A Review of Alessandro Zamboni’s Cookbook Empire Product 

I love cookbooks and I can’t wait to see what Alessandro Zamboni and Lucrezia Aria have in store in the Cookbook Empire they just released. In the beginning, he goes over why cooking is important to him and the trends of the market.

Check out this statistic:

  • 35% of people tend to buy cookbooks on impulse

What’s Trending & Why To Create a Cookbook

He also talks about people purchasing a book based on one they saw somewhere else. I can attest to this. I once saw a Green Smoothie book on our local morning show and I went on Amazon and bought it. So this is completely true!

The Cookbook Empire is definitely a great way to get started in this niche.

You’ll get instructions on how to create a cookbook. He gives you some valuable insight here on copyright issues and how to make them your own. Plus he has a suggestion at the end of page 12 and onto page 13 that is spot on.

You’ll also learn about where to find recipes and photos for the cookbooks. You’ll get quite a few links to help you, but one he didn’t mention is PLR.

Use Kitchen Blogger To Dominate This Way to Earn Money

You know I’ve got to mention PLR!  Trish at Kitchen Blogger high-quality recipes, as well as photo’s that go with them. Amazon does not allow PLR, so you’ll have to follow Alessandro’s description on how to make these unique. But the photo’s are definitely worth looking at her site! You don’t need a lot of recipes to make a cookbook.

The combination of the recipes she creates and the photos you’ll get is worth its weight in gold when it comes to dominating the cookbook niche!


Cookbook Sub-niche Ideas

In Chapter 3 you’ll get 10 different ideas for cookbooks. He has some fabulous ideas here. Please note that he is giving you links as examples, but don’t just go and copy all the recipes. Use them as a starting point, but mix and match different recipes to make your cookbook amazing!

He is very thorough in not only the idea, but what that particular idea is about with links. For example when he is talking about a lifestyle diet he describes what the diet is all about and if there are certain foods they can or cannot eat. If you decide to create this type of cookbook, please make sure it is accurate because some of the lifestyle diets are not by choice and so there are certain foods that they cannot have.

Okay my favorite is idea #5! I need to create one of these because I used to cook this way ALL the time. It takes time and headache during meal times.

Getting the Book Ready

Chapter 4 is all about creating the cookbook after you’ve got the recipes ready. He gives some really fantastic tips at the beginning of this chapter. I would never have thought of some of them.

In this chapter you’ll learn about getting the book ready, submitting the book to Amazon, which categories to put it in and if you should use Kindle Select or not.

Marketing Your Book

A lot of people believe that the hard work is over once you’ve published the book. The truth is that is has just started. In order to make money people need to know about your new book.

You HAVE to get the word out about your new cookbook. Alessandro goes over 4 different ways on how to market your book. Make sure to pick at least one way to promote your book.

Another way that he didn’t mention is to start a Facebook Group or Page and show your work in progress as you go. This is for the long term, not short — but this does two things. It gets people engaged in your cookbook early on and you can ask them questions on recipes they love or that they want in the book. Plus it creates an audience for this cookbook and future cookbooks.

Upgrades of the Cookbook Empire Product

You’ll get an opportunity to buy a couple of different upgrades to Cookbook Empire. One is an upgrade on the training. You’ll get 9 videos to teach you how to create a cookbook.

The second is PLR to 100 different cookbooks.

Alessandro really puts a lot of time and energy into his products and you can tell that they are actual ways that you can start earning money online.

Cooking is a HUGE niche and if you find a subniche inside it and create several books or a series you’ll make more money. Creating and publishing only one book will not make you much money — but if you offer other books in the same niche or cookbooks in general you’ll start to see your income grow. Start with one and go to the next. If you have a goal of create one every 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks you’ll have quite a few cookbooks in your income stream next year.

All you have to do is start with one. If you don’t like the process after that outsource it or don’t do it again. This is your business and you need to figure out if you find a good fit — but you’ll never know unless you start and finish one from beginning to end.

Get the Cookbook Empire today!



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