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Welcome JV's & Affiliates!  April & Jennifer here.  Today we've a put together an EVERGREEN topic for the PLR bundle - New Mom & Baby PLR.

​New Mom and Baby PLR can be used across a variety of different niches.  Your list can use this in the parenting niche, on review sites, for lifestyle blogs and for niche sites.

They can use this PLR for their blog to get traffic to their site, in their autoresponders to build a relationship with their list and as an opt in report to get more subscribers​.

We have provided you with email swipe files that include a long email (has all components of our funnel), so that you can take out what you don't want.  There is also a profit potential slant email.  This is a HUGE money making niche.  Help your customers get some of that money in their pockets.

If you've got any questions, comments or would like to add a bonus please contact April at​

Here are all the JVZoo Links.  You can use them if you want to add any bonuses to the front end or upsells.  You only have to request through the front end to get commission on them all.

7 Day Discount For Launch

Launch Date Starts:  Friday, July 15th at 10 AM EST

Launch Date Ends: Friday, July 22nd

Sales Funnel Overview

  • Front End $12 @ 75% Commission
  • OTO1 $24 at 50% Commission
  • OTO2 $17 at 50% Commission

Sales Funnel Details

Front End $12 @ 75% Commission:

The front end contains 20 pieces of content geared toward new moms and babies.  Your customers will get a 5 page report, 6 baby product reviews and 9 articles.  Plus they will also get popular Amazon Product Lists that include Top Rated, Best Sellers, Most Wished For and Most Gifted.  These lists will help them find more products to promote on their sites.

Report: What to Expect With a Newborn From Yourself and Others

6 pages, 2,389 words, 5 sections

  • Section 1: Feelings
  • Section 2: Adjustment Period
  • Section 3: Pressure From Family and Friends
  • Section 4: Unsolicited Advice

9 Articles

  1. ​Freezer Meals Will Save You the First Few Weeks After Your Baby is Born
  2. One Thing You’ll Wish You Did Before Going Into Labor
  3. Signs You Might Be Experiencing Postpartum Depression Before Birth
  4. 5 Must Have Baby Products
  5. The Best Way to Pick the Right High Chair
  6. Baby Monitors - Do I Need One?
  7. Breastfeeding Books That Will Help You 
  8. What You Will Wish You Had Before You Went Into Labor 

Amazon Product Lists

  • ​100 Top Rated Baby Products
  • 100 Best Sellers Baby Products
  • 100 Movers & Shakers Baby Products

OTO1 $24 @ 50% Commission:

The first OTO contains 30 pieces of new content geared toward new moms and babies. Your customers will get a 2 - 5 page reports, 5 Top 5 product lists, 10 blog posts, 5 product reviews and Amazon lists for specific baby products on strollers, car seats and baby gear.  These lists will help them pick products to promote easily and quickly based on commissions they will get and reviews the product has.

5 Page Report - How to Make a New Mom Survival Kit

  • Section 1: What to Pack For Mom
  • Section 2: Don't Forget About the Partner or Spouse
  • Section 3: Include These Items For Baby
  • Section 4: Make Freezer Meals Ahead of Time
  • Section 5: How to Put it All Together

​5 Page Report - New Mom Must Haves

  • Section 1: Baby Gear
  • Section 2: Baby Hygeine
  • Section 3: Baby Medicine
  • Section 4: Baby Furniture
  • Section 5: Baby Products

​5 Top 5 Product List Articles

  1. Top 5 Baby Bottles
  2. Top 5 Baby Jumpers
  3. Top 5 baby Strollers
  4. Top 5 Baby Bags
  5. Top 5 Baby Humidifers

10 Blog Posts / Articles

  1. 3 Resources All New Moms Should Know About
  2. How to Get into a Routine With a New Baby
  3. Delivery Services For New Moms
  4. 3 Signs You have Postpartum Depression
  5. Ways to Help You With Depression After Your Baby is Born
  6. New Mom Isolation - Do You Have It?
  7. New Mom Identity Crisis Is Normal - Don’t Feel Like a Bad Parent
  8. What To Do When You’re Sleep Deprived
  9. 3 Struggles New Moms Experience
  10. New Mom Tips 

OTO 2 $17 @ 50% Commissions:

The second One Time Offer is 10 packs of PLR that is bundled together.  They will get topics such as pregnancy nutrition, parenting, parenting tips, alternative birthing, children and pets and pregnancy yoga.  Included are 4 PLR products with a Mother's Day slant which include product reviews for new mom's, gift guide for new moms, product reviews for mom and gift guide for moms.  These will help them with their blog posts and autoresponders to educate their audience.  Not only that, but these offer profit potential for tangible products.

​10 Article Packs

  1. Pregnancy Nutrition
  2. Pregnancy Yoga
  3. Alternative Birthing
  4. Parenting
  5. Parenting Tips
  6. Children and Pets
  7. Product Reviews for New Moms (slant towards Mother's Day)
  8. Gift Guide For New Moms (slant on Mother's Day)
  9. Product Reviews for Mom​ (slant on Mother's Day)
  10. Gift Guide for Mom (slant on Mother's Day)

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