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These Easy To Use Canva Design Templates You Can Customize For Your Business


These templates are an affordable way to quickly and easily have beautiful graphics for your business.

You've just picked up some amazing PLR content, but now what?

Sometimes we've got good intentions to use the PLR that we've bought but then other business tasks start popping up and we put it on hold because it can take time to create everything we need in order to take it from PLR to our fabulous blog post, opt-in, product or content upgrade.

Well, I've got a solution for you.

Professionally designed Canva templates.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 10 eCover Designs. You'll get eye-catching eCover templates that are going to get the click whether you're using them for opt-in reports or eBooks.
  • 10 Pinterest Pins. Pinterest is a huge search engine and an amazing way to get traffic.  With these stunning Pinterest Pins people will be curious about what you have on your site and click through to read your blog post.
  • 10 Checklists.  One favorite content upgrade or product is a checklist.  That's because they are easy to use.  Create action step checklist for your audience that is going to inspire them to take action.
  • 10 Cheatsheets.  Easily create a helpful resource page for your audience with these breathtaking Canva templates.
  • 10 Worksheet Designs. Are you creating a product or want a content upgrade for one of your products?  Use these impressive worksheets to drawn attention.

Why Your Blog Needs Visually Appealing Graphics

The guiding philosophy in blogging tends to be the idea that content is king. While it remains true that quality content is essential, today’s bloggers need to consider other elements of their digital space to gain traction in an overcrowded market.

So the creation of eye catching images is an effective method to help you get noticed.


Here's Why Graphics Are So Important:

Build Brand Awareness

Your brand is the feeling or message people get when they see your blog. By using these elements consistently when you post anywhere online, you are building brand awareness.

Each time that someone sees your sites or products and are exposed to these visual representations they will begin to recognize that as you.  

That is called branding.

Professional Looking

Adding graphics that incorporate elements of your brand also makes your blog look professional. Be sure to choose high-quality images, rather than blurry photos or ones that appear overly promotional. 

Get Shared

Social media posts that contain a visual image are shared far more than those without. People relate to photos.

Quotes elicit emotion. Infographics provide easy to digest content in a quick, visual manner. It makes sense that such images would be shared more readily than simple text.

Social media is one of the quickest ways your content can spread, and attention-grabbing graphics will surely boost the sharing. This is particularly true for a platform like Pinterest that relies on images.

The right images will not only help you get noticed but help others identify you with your brand.

As a small business owner you don't have hours to work on your graphic design from scratch because this can be time-consuming, especially for people who don't have an eye for the right color, fonts and image.

BUT you need professional, eye-catching designs that convert, drive traffic to your site and engage your audience.

My Canva Templates Solve This Problem

Take a detailed look at what you'll get....

Module 1: eCover Templates

The eCover of your product, report, opt-in or planner is going to make your audience want to check out what you have to offer.

You'll want professionally designed covers - which is what you're getting with these Canva templates.

eCover Canva template in the bundle


eCover template example


Canva eCover Templates you'll get:


Module 2: Pinterest Pin Canva Templates

Using Pins that attract attention is a great way to get tons of free traffic on your site.

With these you're getting 10 different PIns that you can use in your content marketing strategy by easily adding your title and an image on the templates.

Here's one of the Pin Canva Templates you'll get.


Example of Pin.


Canva Checklist Templates you'll get:


Module 3: Checklist Canva Templates

People love these types of products, because a checklist gives them the a guide to start and finish something.  

Take the checklists below and add your own checklist for your audience.  They're easy to use.

Checklist Canva Template in the bundle


Example of the Checklist


Canva Checklist Templates you'll get:


Module 4: Worksheet Canva Templates

These are great worksheets that engage your audience and get them taking action.

Change the worksheets to match your brand colors, add your questions and send them to your audience or include them in a product.

They're that simple to use.

Worksheet Canva Template in the bundle


Example of the worksheet.


Canva Worksheet Templates you'll get:


Module 5: Infographics/Cheatsheets Templates

Cheat sheets and infographics are very similar and contain a lot of information in a single page. This includes tips, steps, best practices and other information.

It gives readers a good overview of a particular topic.  They also includes graphics to make it more visually pleasing.

You can add these to your site or on Pinterest.

All you have to do is insert an image and add your content.  

Infographic Canva Template in the bundle


Infographic example


Canva Infographic Templates you'll get:


If you struggle with creating beautiful graphics or you want to save time starting from scratch these Done-For-You Canva Templates are for you.

Download immediately once you purchase.

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[NO] Cannot claim copyright to the content since it is PLR
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Thank You!

April Lemarr

P.S. You'll have templates to create blog post graphics, opt-ins, eBook covers, infographics and worksheets.  Use them as content upgrades, part of your content marketing strategy or put them in your signature product.  

P.P.S. These templates provide an affordable way to quickly and easily have beautiful graphics for your business.