3 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Ideas For Your Business

Black Friday / Cyber Monday is just around the corner! I can’t believe that it is a little over 3 weeks away.

Are you prepared for it? I’ve been working on a special because people love getting deals on this day.

If you don’t have one – can you get something created and up? Or use something you have? Or create an outline and pre-sell a workshop?

It isn’t too late. It might push you to get it done but there is still time, but if you use done-for-you content it will take you way less time to get a product done and a promotion set up for Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Here are some ideas you could use:

1. 14 Day Challenge

Offer a 14 day . You could take the done-for-you content and send them an email each day.

Get them engaged.  You could do this by offering a Facebook group they can post their questions or show off their bullet journal creation.

2. Workshop

Create a workshop on and then upsell to a .

People can create digital vision boards and add them as a screensaver on their computer or print them out to put on their wall.

3. Low Content Products

Another idea would be to offer a planner and journal (comes out tomorrow and the planner and journal is in the 2nd upgrade option) to your audience as a digital download.

(I’ve made published the page, but you won’t be able to buy until tomorrow.)

With all three of these ideas you can be in any niche and they’ll work.

  • If you have an audience of homeschoolers, create a 14 day bullet journaling challenge for kids.
  • If your audience is bloggers do a workshop on Vision Boards because they can create a visual representation of why they’re blogging to keep on their wall.
  • If you have an audience of small businesses you could sell them the money mindset planner and journal (the upgrade 2 in the Money Mindset) because having a healthy mindset is essential.
  • If you have a health audience you can do a workshop on health goals and slant it towards what problems they face – healthy habits, daily yoga, healthy meal prep.

You can slant it and use the content however you’d like. Think about how you can help your audience AND make money doing it.

As you can see I offer several done-for-you content bundles that can be turned into a product fast.

And just remember there are…

3 Easy Steps To Use Done-For-You Content

Download. Personalize. Use As Your Own.

Are you ready to promote your business?  




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