Now Is Your Chance To Pick Up Done-For-You Products You Can Download, Personalize & Use As Your Own

Normally, I launch products that have unlimited buyer ability. But I decided to launch a LIMITED PLR PACKAGE called (Product Name) and limit it to only 25 buyers.


Introducing the (Product Name)

  • Limited To Only 25 Buyers
  • Self-Help/Business Topic That Is Always In Demand
  • 2000+ Words!!!
  • Comes In Text And Word Format
  • BONUS: Keyword Research
  •  BONUS: eCover in PSD Format

Limited Offer For The first 25 buyers only!

Now you have content that is going to inspire and motivate your audience.

This Done-For-You Product includes (Product Description)

Details Of The Report (Product)

    My latest limited to 25 buyers PLR is called (Product Name) and this report is a (something that's amazing and helps their customers)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This 6-page, 2,666-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:                                                                                                    - Topic 1
    - Topic 2
    - Topic 3
    - Topic 4
    - Topic 5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats
  • BONUS KEYWORD RESEARCH                                                                                                                                                                                                               I've included keyword research....details about keyword research
  • BONUS: eCovers in PSD Format                                                                                                                                                                                                     
    I've included the PNG files for a flat cover

3 Easy Steps To Use These Templates

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.

  • Grab the PLR from this and turn it into a (Freebie, Blog Post, Report). In less than an hour you can have an opt-in page with a free giveaway/Product, that gets people into your world and into whatever offer you want to make them next.
  • Repurpose the PLR content to create slideshow videos on YouTube to drive traffic to your site.
  • Repurpose the content and turn it into an audio book.
  • Repurpose the content into a Podcast
  • Bundle it with other PLR and create a course (via e-mail or on a platform like Udemy
  •  The possibilities are endless!!!

How this works....

I keep up-to-date on trending and popular topics that interest your clients, customers, and community so that you don’t have to.

Then when I find a topic my team and I do all the work to take it from thought to content or product.

This includes:

  • Researching topics
  • Outlining interesting subjects
  • Writing actionable and informative content
  • Creating content in different formats so that you can reach people in ways that they prefer
  • Repurpose content so that you can use it to gain more subscribers, get more traction online and earn more money

This saves you hours not having to create it yourself or find and hire a ghostwriter and graphic designer.  Plus the time it takes you to training and get back what you want.

Niche Starter Packs offers an affordable alternative to hiring your own team of writers and outsourcers for your content.

You can also take these done-for-you products and hire someone to recolor and customize to match your branding.  You'll eliminate all the hours of creating it and it would be less expensive to have someone change to your branding colors then start from scratch.  Fiverr or Upwork is an option for this type of work.

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.


PLR Rights:

 Can be edited and modified in any way
[YES] Can be branded 
[YES] Can put your name as the author
[YES] Can be used in a marketing materials for your business
[YES] May use the graphics on your site/blog
[YES] Can be translated to other languages
[YES] Can use the graphics to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.

[NO] Cannot claim copyright to the content since it is PLR
[NO] Cannot resell the packs
[NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Can be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as author

Thank you!

April Lemarr

P.S. In this bundle you're getting done-for-you content and templates that you can brand and sell as your own.  It's important to educate your audience, but it is also essential to make money and this bundle will help you do that.

P.P.S. These templates provide an affordable way to quickly and easily have a beautiful product (or products) up for sale in your business fast.

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