Free Journaling Through COVID Writing Prompts

50 Free Ready-To-Use Journaling Prompts

Journaling Through a Pandemic Can bring a sense of calm Into peoples lives Help Them With These Prompts


COVID has turned our lives upside down and some days are hard to wrap our minds over what is going on.  Journaling is a great way to help realize what our emotions are and work through them.

You'll get 50 done-for-you journaling prompts about what is happening during the pandemic.  Some of these are questions and prompts that the person can read years from now and remember what they were going through or their children and grandchildren will.  

Then some of the prompts dig deep and allow them to get their emotions out and feel more in control and less overwhelmed during this time.

This is done-for-you content that you can get up on your site and then share to your audience - all in one bundle.

These journaling prompts will resonates with your audience.  

How to Use the Journaling Promps:

  • Use these in journals that you're creating.
  • Publish these are conversation starters on your social media platforms.
  • Set up an email series and send one prompt a day to your audience.
  • Include these prompts as a bonus to a product you already have
  • Use the prompts as an opt-in.

Journaling has so many benefits especially during this time.  So make sure to grab the prompts and start sharing with your audience today.

Download & Use These 50 FREE Journaling Prompts

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