How To Use PLR

The PLR Way to Teach Your Audience Quickly and Easily

As a small business owner you wear many hats – accountant, marketing manager and sales person are only a few roles that you fill.  Unfortunately with all the time it takes you to do all of the tasks associated with these roles you don’t have time for much else.  You’re not creating the training courses, workbooks or workshops for your customers you’d like to.  Why?  Plain and simple time – you don’t have enough of it to get it all done.

This is where PLR (private label rights) or done for you content comes to the rescue.  What are private label rights?  Someone else creates the content and then they sell it to multiple people.  After you’ve purchased you can use the content however you’d like (within their terms).

Why would someone buy PLR instead of making the content themselves?  There are several reasons, but here are the top 5 to buy and use done for you content:

1. Saves you time.

The biggest reason to use courses, workshops, workbooks or templates of any kind that other people have made is the time it saves you.  Most of the work and research has been done for you.

In some cases all you have to do is add your logo, a few pages (like telling who you are), and save it as a PDF.  Of course it is always a good idea to add your own tips, techniques and voice to the PLR, but with some PLR you don’t even have to do that in order to create an awesome product your community will love.

PLR also saves you time by formatting, adding graphics (in some cases) and making templates that you’d be proud to put your name on as the product creator.  You can find beautifully formatted business training courses at Content Sparks and CoachGlue.  Both of these done for your content providers are top notch in the products they offer.

2. Saves you money.

The training PLR content does sale for a little more than regular PLR, but you’re still getting a HUGE deal than if you were to try to recreate the same templates or training that they provide for you.  Not only would you have to hire a ghostwriter to research and create the content, but you would have to hire a graphic designer to format it and lay it out to look great.

This does not come cheap.  You can find a ghostwriter from $11 per 400 words to $40.  Price depends on experience.  Graphic designers are the same.

You can try it yourself, but again that will take a lot more time.

3. Piggy Back Off Their Expertise

The women who run both Content Sparks (Sharyn Sheldon) and CoachGlue (Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold) have YEARS of experience in the field that they are in.  They know how to find the best information and create a course, workbook or planner that people want, need and will get use from.

By purchasing their done for you content that experience comes through in the pages of the training and workshops.  They include tips and tricks that have taken them years to figure out, but you get now.

Sharyn Sheldon spent 20 years creating training materials for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses before she started her current business.  She knows what to include in the training to make them effective.  The materials you get from her are professional quality.  Take the training she has made and customize it.  You’ve got yourself a training that is top notch that will catapult you to the top of your field.

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold have a combined 20 years’ experience running online, successful businesses.  They have taken all of their experience and now they help business owners by providing done for you workshops, tools, planners and forms to help you grow and be successful.  You’ll get results from the products they offer and your clients will get results from what you offer them.  It is a win win situation for everyone.

As you can see between these three women and their done for you content offerings you’ll become a leader that people follow quickly.

How To Use PLR

Expand Your Scope and Expertise with Quality Done For You Content

4. Variety of Topics

What I love about both of these customizable content businesses is that they stay on top of what is current in the market today and have a variety of different packs that they offer.

You can find done for you workshops, training, templates, planners, forms and tools for many different topics like content planners, researching your competition, Facebook ads and planners, social media planners and goal setting.  All of these are ways to help your audience.

5. Earn Money From Courses You Offer Sooner

One of the main reasons is that you can start earning money faster.  Take a weekend or a few days to personalize the content and then get it up and start promoting it.  You can use Facebook ads with one of the smaller packs as an opt in to your list, then offer another one for a small entry price, then the bigger product as your main offer.

Use the time to personalize, not create from scratch.  By using done for you content you could buy the products on Monday and have them set up on Tuesday (or later Monday).  Of course this will depend on the size of training or workshops that you buy and how much time to have to get the product up.

The more products you have to offer your community the more money you’ll earn.  These packs give you the opportunity and potential to get up several products quickly.

Plus having a variety of products will make it so you can help more people.  They are all in different stages of their journey.  While some may need or want the comprehensive hand holding $997 course you offer others might only need the workbooks to go through it on their own.

There are several ways to use their content.  Here are a few:

Workbooks, Planners or Smaller Packs

Put your logo on the book and add your voice throughout.  You can easily use this as an entry level product for your site, an opt in to get people on your list or a bonus for another product you are selling.

Make it more valuable by adding an audio explaining how to use the workbooks or a video.

You can also include it in a more comprehensive done for you training or workshop to add more value to the training you are creating.

Workshops and Full Customizable Training Courses

These done for you content courses and workshops are comprehensive.  They have had many hours put into them and offer worksheets for the paying customers, training materials for you and sales copy for the course to get the customers in the first place.  Some of them offer follow up and additional content.

These courses and workshops you could use as your high end trainings that you offer people.  Take the course, brand it, personalize it and make it great.  You could easily charge $197, $297 for a full course.  Add video and make it better.

You could easily add a group coaching for this or a brainstorming session.  Offer the big product at a higher price, then take away some of the training and offer it if people don’t purchase the comprehensive pack.

For example you’ve created a huge training with video’s and audio and someone goes to your website, but doesn’t purchase.  As they leave have it set up so you reduce the amount of training by taking away the video’s and audio and sell it to them for a lower price.

Offer weekly webinars training your customers and let them ask questions during the webinar.  Set up the site with Facebook comments, so that they can ask questions during the week.

As you can see there is tons of ways that you can customize and use CoachGlue and ContentSparks templates, tools, planners, workshops and comprehensive training.

Want to give CoachGlue or Content Sparks a try?  They offer both have free downloadable content..  Go download it and check out their quality and their style.

The customizable content these women create is easy to use.  They both have their terms of use, but you can brand the content and use it as your own.

Let me know if you have any questions.




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