PLR Bootcamp: Create a Lead Magnet

Welcome to the PLR Bootcamp: Create a Lead Magnet.  During these videos I'll walk you through how to use done-for-you content to create a lead magnets in your business.  This includes naming, branding, setting up the opt-in page, personalizing the report and getting it up so that your audience can download the guide and be added to your email list.

BONUS VIDEO: Tips On How To Turn an Opt-In Report Into an Ultimate Blog Post

In this video, I'll give you tips on how to take one of the reports you've bought and turn it into an ultimate blog post.  I used the Etsy Report, but you can use any of them.

Also, I'm giving tips, not an over the shoulder view of the process.

PLR Used from Publish For Prosperity.  This particular content pack isn't available anymore, but you'll find more great personal development bundles on Alice's site.

MODULE 1: Setting Your Lead Magnet Up For Success

Everything you do has to start with a plan. The reason planning is so important is that you end up knowing what your lead magnet will look through.  I'm going to walk you through worksheets on setting goals, finding your customers pain points and outlining your report.

Zoom also provides an audio, so I've provided it in case you want to download and listen to it.

MODULE 1: Q&A Setting Your Lead Magnet Up For Success

In this video I walk you through how I'd go through each of the steps with the worksheets and give you a few examples.  



VIDEO #2. Create & Personalize Your Lead Magnet

It’s time to dig in, personalize, brand and create a lead magnet from done-for-you content.  I’ll show you how to customize the content and make the report suited to your audience with your voice.  This is essential when you PLR.

Below you'll find the Lead Magnet Creation Checklist.

Below you'll find the CTA That Convert Workbook.



Create & Personalize Your Lead Magnet

I walk you through how to bring an outline together using PLR, how to personalize and how to add stories.

Below you'll find the BONUS Canva eCover Templates.

VIDEO #3. Create Opt-In Page, Set Up & Delivery

Opt-in pages, also called squeeze pages, are the most effective way to convince your audience to take you up on your offer. It’s your chance to explain the benefits of your offer to your audience without any distractions from other content.

Below you'll find the Set Up Lead Magnet Checklist.

VIDEO #3. Q&A Create Opt-In Page, Set Up & Delivery

I walk you through how to set up the opt-in page in this video.

Training Will Be Here 2/12

VIDEO #4. Launch & Share Your Lead Magnet

Finally, you’re at the fun part of sharing a lead magnet. You’re ready for promotion. You have a lead magnet and you have an opt-in page. Everything is set up and ready to go. Now is the time to set up a marketing strategy.

Below you'll find the Share Your Lead Magnet Checklist.

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