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Grow, Engage & Brand Yourself As An Inspirational & Motivational Blogger, Coach or Entreprenuer

Unleash the Power of Social Media With These Ready To Use Social Media Canva Templates!

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50 Inspiring & Motivating Social Media Templates That Are Beautifully Designed

Self-Care Practices For Stress Reduction Topics:

  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Affirmation

3 Easy Steps To Use These Canva Templates

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.

You've just picked up an amazing Self-Care Practices For Stress Reduction bundle that has tons of ways to share to your social media platforms.  Yay.

But now you want to enhance those posts with images.  This will take you hours to do...

Or will it?

Well, I've got a solution for you: Professionally designed Canva Social Media Tip and Quote templates specifically designed for the Self-Care Practices For Stress Reduction PLR pack.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 30 Self-Care For Stress Reduction Tip Templates. You'll get eye-catching social media templates that are going to attract attention and interest in your topic because they are about personal development.  Grow your audience with tips that they can use.
  • 20 Motivational Quotes on Self-Care. Build your brand as someone who is motivational and inspiring to others.
  • 50 Inspiring Quotes and Informational Tips on Self-Care.  Yes, you'll get the Canva Templates but you're also going to get all of the quotes and tips in a Word. This will make it easy to copy and paste to the social platform of your choice, pass on to your virtual assistant or you could even use this as an opt-in for your audience.

Why You Need Visually Appealing Graphics

The guiding philosophy when you're marketing online is the idea that content is king. While it remains true that quality content is essential, today’s bloggers need to consider other elements of their digital space to gain traction in an overcrowded market.

So the creation of eye catching images is an effective method to help you get noticed, as well as being known as an inspiring and motivational brand.

30 Self-Care Practices Motivational Tips Templates For Social Media

20 Self-Care Practices Inspirational Quotes Templates For Social Media

Here's Why Graphics Are So Important

Build Brand Awareness

Your brand is the feeling or message people get when they see your blog. By using these elements consistently when you post anywhere online, you are building brand awareness.

Every time someone sees your sites or products and are exposed to these visual representations they will begin to recognize that as you.  

That is called branding.

Professional Looking

Adding graphics that incorporate elements of your brand also makes your social media platforms look professional. Be sure to choose high-quality images, rather than blurry photos or ones that appear overly promotional. 

Get Shared

Social media posts that contain a visual image are shared far more than those without. People relate to photos.

Quotes elicit emotion. It makes sense that such images would be shared more readily than simple text.

Social media is one of the quickest ways your content can spread, and attention-grabbing graphics will surely boost the sharing. This is particularly true for a platform like Instagram that relies on images.

The right images will not only help you get noticed but help others identify you with your brand.

Canva Templates Can Be Changed How You Need Them!

The amazing thing about Canva templates if you don't like the colors that we have added  to the social media images  or have your own brand colors you can change them.  

These are completely customizable to what you want.  

Change the colors, change the images, change the words or change the layout of the graphic.  You can even add your domain URL, your picture or your own quote.  

These templates are very flexible.

My Canva Templates Solve This Problem

Why Social Media Posting Is So Effective

The Canva templates below were created specifically to work on your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

People love to share inspirational quotes and now you've got 50 that you can use. Take them as is and post them or change anything on them you'd like through Canva.

With these Canva templates you're going to be able to save time and quickly get engagement from your audience.

Did you know that the average marketer engages on six different platforms?  (Source: CMI)  This takes time.  Don't spend all of your time creating these posts or the graphics that go with them.

Grab these professionally designed graphics.

If you struggle with creating beautiful graphics or you want to save time starting from scratch these Done-For-You Canva Templates are for you.

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.

Copy to your Canva account and start branding or using these immediately.  Or download the PNGs that are included and use those in your products.

Canva Template Rights:

 Can be edited and modified in any way
[YES] Can be branded 
[YES] Can put your name as the author
[YES] Can be used in a marketing materials for your business
[YES] May use the graphics on your site/blog
[YES] Can be translated to other languages
[YES] Can use the graphics to create and post videos on video sharing sites/blogs, etc.

[NO] Cannot claim copyright to the content since it is PLR
[NO] Cannot resell the packs
[NO] You may NOT sell or giveaway private label rights (non-transferable PLR)
[NO] Can be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot use my name as author

These Canva templates are for you to use in your own personal business.  You can modify them and use them in products you sell for personal use rights to your audience. You cannot sell, giveaway or resell these Canva templates as templates.

Thank you!

April Lemarr

P.S. In this bundle you're getting done-for-you content and templates that you can brand and sell as your own.  It's important to educate your audience, but it is also essential to make money and this bundle will help you do that.

P.P.S. These templates provide an affordable way to quickly and easily have a beautiful product (or products) up for sale in your business fast.

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