5 Reasons to Host a Challenge

Are you looking for a powerful way to engage your audience and bring more people into your tribe? Offering a challenge can do both of those things in your business.

Challenges are such a wonderful way to market or earn money. Take a look at how they can help your business.

Hosting a Reignite Your Goals will urge your prospects and current clients to push themselves towards setting goals that they can achieve. What makes a challenge great is the level of engagement that exists between you and the participants.

Here are five reasons more in-depth of why hosting a challenge is good for your business.

1. Your Business Collects Success Stories and Testimonials

This is a great reason to do challenges. You’ll see in action everyone taking the steps in order to achieve an end result.

After the challenge, you can go through all the comments and ask permission to use them because social proof sells. You can also take screenshots and use it for future products or challenges.

Best of all challenges provide you with testimonials that show how you made a positive difference

2. Your Prospects and Customers Feel Important

When you take the time to do a 5, 7, 10, 14, or 21-day challenge your customers are going to feel like you care about what they need.

This will help you build a stronger and more personal relationship with the people in your community that participated and others if they see the challenge in action.

3. Appeals to the Human Desire to Compete

Do you have a competitive nature? You’re not alone. Most people like to play games and compete against one another.

Winning isn’t even the factor to compete – it is the competition itself that drives them. When you appeal to subconscious emotions and desires as a company, you have an opportunity to build deep connections with your marketplace.

4. Participants Feel Like Part of a Team

When you hold a challenge and everyone is sharing their experiences, what they were doing, how they’re doing it and their wins it makes people feel like they belong. They’re part of a team routing for one another and helping each other.

5. Challenges are Attractive to Prospects and Existing Clients

Customer challenges are great for your existing client base. You can leverage this marketing tool to drive a stronger connection with your brand. This creates positive word-of-mouth advertising, often making a lifelong customer out of a one-time buyer.

Prospects benefit from challenges as well. There may be a lot of options in your particular market or niche. Your prospects have to consider the pros and cons of your company versus your competitors. An engaging challenge can intrigue or inspire the prospects in your market enough to choose your business over your competition.

Hosting a challenge is a fun and effective way to engage your audience while also achieving the results your business needs to expand and profit. Your prospects and clients grow closer to you and your business, which improves customer retention, sales, and free word-of-mouth advertising.

This is truly a marketing win-win for your business and your target audience.

Have you hosted a challenge?  How did it go?  Leave your comments below


P.S. Challenges don’t have to be long to be effective. Create a 5-Day that leads into a more in depth 14-day challenge like the Reignite Your Goals.

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