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Jennifer Andersen

April Lemarr

Hi Jennifer Andersen & April Lemarr here.  

The offer that were interested is no longer available, but both of us have stores where you can purchase content.

We also both have some free PLR that you can download, personalize and use as your own.

Look below for the free content you can grab.


Health & Wellness has FREE PLR that you can download today (the first three offers on this page are free). ==>>CLICK HERE TO GET IT<<===

Jennifer started her site as a way to bring you the very best in PLR related to the health and wellness niche. This includes diet and weight loss, nutrition, medical conditions, fertility and pregnancy, mental health, general wellness, and lots more! 

She has a great passion for health and wellness in general, which is why she chose this niche.  Jennifer has been a  professional writer for almost a decade now and specializes in writing health and medical articles, so she knows her stuff!

Not only that, she is also a professional proofreader and editor, so your content will be ready to use, minus the rewriting you want to do to make it original.


Niche Starter Packs also has a FREE Meal Planning & Prepping For Busy People PLR pack that you can download today. ==>>CLICK HERE TO GET IT<<===

April has built a business that focuses on helping bloggers and entreprenuer's by creating done for you content.  She does the work of finding the trending topics, researching, writing and providing high-quality content for you to use.  

She understands that quality content is what builds relationships and wants to help you build your audience, save time and make a profit by providing that.

The four categories of done-for-you content that Niche Starter Packs focuses on is: Health, Business, Home & Garden and Self-Improvement/Mental Health.

This special offer is not longer available, but she offer deals on a regular basis.

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