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  • 31-Page Journal With Daily Prompts
    Earn money with this beautifully designed journal as a product in your business.
  • 50 Writing Prompts in List Format
    Use this as a content upgrade.
  • 10-Page Prompt Printable
    Add this as a bonus to another product or as an opt-in for the Journal
  • 5 Blog Post Series
    Well-researched and informative articles on the topic.
  • Keyword Research
    Highly targeted keywords on the topic.

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Don't spend hours brainstorming, researching, outlining and creating content and proudcts.

Now use these 3 Easy Steps....


Download your new content and products that have already been researched and created to use immediately.


Brand, change colors, add your voice, modify, tell stories and make the content your own.


Add your name as the author and put it on your blog, use it as social media content, create products and so much more.

Express Gratitude is a Great Topic For So Many Niches

Health and Wellness, Self-Improvement, Parenting Blogs...

Taking care of yourself is such an important thing for you to do, but most people don't know how.  They've been taking care of others so long that they've forgotten. Being their mentor and coach and you want to help your clients, but how?

Journals with writing prompts.

This is the best way to help your clients.

Sounds amazing, but you don't have the time to add one more thing to your list of things to do and create a journal with prompts.

This takes time to research thought provoking prompts and then put it together in a beautiful journal.

Imagine if you could download, personalize, brand and sell a journal in a couple of hours (at most) instead of days or weeks creating it.

I have the solution and all the work is done-for-you...


Summary of the Products

High-quality done-for-you products to help you to grow your blog with content, create an opt-in with prompt printables and then offer a tripwire or product with the one-a-day journal

Niche Starter Packs DFY Journal With Writing Prompts comes with a ton of pieces to it and you'll find it created in different formats such as Word, Powerpoint  and Canva Templates

We've provided these different formats so that you don't have to take the time to change them.

Keep scrolling to see all that is in this pack...

One-A-Day Journal


A beautifully designed Journal With Writing Prompts. Easily brand with your colors and change the title.

Prompt Printable


A 10-Page Prompt Printable that can be used as an opt-into to turn readers into subscribers

Blog Posts

ExpressGratitude-Blog Posts

Five done-for-you blog posts, saving you time from researching and writing all the content

This PLR has some amazing components included!

Let's take a closer look at what you're going to get...

EXPRESS GRATITUDE journal with daily prompts

This is a 32-Page One-A-Day Journal With 2 eCover Options, in both Canva and Powerpoint.


First you're going to get a 31-page journal that uses 30 different writing prompts to help them with expressing gratitude.  

These prompts are going to help your audience dig deeper into their problems. 

As they write, they'll start off with what they feel the problem is because that is the immediate issue in their mind. As they move through the writing, they'll find themselves moving towards the root of the problem without even realizing it. This can help them find what the root issue is.  In this case it is expressing gratitude .  This is VERY powerful.

This journal is created in Powerpoint, as well as Canva so that you can easily change anything inside, add your branding, re-arrange the questions or add your own. Both of these softwares make it easy to change the fonts, colors, layouts, and anything else you want to customize on each slide.

They're both very flexible format sto use.


Use this as an individual product to sell on your site or another marketplace like Etsy, take it and send it to your coaching client as their monthly journal, add content to it for a guided journal or include it as part of a bigger product you have to add more value.

There is tons of ways you can use this journal.  You could also create it exclusively as a digital product or add more value and offer a printed version as well.


prompt printables with writing prompts 

This is a 10-Page Prompt Printable With 50 Writing Prompts, in both Canva and Powerpoint.


Next you're going to get a beautifully designed Prompt Printables that has 50 writing prompts.  This is the 30 in the daily journal, plus an additional 20 more.

The space given is for brief answers to start the thought process before going deeper into their challenges

This Prompt Printables will allow your audience to release their tension.  Sometimes they might not want to talk to friends and family, but they need to vent.  By using these journaling prompts, they can focus on an issue and get their biggest concerns and thoughts out with these prompts.

Then to get to the root of the problem on the prompts they want to expand on they can either write them on a piece of paper or you can create a follow up email sequence and offer them the beautifully created One-A-Day Journal you have on this topic.  🙂  This is a great way to combine the 10-Page Prompt Printables and the One-A-Day Journal that you'll get in this done-for-you content and product bundle.

This Promp Printable is created in Powerpoint and Canva.  


I like these Prompt Printables because you can use them as is or break them up and give them away as a content upgrade to your blog posts or as an opt-in.

