Habits and Mindset Changes to Improve Your Life

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April Lemarr

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April Lemarr from Niche Starter Packs and Jennifer Andersen from Health & Wellness PLR here and we wanted to let you know that we've JV'd to provide your audience some amazing done-for-you content and products on Habits and Mindset Changes To Improve Your Life.

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Here is what is included:

Front End: $12 at 50% commission

  • 25 Articles - 400+ words each
  • 80-Page Report - 'Habits and Mindset Changes to Improve Your life' (11,293 words) - Compiled From the Articles (Compiled from the articles)
  • Canva eCover Template
  • Bonus Royalty Free Images
  • Keywords

Here are the article topics they'll get:

  1. Why Trust Your Intuition? (401 words)
  2. How to Listen to Your Gut Feeling (425 words)
  3. Intuition VS Ego: Who is Talking? (415 words)
  4. Tips for Trusting Your Natural Instincts (445 words)
  5. What Might Be Blocking Your Intuition (554 words)
  6. What it Means to Live With Intention (403 words)
  7. How to Live a More Intentional Life (450 words)
  8. Daily Intentional Habits (431 words)
  9. How to Have a Purposeful Morning Routine (472 words)
  10. Tips for Being True to Yourself (450 words)
  11. Celebrate What Makes You Unique (426 words)
  12. How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (493 words)
  13. 6 Ways to Express Your Individuality (509 words)
  14. How to Become More Inspired (400 words)
  15. Where to Find Inspiration for Bettering Your Life (432 words)
  16. Finding Inspiration Through Your Daily Habits (422 words)
  17. Why Everyone Needs Inspiration in Their Life (403 words)
  18. Daily Behaviors That Might Be Causing More Stress (456 words)
  19. Signs That Your Routines Are Worsening Your Stress (489 words)
  20. Do You Have Too Many Expectations of Yourself? (461 words)
  21. How to Simplify Your Daily Routines (422 words)
  22. Ways to Add Self-Care as Daily Habits (471 words)
  23. Lifestyle Changes You Can Actually Stick to (563 words)
  24. Better Habits for Your Mind, Body, and Soul (405 words)
  25. What Your Daily Routine Might Be Missing (427 words)

Upsell: $27 at 50% commission

  • Journal with Prompts (made from content/theme of articles in the FE) 
  • Planner Canva eCover template
  • Workbook (24 pages) with 50 writing prompts
  • Workbook Canva eCover template
  • 5 Printables
  • Wall Art / Affirmations

This bundle was created so that your customers could get the content up on their site and then if they purchase the upsell they'd have a product or two to sell to them right away.

Upsell 2: $19 at 50% commission

In the 2nd upsell your customers have an opportunity to get 10 done-for-you packs from both of our PLR stores.  We have both put in five packs that are geared towards creating better habits, being mindful, stress relief and decluttering.

All of these topics are hot topics right now.


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SUBJECT: New Habits & Mindset Content - Trending Topic In Personal Development!


Personal development is a huge niche and can be several different topics. Combine two hot and evergreen topics for you audience – mindset and habits. These are two challenges that people are struggling with right now.

You can help your community navigate through these unchartered waters of working from home, homeschooling their children, always being at home and the stress of dealing with a virus.

Mindset and habits changes lives. So provide the content they need in order to get from the complete stress and overwhelm to helping them establish a new way of thinking and the habits that will get them to where they want to be.

Plus, you can recommend products so that they know what tools (journals, books, workbooks, etc) they’ll need.

Jennifer Andersen and April Lemarr have created a brand new done-for-you content bundle that will help you you can recommend products so that they know what tools (journals, books, workbooks, etc) they’ll need, but also helps people learn how to change their habits and mindset to see the results they'll need to see results.

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What's Included in the Main Offer:

-15 Articles - 400+ words each
-80-Page eBook (Compiled From Articles) - 'Habits and Mindset Changes to Improve Your life' (11,293 words)
-Canva eCover Template
-Keyword Research
-Bonus Royalty Free Images

Teach your audience how to learn new habits, know why they are important and then see them through and get the results they want.

Now is the perfect time to get DFY Habits and Mindset content because there are so many people working from home. They'll need to retrain themselves to work effectively with distractions in the house.

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