A few months ago Jennifer Ledbetter put out a Pinterest product (yep this one!) called Pinterest Success Strategies (half off now.  Use Coupon Code – BLACKFRIDAY)  and I decided not to get it. She raised the price and I have been kicking myself since then for not purchasing it then — even though I know it is still worth every penny she is charging.

I don’t know Jennifer personally, but I’ve bought a few courses and products from her. When Squidoo was huge she made hundreds of Squidoo lenses and earned quite a bit of money from those.

She learns how to do something well and then she puts together a product that helps others with her strategy.

I bought this product because I believe that Pinterest is the way to go to get more traffic to your blogs. This might depend on what you are selling, but I’ve heard from others that it works in a whole bunch of different niches.

On the sales page, you land on she shows you image graphics on how people love shopping with Pinterest. She then starts talking about being an affiliate marketer and shows some views of her Pinterest Strategies in August compared to September when Holiday season starts. She even broke 4 million in October!

She gives a ton of her statistics from her sites that you can look at, but one sentence that she said really hit home “I don’t have to rely on Google for ALL my traffic anymore…” She did discover when her Pinterest account was working in sync with her site she was ranking for more keywords in Google.

You’ll get the following in her course:

Calendars, Bonus Guides and Templates
1. The Core of Successful Pinterest Strategy
2. Main Mega Guide
3. Beginner Pinterest Strategies and Advanced Tips For Growth
4. Pinning With Purpose – Advanced Pinning Tips
5. Pinterest Niche Boards
6. Pinterest For T-Shirt Creators and Affiliates
7. Pinterest Content Planning Calendar

Right now is the perfect time to get this product because Jennifer is having a 50% off flash sale on the Pinterest Success Strategies Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY

After You Purchase

Right after I purchased this product I received an email from PotPieGirl that gives you a whole list of Pinterest boards that are hers to follow. As well as instructions on how to get the book and a place to fill out a group board invites.

I dig right in after that to see what this product has to offer.

The Core of a Successful Pinterest Strategy

The first eBook I open is the Core of a Successful Pinterest Strategy. It is a short PDF only 15 pages long, but it gives a brief overview of the strategy that Jennifer uses and how to put it in place. Her idea is a little different from what I’ve seen others suggest, but it makes sense. You’ll see what I mean on Page 7 with the sentence that she bolded and the one right after it.

She then goes over a few of Pinterest terms and what you need to do to abide by them.

She also talks about her test site in order to make this particular training. She says it isn’t pretty, but still gets traffic from Pinterest.

Then the last few pages of this PDF gives you a brief overview of what you’ll learn and the last page is for notes.

Get the Pinterest Success Strategies Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY before Friday 11/18/16 to get half off.

Main MEGA Guide – Day 1

This eBook is 131 pages long and I want to start implementing as I go, so this is going to be broken up into a few days for me to read and start the strategies on my blog. I would like to use it for my toy site that has PLR on it, as well as my PLR site. I will be interested to know if my PLR site will actually get any traction.

For now, I will concentrate on my toy site since the Holidays are a little over a month away. I have purchased a ton of toy PLR, as well as the site a few months back and have slowly been working on getting the links on it.

Back to the eBook – the very first thing that Jennifer talks about is why you should be pinning on Pinterest and making this a marketing strategy in your business. The very last sentence on Page 1 pretty much sums it up in a nutshell!

The thing about Pinterest – it is no longer just a social media platform, but a search engine where people go to learn things. This particular site makes it easy because you can “pin” whatever you find for later use. Then when you’re buying something or making a craft all you have to do is go search through your Pinsand not the entire site. Talk about genius marketing!

You’ll love her definition of Pinterest on Page 3! She is spot on! Then she talks about the differences between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

After that, she starts talking about the “normal” people who use Pinterest and how you can learn a lot from them. Then she shows you how to do that.

On Page 10 she goes more into why you should be using Pinterest, but this time it is more from a money and marketing perspective instead of general.

Wow – this eBook is amazing and I’m only on page 12. She is going into how other bloggers are different than IM Marketers.

That is all for Day 1 of the Pinterest Success Strategies Review.  Remember to use Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY to get half off.  This review might take awhile because I plan to implement as I go.  I know that Pinterest Marketing is worth it and I want to show everyone that you can use PLR and still get results.

If you have any questions – please let me know.




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