A profitable way to use PLR if you already have existing products and services is to throw in a guide, a workbook, or a course to help teach your customers something new. By including these additional bonuses to your customers, you’ll boost your perceived value, increase engagement, and develop lifelong customers that value your ideas.

Let’s look at some examples to give you some ideas of the type of value you can add to your existing products and services with PLR content.

Create a Document of Definitions

Finding PLR that defines the common terms in your niche is a great way to deliver further education and information to your customers. For example, if you offer business training for Virtual Assistants, you can offer a list of words with definitions that are all about the terms any VA might need to understand and know before they make decisions.

Develop a How to Work with Me Document

If you are a coach or provide other services to clients directly, you’ll want to provide a how to work with me document that gives them step by step instructions on how to contact you, follow your assignments, and get success from your programs or services. Remember, as you search for PLR about something this specific, you’ll want to find templates and examples to help you create your own, but it’ll be faster starting with PLR. 

Create Mini-Courses to Teach Needed Skills

There is always something you can teach that is slightly before, or more in-depth about your niche. For example, if you teach others how to become a customer service virtual assistant, you may also want to teach them how to use certain software or give an overview of the types of software they may need to know to do the job.

Give Them eBooks and Reports That Inform Your Customers

Whatever your niche, find already done-for-you reports and eBooks about your niche. You can allow the eBooks to stand as written without rebranding fully and allow open discussion about the points you agree with and disagree with or want to add to in your discussion group. Alternatively, you can edit them and rebrand them fully to ensure they totally align with your way of doing things.

Provide Step-By-Step Type Information When Appropriate

When you give any type of instructions to your audience that you don’t fully explain, it’s an opportunity to add more information with an in-content download. For example, if you are talking about creating product funnels, you can include done-for-you content that expands on product funnel information so that you can let the people who are unsure learn more, but keep the level of information you’re putting in the public more advanced.

Offer Training Relevant to Your Niche

Any type of training or how to do something in your niche will be of interest to your audience. For example, let’s say you’re a service provider who writes content for Amazon FBA sellers you can offer training to them about marketing, placing paid ads, organizing inventory, or other aspects that may be of interest to them. When it’s a bonus just for being your customer, you add value to your offerings, and you establish yourself as an expert in more than writing product descriptions.

Anytime you can add value to existing products with a checklist, cheat sheet, short course, or other information, you’ll boost your perceived value, which means you can charge more for your products and services. These types of bonuses can be announced and unannounced.



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