Free Meal Plan & Prep For Busy People Report & HTML Opt In Page

October 3, 2017

Free Done For You 6-Page Report & HTML Opt-In Page on “Meal Prep & Planning for Busy People”

Meal prep and planning can literally save busy people hours each week. When you know what you’re eating on each day you won’t have to spend time planning what’s for dinner or going to the store to get it.

People love tips and suggestions on ways to help them save time each week.

Teach your audience about meal prep when they want to go the DIY route.  Busy moms want to prepare meals from scratch, but when you’re taking the kids to sports practice after an already busy day of working and errands – stopping for fast food or pizza is much easier most days.

What I love about this niche is that you can recommend both tangible and digital products to them.  Products such as cookbooks that have freezer recipes, small appliances that will make the job faster and storage containers to help them decide which ones to use.

This is a report and some affiliate companies (like Amazon) do not allow affiliate links to be put in PDF’s – however, if you break the report up into a few articles, you’ll be able to promote these.  Or find an affiliate program that doesn’t have these terms, so that you can recommend products inside the report.

With this report you’ll be giving great tips and content that will make you an authority.  Get more subscribers by using the HTML opt-in page that is provided.

Here’s what you’ll get:

I’ve put together a Free PLR pack that has a 6-Page Report, an HTML Opt-In Page and an eCover (JPG).

Here are the Topics in the Report You’ll Get:

Meal Plan & Prep For Busy People

11 sections, 1,821 words

  • What is Meal Planning?
  • How Many Weeks to Plan For
  • A Good Way to Start Meal Planning
  • How to Be Detailed in Your Meal Plans
  • Leaving Room For Flexibility Throughout the Week
  • Include Leftovers in Your Plan
  • How is Meal Prepping Different?
  • Types of Meal Prepping
  • Containers to Use
  • Tips For Meal Prepping
  • Meal Ideas For Prepping

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