This is a powerful way to turn readers into subscribers.

Then as a tripwire or a full product offer them the One-A-Day Journal that they can buy immediately after they've downloaded the Prompt Printables.

There are tons of ways you can use this journal.  You could also create it exclusively as a digital product or add more value and offer a printed version as well.


You Can Grab This For only $47 - Limited Time!

writing prompts in list format

This is a 2-Page Word Document With 50 Writing Prompts.


You're getting an easy to use Word document of all 50 of the Express Gratitude Writing Prompts.

This is an easy format to use however you want to.

You could use all of these writing prompts and set up an app with this list that sends your audience one prompt a day.

Or you could take this list and create social media graphics for your group.  Share them each day to help your audience Express Gratitude.

This method will give you authority and your customers will see results which means that they'll be more likely to purchase from you because something you shared worked.

blog post series: Express gratitude 

This section includes 5 blog posts that are great for a series, as well as the articles compiled together into a Word document to make it easy to create a report.

You'll get a series of blog posts that will let you dig deep into the topic.

You can schedule these on your blog and then link them together to help your readers go through the series.  

ExpressGratitude-Blog Posts

Express Gratitude Blog Post Series

In this section, you're going to get ready to use blog posts that you can upload and schedule on your site. This is going to provide valuable information and ideas on how your audience can express gratitude.  This is a timely content pack.

What is great about these blog posts is that you can use them easily as a series! People love series and will want to make sure that they get on your list to know when the next one is being released. So make sure that you're offering an opt-in box at the end when you release the blog posts the first time.

You'll also want to make sure you've got an objective for the blog post. This could mean that it is informational, you want customer to sign up for your opt-in, or you want readers to click through to a signature program, etc.  

Then add a call to action on every blog post.

All blog posts are 600+ words, so you can give a lot of valuable information that allows your audience to get real results.

5 Blog Post Series

Express Gratitude Topic Titles:

1) Being Thankful During Hard Times (630 words)
2) Why Gratitude Is So Hard (624 words)
3) How To Be More Grateful (ways to practice gratitude) - (617 words)
4) How To Feel Gratitude Without Feeling Guilty (614 words)
5) Benefits Of Being Thankful / Expressing Gratitude (626 words)

Plus a compiled word document of the blog posts.

Tip: Make sure that each of the blog posts links to one another. That way, you'll get link juice AND your readers can find all of the posts in that series.

keyword research

You’ll get researched keywords related to Expressing Gratitude .

Keyword Research Done For You

You'll also get keyword research service done for you. I’ve come up with long tail keywords all related to Expressing Gratitude . You’ll find some of these are what people like to call low-hanging fruit keywords while others have more searches.

These are all high-targeted keywords and I've used a very popular keyword search software to get them. They all have the potential to easily get on the first page of search engines.

Search engine optimizing is important, so get a head start with this list.


Please note that these keywords are on the list, but I wanted to take a screenshot of what types of keywords you'll get so I did it with the least amount of searches.  I saved the most searched for phrases for the keyword research list.  🙂

This comes in Excel and text format.

Express Gratitude- High-Quality Done-For-You Personal Development Content...
Just Download, Personalize & Use As Your Own!

This is done-for-you content that you can get up on your site and then share to your audience - all in one bundle.

Plus you'll get content that resonates with your audience.  

As you can see, there is a lot of reasons to buy the PLR content in this package.  There is a wide variety of high quality PLR products including a niche journal, printables, blog series, and even keyword research service done for you.

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DFY Blog Series & Marketing Kit: Express Gratitude 

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After you purchase this bundle – you will get to immediately download all of your content!

How to Use the Journal & Blog Series:

  • The DFY Blog Marketing Kit is geared towards creating a blog series and then marketing it to your audience.
  • Use our done-for-you content to quickly get an informational and educational blog series up for your readers to enjoy.
  • To make it even better, we've compiled all the blog posts so that you can easily create a report for an opt-in form on your posts.
  • Use the DFY Journal as a product to sell as both a digital download and printed book that can be sent to your audience.
  • Take the 10-Page Prompt Printable and use it for a content upgrade on the blog posts.

All the work is done for you - just tweak the content and you're ready to use it.

This DFY Journal & Blog Series will save you hours and hours of your time creating content.  

Thank you!


April Lemarr

All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

  1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

Commercial use rights. 

What does this mean?  You can use these done-for-you products in products of your own that you create and sell, as long as the end user doesn't get editable files and has personal use rights only.

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