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October Content Topics

Blog Posts:

1. 3 Easy Ways to Get Exercise in Your Home 
2. Benefits of Using a Slow Cooker For Your Thanksgiving Dishes 
3. Healthy Eating Tips For Seniors During the Holidays
4. Benefits of Cinnamon 
5. Why You Should Consider Doing a Turkey Trot With Your Family
6. Healthy Side Dishes To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner
7. Convenient Ways to Bring Dishes to a Holiday Dinner
8. Benefit of Cranberries 
9. Turkey: White Meat Vs. Dark – Which is Healthier? 
10. Healthiest Way to Cook a Turkey
11. 4 Thanksgiving Traditions Around the Table 
12. 5 Reasons To Be Grateful on Thanksgiving
13. 6 Healthy Turkey Leftover Ideas 
14. 5 Ways To Get Out of the Holiday Slump & Start Exercising
15. 3 of the Best Cardio Machines For Indoor Workouts


1. How to Get the Most Out of Your Elliptical Workout
2. How to Make a Turkey in the Slow Cooker
3. Soft Thanksgiving Foods For Those Who Have Sensitive Teeth
4. Ways to Incorporate More Cinnamon Into Your Diet 
5. Fun Outdoor Activities For the Family On Thanksgiving
6. How to Make Your Holiday Dinner Sides Healthier
7. Dishes That Are Easy to Transport to a Holiday Dinner
8. 3 Thanksgiving Dishes That Use Cranberries
9. Ways to Use Your Leftover White Meat 
10. Tips For Roasting a Thanksgiving Turkey 
11. Fun Family Thanksgiving Crafts
12. Different Ways to Give Thanks During Thanksgiving 
13. Casseroles That Use Your Leftover Turkey 
14. How To Get Off The Couch and Start a Walking Routine
15. Five Minute Exercises Using Cardio Machines 

November Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. Exercising Help Stress & Anxiety 
2. Comfort Food Season: Dig Your Cooking Pot Out of the Cupboard
3. How To Use Journaling To Help Ease Stress 
4. Reasons You Should Start Meditating During the Holidays 
5. 3 Quick & Easy Exercises You Can Do When You Feel Stressed 
6. Benefits of Lavender 
7. Benefits of Chamomile
8. How Chamomile Reduces Stress 
9. Healthy Ham Comfort Casseroles To Try With Leftovers
10. Turkey Sandwiches That Won’t Add Inches To Your Waistline 
11. Ways Infusers Can Reduce Stress 
12. Coloring Vs. Mediation: Does Coloring Really Offer the Same Benefits?
13. Get More Sleep With a 5 Minute Night Time Meditation Routine
14. 4 Reasons Exercise Eases Stress 
15. Benefits of Meditation


1. 3 Ways to Help Keep Stress Down During the Holiday
2. 3 Classic Comfort Foods To Try This Season 
3. Types of Journaling
4. Five Minutes of Meditation Can Help Stress Levels All
5. How a 10 Minute Walk Can Help Reduce Stress
6. Ways to Use Lavender
7. 4 Chamomile Tea Benefits 
8. 3 Reasons To Use Chamomile Oil 
9. 5 Healthy Ham Leftover Ideas
10. 4 Ways to Use Turkey Leftovers
11. Combat Stress With These Essential Oils 
12. Why You Should Color Every Day
13. The Best Binaural Beat For Meditation Before Sleep 
14. Fuel Your Brain & Reduce Stress With Exercise
15. How Meditation Helps During the Holiday Season 

December Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. 5 Ways to Keep Active When You Don’t Feel Like It
2. Indoor Rock Climbing – A Fun Way To Stay Fit In the New Year
3. Increase Your Upper Body Workout With Indoor Rockclimbing
4. 3 Safety Rules To Follow When You Rock Climb Indoors
5. 5 Ways to Track Weight Loss
6. How To Find Your Food Triggers
7. 4 Quick, Healthy Snack Ideas You Can Buy
8. Switching From Dairy Milk to Almond Milk
9. 3 Reasons Setting Goals Will Help You Reach Your Diet Lifestyle
10. Master Your Mindset to Change Your Health Goals Long Term
11. 5 Ways to Accomplish Your New Year’s Health Goals
12. Change the Words You Use In Your Health Goals For Better Results
13. Benefit of Dandelion Root
14. Benefit of Echinacea
15. Benefit of Wheatgrass 


1. 3 Rewards to Use to Stay on Track With Your Health Goals
2. Benefits of Indoor Rock Climbing
3. More Upper Body Workouts To Try
4. Equipment Needed to Stay Safe When Indoor Rock Climbing
5. Scale Vs. Measuring – Which Is Better?
6. Why You Should Be Recording How To Feel To Find Your Food Triggers
7. 3 Signs To Watch Out For When Buying Healthy Snack Bars 
8. 3 Reasons Almond Milk is Better For You Than Dairy Milk 
9. Methods To Set Health Goals That Last 
10. 3 Long Term Weight Loss Goals That Last 
11. Easy Steps to Create SMART Health Goals
12. 3 Powerful Words To Use For Weight Loss
13. 3 Dandelion Root Uses
14. How to Make Echinaceas Tea to Help Fight Virsues
15. 3 Ways to Use Wheatgrass

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