketing Newsletter

(By Nick & Kate James)

A couple of days ago I bought the $1 trial for the DFY Internet Marketing Newsletter​ and I'm having a blast digging into it.  I love that it has several different bites of news for each of the newsletters.

Here's what I've been doing to it:

  1. Changed the name
  2. Currently branding it with my colors and my logo
  3. Reading the articles, taking out what I don't want and adding ones from the PLR that I currently own.  I am also a member of Alice Seba's Personal Development newsletter and these two topics go together wonderfully!  But you can add any done-for-you content that you have/
  4. Adding different images.  Some of these are easy to do in Word while others I haven't figured out yet and so I'm going to leave them.
  5. Finding resources that I can link from inside the newsletter.
  6. Talking about my products at Niche Starter Packs and linking to the site.
  7. Including links to affiliate offers that are relevant to the articles.
  8. Change out the offer on the last page with one of my own
  9. Add a Tools & Resources To Get You Started Page (this will include all the top tools that I use for my business)
  10. Include blog posts about how to use done-for-you content

The sky is the limit with this Internet Marketing Newsletter.  You can leave it as is and give it to people or you can combine one or two topics with it to create a different type of magazine all together - one that fits your brand.

If you plan to combine more than one topic start adding done-for-you content that you have.  You might have to change it a little to make sure it works with your ideal audience but for the most part leave it as is.

All of this is great but what if you don't have an audience and you're not sure where to hand it out.

You could create a slideshare account and put it up there, start an account on Medium and add it in your byline, share it on social media.  Another option would be to network with other people and each of you promote the other person's free report or product.

I found two blog posts that have great ideas:

Pick one to start, master it, get systems, outsource and then move on to the next.

Right now you can get it for $1 trial HERE:

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