How To Use Food PLR on Your Blog & In Your Business

I’m going to share with you what you can get and how you can make it work for you.

People love food.  They talk about it all the time.  They’ll talk about great meals they made or from a restaurant.  They’ll also talk about recipes they have tried that they loved or that they didn’t think was great, but different ingredients they’ll try to make it better.

They talk about tips on how to prepare food, save money on food and ways to save time.  As I said people love food.  So as a blogger if you’re not talking about these food on your blog and you’ve got one that can easily cater to food – then you should consider it.

So What Food PLR Is Available & How Do You Use It?

Here are the PLR packs that I will be talking about today:

Ideas On How To Use Food PLR on Your Blog

Right now you can get some amazing food PLR. You can easily use these to put on your site if you are a blogger. This topic is universal and can cross over into so many niches life a lifestyle blog, parenting, family magazine, fitness, health, personal, mom, baby boomers and grandma blogs. This would work extremely well if you are a personal trainer or a coach.

How to Use Meal Prep PLR

Everyone wants to save time and meal prep and planning is one time saver. I tried a menu service for the first time a couple of weeks ago. in fact you can become an affiliate for Menu Planning Central here. People who use these services don’t have a lot of time from running errands, working and making sure everyone meets their schedules.

So you’ll want to load up all the articles that are in this pack.  Either add them to your blog or your email autoresponder.

Plus Tiffany is offering a OTO for reviews of the meal services out there. Some of them have recurring income. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but over time if you post on you blog that could add up to a couple hundred (or more) dollars a month.

If you’d like to increase this amount steadily than make a top 6 meal service article, then post all of the reports that she has provided in the OTO and make them “ultimate” blogs posts for each service, link each of these posts to the top 6 article.

When you’re done showcase the top 6 article. Create a banner for the sidebar, plus link to it in all of your emails. Title it something like – Looking for a Meal Planning Service to Save You Time? check out my Top 6 Meal Planning Services Blog Post – if you do those two things you’ll get people to sign up for these services.

Incorporating Healthy Eating PLR With Videos On Your Site

What about Healthy Eating PLR?  Amanda Crave has a pack that contains  20 Brand New Amazon Product Review Videos that you can use on your site. People LOVE videos…almost as much as they love food!  To do this upload them onto YouTube, Vimeo or another video hosting site and embed them onto your site.  To get more search engine traffic make sure to add a brief summary below the video.  If you’re using YouTube copy and paste that summary into the YouTube if you want more traffic on YouTube to see it.  Make sure to include your a link back to your site.

After that you can pick one of the squeeze pages report from that pack, set it up and put a download report inside the email that goes out. She even provides the opt in report! It is titled “5 Reasons to Eat Healthy”.

You can also get your social media images taken care of with this pack. There are 10 Pinterest Quote Images and 10 Instagram Quote Images that you can upload to your accounts. Plus slide decks images to use on Facebook, Twitter or wherever you’d like to.

Upload the 200 articles that are related, as well as the 3 Top Tips videos and you’ve got a blog that is starting to shape up very nicely. There is WAY more to the bundle, so take a look at the Healthy Eating PLR!

Look at Everything Kitchen Bloggers Has on the Site:

  • Tastes of Northern Italy – recipes with photos
  • Tastes of Mexico – recipes with photos
  • 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan – recipes with photos (this would work really great as an opt in!)
  • Cast Iron Cooking – recipes with photos
  • Vegetarian Articles & Short Report with photos
  • Slower Cook Product Reviews (pair this with CrockPot Challenge)
  • Masticating Juicer Product Reviews – also part of a larger, already discounted bundle
  • Centrifugal Juicer Product Reviews – also part of same discounted juicing bundle
  • Juicing PLR Discount Bundle
  • Cook Like a Pro – 101 Cooking Tips
  • Green Cleaning Methods – articles
  • Juice Your Way to Better Health PLR Report
  • Grow More in Less Space Gardening PLR (pair this with Grow Your Own Salad Bowl PLR)
  • Vegetable Garden Planning PLR
  • Mega Food PLR Pack – 269 Food-related articles and recipes (Regular price $27, but with 40% off you can get it for only $16.20!)

Ideas on Products For Your Business

You could use the 7 Day Low Carb Meal Plan as an opt in report or as part of a product course on How To Start Eating Healthy. Pick up my Small Changes For Better Health For Busy Moms and add this meal plan as part of the product.

As an upsell offer a 15 day meal on a specific topic. Use KitchenBlogger‘s Monthly Food & Recipe PLR. As you collect these you will have more options to add for the upsell.

Start a Challenge On Your Blog Today!

Then what about holding a challenge? Slow Cooking (or Crock Pot) is one of the best ways to cook (in my opinion), but some people aren’t sure how to use the crock pot or what to do with it. Have a 30 Day Crock Pot Challenge.

Take these crockpot PLR articles to start creating interest in the challenge, have this slow cooking report as an opt in, then use the slow cook product reviews throughout the 30 day challenge or you could use them as a series before the 30 day even begins because if there are people who don’t have a crock pot (gasp! I can’t even imagine this. :0) They will want to know which one is the best.

Helping People Understand Ingredients That Are Bad For Them In Their Healthy Lifestyle Journey

When you’re getting healthy you want to know all about how to eat less salt. You’d be surprised
how much salt is in our food. This is a great short report How To Eat Less Salt on the subject and definitely a topic that your customers will be interested in. This is only $7 and on a dimesale right now.

Sugar is also a really big challenge that people are going to have to face when they are eating healthy.  Here is PLR on Sugar Detoxing and then here is one on the Evils of Sugar.

You’ll want all this PLR to educate your audience on not only what is good for them, but what to watch out for!

Become an Affiliate to a Quality Service & Make Money!

And then make sure to become an affiliate at Menu Planning Central. Here is there Summer Menu. You get 50% commission for everyone that you sign up.

Do you have any other ideas?  What about questions on how to make food PLR work for your blog?  Let me know below and I can help brainstorm some ideas with you.



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