30 Day PLR Challenge Membership in the Self-Help Niche

Tracy & Susanne from Piggy Makes Bank have a self-help PLR membership and the topics will help your audience with their self-confidence, courage, self-care and other important topics throughout the year.  I think this is vital if you’re going to succeed in life.  I remember when I first started writing pre-written content I was filled with self doubt.  It took me over 3 1/2 months from the time that I started my first articles to the time I put it up for sale.

Yes, the writing took time – but my self confidence was what really made the journey long!  But I did it anyway.  I made the decision that nothing was going to stop me and I powered through the good days, as well as the bad days.

==> Buy the Pre-written Self Help Challenge — 30 Days to Relaxation and Stress Reduction

April’s Advice:

I would set this up two ways – as a one off product, which means they just get this challenge.  I would also offer the option for a 12-month membership to improve yourself.  Set it up as an evergreen membership.  This means that they’ll get month 1, then month 2, then month 3, etc –  whether they start on the first month you begin or the sixth – they’ll still get month 1.

There are so many ways to set this up.  You could set them up on a blog and password protect every page.  Then every month set up a new password and send it to the current members.

Or you could buy a plugin like MemberSonic that will drip feed the content for you.  If you do it like this here is what I’d do:

(The example below is from a different month that Piggy Makes Bank offered.  This particular topic might not be offered, but you could easily use the same method to get every one of their months up on your site and earning you money!)

1. Create buttons like the ones below for each day of the month.









2. Make a new WordPress page for each day of the week.  Take a look at the template below.

At the top write the day of the week and the subject title:

Day 1: Intro & Welcome to Building Your Courage To Increase Your Self Confidence Challenge

Write a little info about what you’ll go over or take some words from the PLR you bought.

Add the video here (when it is done)

Tip: You could also strip the audio out of the video and put it below the video, so they can download it and take it on the go with them!  People don’t have as much time to sit and watch TV or video’s as they used to.  This part will only take a little bit more time.  I’d definitely create an audio file for them to download and listen to while they are doing dishes, cooking dinner or driving in the car.

Tell them what they are supposed to do for the day in written form.  For example on day one you might write:

Today you’ll want to make a commitment to yourself.  Commit that you are going to read each daily email and blog post.  It is well worth working on this particular aspect of personal development and you can gain quite a bit by sticking with me and giving it a try.  Do it scared because it’ll be worth it.

Create a big resource button here (link to the resource or PDF) — not sure what to put here?  It could be a journal page about what they think courage is or how they think they’ll grow in the next month when they stretch themselves.

3. Create a video for each day of the month.  These DON’T have to be long.  Plus you don’t even have to be on camera.  There are a couple of options here.  Take an image of your self and just show that while you’re talking.  Or you could make a Powerpoint slide out of the important points and talk during the Powerpoint.

You’ll be able to give stories, tips and advice quickly when you create a video.

4. Find and add resources at the bottom.  You’ll want to add resources such as a really great article you read on the subject, a journal page with a writing prompt, a workbook page or any other resource you’ve found.

Make sure to mention what you’ve included and how to use it in your video.

5. Batch your work.  Take each step you plan to do and do all of them at the same time.  Those boxes above with the titles I made on Canva for free.  It took a few minutes to set up the template, but after that, it takes less than a minute to change the wording and download.

By batching your work – you’ll be saving time because you’ll be working in the same software and you’ll be in the same frame of mind.  It takes longer to multi-task or switch from project to project then it does to do everything at the same time.

6. Read through all the content. Then I’d read through all the challenge days and add any tips you’d like to go over.  If there is a resource you can think of jot it down and if you know the URL – go get it.  I would also make note of the main points and subpoints you want to talk about if you’re creating Powerpoint slides.

7. Record videos. After that record all the videos or create the Powerpoint slides.

8. Make Resources List. At the bottom of each recording create brief show notes with the main points you wanted them to remember.  I would also add any resources or important tips.  Don’t forget to include action steps as well.

Don’t forget to include action steps as well.  If you’ve set up a Facebook group make sure to include a hashtag they are supposed to use when they’ve done the action steps.

Also, if you’re setting up a Facebook group each day you’ll want to put up a daily image.  One of the best ways to is to just use the images you created in step 1.

10. Set-up Membership Access. Once you’re done recording all the video’s you’ll need to set up a way for people to watch the videos.  There are several ways you can do this.  You can host them on your own site with a plugin like MemberSonic or use a site like Teachable.

11. Set-up a sales page. Once you’re done recording all the video’s you’ll need to set up a sales page for your product and tell your audience about the new monthly membership you have!

This will take some work, but once you’ve set it up the potential to earn money could be years.

In this niche you could sell workbook, an email series on subjects, eBooks, reports, journals and so many other products.

==> Buy the Pre-written Self Help Challenge — 30 Days to Relaxation and Stress Reduction

That’s it for today.  Have a great and productive day!




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