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That six months worth of content is if you post three times a week.  If you post twice you'll have 45 weeks.  That's almost a year.

Check out these topics...

Month One Content Topics

Blog Posts:

1. 3 Reasons to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Folid Acid
2. 4 Benefits of Avocados
3. 4 DIY Workout Equipment Under 40
4. 4 Superfoods That are High In folic Acid
5. 5 Ways to Get Folic Acid Into Your Diet With Food
6. Benefits of Folic Acid
7. Benefits of Squash
8. Reasons to Take Folic Acid Supplements
9. Treadmill Desks – Do They Work & How To Create ONe
10. 4 Clothes To Wear While Wear While Exercising
11. 4 Ways to Use Small Workout Space
12. 4 Fun Exercise Types You Can Do At Home
13. What To Use PVC Pipe On For Your Home Gym
14. 3 Reasons to Subscribe to a Monthly Health Box
15. 5 Benefits For Avocado Oil


1. 3 Diseases Folic Acid Helps With
2. 3 Ways to Get More Superfoods
3. 5 Fun Recipes For the Winter Months
4. 6 Recipes That Have Folic Acid in Them
5. Help Reduce the Risk of Stroke With Folic Acide
6. How to Use Avocados For Beautiful Skin
7. Why Folic Acid is Important to Everyone
8. 3 Reasons To Save Money and Build Your Own Home Gym
9. Why You Should Have a Treadmill Station
10. 3 Reasons To Invest in Breathable Workout Clothes
11. 4 Small But Powerful Pieces of Exercise Equipment
12. 4 Reasons Yoga Is Ideal At Home
13. Cheap Ways To Equip a Home Gym
14. 4 Ways to Make Your Own Health Box
15. How To Use Avocado Oil For Healthy Hair

Month Two Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. Exercises to Get Outside
2. 5 Reasons to Make Exercise Important in Your Life 
3. 5 Exercise Day Trip Ideas
4. Be Adventurous: Try Something New For Your Exercise 
5. 4 Ways To Exercise During the Winter
6. 4 Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acid
7. 4 Ways Fatty Acids Promote Your Health
8. 5 Benefits of Flaxseed 
9. 4 Benefits of Raspberry 
10. 4 Health Recipes with Raspberries
11. 3 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies 
12. Berry Smoothies to Help Get More Fatty Acids In Your Diet
13. Importance of Nutrition
14. Discover the Types of Nutrition You Need in Your Diet 


1. 4 Reasons to Go Outside for Your Exercise
2. What are Exercise Day Trips?
3. 4 Items To Make Sure to Take on Your Exercise Day Trip
4. Why Trying Something New in Exercise is Important
5. 5 Exercise Day Trip Ideas
6. 10 Fruits & Vegetables That Have Omega Fatty Acids
7. Omega 3’s Help Prevent Disease
8. 5 Ways to Use Flaxseed in Your Meals
9. 5 Types of Raspberries
10. 4 Ways to Use Raspberry Vinaigrette
11. Why Green Smoothie Cleanses Work
12. 3 Berry Smoothie Bowl Recipes to Try
13. 4 Green Smoothies To Try For Breakfast
14. 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Nutritional Habits
15. 6 Healthy Nutrition Tips

Month Three Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. 4 Ways That Essential Oils Help with Anxiety
2. 5 Essential Oils That Help You Sleep
3. 6 Essential Oils To Keep In Your Cupboard
4. 9 Essential Oils That are Good for Your Skin
5. Combat Anxiety with These 5 Essential Oils
6. 4 Moves to Reduce Side Fat
7. 5 Side Fat Burning Tricks
8. Firm Your Inner Thighs With These 4 Moves
9. 3 Total Body Fat Burning Work-Outs
10. 4 Moves to Tighten Your Hips
11. 4 Foods to Avoid For Diabetics
12. 5 Diabetic-Friendly Foods
13. 6 Best Essential Oils For Diabetes
14. 5 Top Exercises For Diabetics
15. 5 Desserts for Diabetics


1. How Essential Oils Work With Anxiety
2. 3 Sleeping Tips To Give You a Good Night’s Rest
3. Common Uses For Essential Oil
4. How to Use Essential Oils To Get Glowing Skin
5. Best Ways To Use Essential Oils For Anxiety Treatment
6. Total Body Fatigue Causes
7. 5 Hip Slimming Exercises
8. How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat
9. 3 Reasons You Should Work Your Total Body
10. Why You Should Want Tighter Hips
11. 5 Staple Foods For Diabetics
12. Learn to Find Hidden Sugar When You’re Diabetic
13. Benefits of Tea for Diabetics
14. 4 Reasons You Should Be Exercising When You Have Diabetes
15. Ways to Find Desserts That Diabetics Can Eat

