New PLR From Piggy Makes Bank – Declutter Your Life PLR & Home Organization in 30 Days

Soon people are going to start “Spring Cleaning” their home and with that comes getting rid of and organization. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got so much stuff that I’m not even sure where to begin. I gave a whole bunch of stuff away last year and now I magically have about the same amount of things.

It can be overwhelming to even think about decluttering your home because of this most people won’t even start. You can help with the Declutter Your Life PLR that Tracy & Susanne just put on their site.

They also have a Home Organization in 30 days. This 30 Day Challenge provides at least 250 words per article and would make a great Facebook challenge.

You can use this as a daily project, but chances are that would be too quick for some people – use it as a weekly project. So you could call it 30 Weekly Projects To Completely Organized Your Home Challenge.

April’s Advice

You can use the 10 articles from the Declutter Your Life to promote the Weekly Challenge. Set up a Facebook group to have a space for people to interact while they are going through it. This can be an emotional journey for people.

Each week have an image made (or make it yourself on a software like Stencil) that explains what that weeks project is going to be. Ask people to post an image of their project when it is done and use a hashtag for each week like #FrontClosetHomeworkDone or #Week3Done.

Throughout the week give tips on how to organize each area. You could give examples for each day.

For example here is Pinterest pin that shows a fun way to creat a Drip Station for Wet Shoes & Boots:

Easy to create, plus they won’t have wet footprints all over their house.

Or what about this one:

This Pin will help them find a product if they have a small space. You could link to the site and then add affiliate links inside your Facebook post on the top product you found to help them.

I think this is my favorite one – a cute entry way that has baskets for hats, hangers for coats and buckets to put shoes in.

All of these were easy to find on Pinterest and provide valuable information to the participants in your challenge.

On one day you could even ask for suggestions that people have. People LOVE visuals to help them with the DIY projects and being more organized is a goal for a LOT of people. They will be so thankful to have a group to go to and get the help they need to organize their homes!

You can create an amazing Challenge for people who want to organize their home with the Home Organization in 30 days.

If you’ve got more suggestions on how to use this PLR – please comment below.



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