Month Four Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. 3 Tips to Switch to a Low Carb Diet
2. 5 Low Carb Side Dishes
3. 5 Reasons to Start a Low Carb Diet
4. 5 Low Carb Lunch Ideas
5. 5 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas
6. Benefits of Chia Seeds
7. Benefits of Low Carb Diet
8. Benefits of Kettlebells
9. Chia Seed Recipe Ideas
10. How to use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss
11. Kettlebell Tips for Beginners
12. The Basics of Kettlebell Workouts
13. 5 Reasons to Start Using Kettlebells
14. Types of Kettlebells
15. How to Choose the Right Kettlebells


1. Low Carb Snack Ideas That You’ll Love
2. 7 Vegetables To Try During a Low Carb Diet
3. Low Carb Diet Guidelines For Newbies
4. 3 Substitutes to Replace Favorite Carbs During Lunch
5. Cognitive Benefits Of a Low Carb Diet You Might Not Know About
6. How to Use Chia Seeds to In Your Diet to Improve Your Health
7. Is a Low-Carb Diet Healthy?
8. 4 Reasons Why Kettlebell is So Popular
9. 3 Ways to Lose Weight With Chia Seeds
10. Chia Seeds Vs. Flax Seed Which Is Better
11. Which Muscles Do Kettlebells Target
12. BBest Kettlebells Moves To Do At Home
13. Frequency Is Less Important Than Mastering Kettlebell Techniques For Beginners
14. Tips For Buying Kettlebells
15. Kettlebell Workouts: Which is Better – At Home or the Gym

Month Five Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. Benefits of Running
2. Benefits of Super Foods
3. Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet
4. 5 Seeds That Are Superfoods
5. 5 Reasons Super Foods Are Important
6. 5 Superfoods You Should Be Getting Daily if You’re a Runner
7. 5 Superfoods to Eat on a Mediterranean Diet
8. The Best Superfoods to Add to a Smoothie
9. 5 Ways Running Reduces Stress
10. 5 Ways Running Helps the Brain
11. Best Running Apps to Download
12. 5 Places to Put Your Belongings When You’re Running
13. Reasons to Follow a Mediterranean Diet
14. Most Common Mediterranean Food Diet List
15. 5 Mediterranean Diet Books That Are the Best


1. Treadmill Vs. Running Outside – What is Better?
2. Best Ways to Use Super Foods
3. 3 Easy Ways to Start the Mediterranean Diet
4. 5 Super Food Seeds For Weight Loss
5. 5 Ways Super Foods Work
6. The Best Super Food Seeds To Eat After Running
7. 5 Super Foods Which Have the Most Protein When You’re on a Mediterranean Diet
8. Best Super Foods to Make a Green Smoothie
9. Does Walking Reduce As Much Stress As Running?
10. 5 Ways Running Makes You Feel
11. 3 Reasons To Use an App When You Run
12. 3 Reasons to Use an Arm Band When Running
13. What Does the Mediterranean Claim To Do?
14. The Mediterranean Diet Pyrmid Explained
15. 5 Ways to Eat the Mediterranean Diet on a Budget

Month Six Content Topics

Blog Post:

1. 5 Outdoor Exercises Without Equipment
2. Outdoor Vs. Indoor Exercise
3. 5 Ways Surfing Can Change Your Life
4. Benefits of Surfing
5. Rules to Stay Safe While Surfing
6. Benefits of Dark Chocolate
7. 5 Dark Chocolate Recipes
8. 5 Best Tasting Dark Chocolate
9. 5 Tips To Use Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss
10. Benefits of Forgiveness for Your Health
11. How Does Forgiveness Affect Your Health
12. 5 Steps to Grow Veggies in Containers
13. Top 5 Vegetables to Grow in Containers
14. How Does Fresh Fruit Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels?
15. 5 Places to Buy Fresh Fruit Online


1. 3 Exercises Without Equipment For Legs
2. Simple Indoor Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment
3. 3 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Surfing
4. Which Muscles Does Surfing Build?
5. 3 Reasons to Take Surfing Lessons Before You Hit the Waves
6. Dark Chocolate Almonds: Are They Healthy?
7. Best Dark Chocolate Recipes For Weight Loss
8. Dark Chocolate Bars Vegans
9. Does Dark Chocolate Work For Weight Loss?
10. Who Benefits From Forgiveness
11. How Forgiveness Helps You
12. 3 Best Way to Grow Veggies in Containers
13. How to Grow Root Vegetables in Containers
14. What Fresh Fruit Has the Least Sugar?
15. 3 Places to Buy Fresh Fruit From Your Local Area Online

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