How To Build an Email List: 4 Ways To Get Subscribers From Your Blog

Do you wonder how to build an email list? Building a list is an important part of growing your business online, but it isn’t always easy.

One way you might not have considered is…

Using traffic from your own site. You’ve already done the hard work of getting readers to your blog now you need to take advantage of this and give them an opportunity to subscribe to your email list.

If you’re not using this method… yet, you’ll want to move it to the top of your list of priorities because it won’t take long to do a few of the strategies suggested.

Getting regular subscribers from your blog is one of the most profitable ways on how to build an email list. You might have heard the saying, “the money is in the list.” Bloggers, coaches, and online entrepreneurs say it because it’s true.

Now is your chance to go get some of that money. Here are three ways on how to build an email list from your blog.

Use Sidebar Opt-In Forms To Get More People On Your Email List

The first thing to do is add an opt-in form to your blog that will show on every single page. This is a great way to showcase a product that you just released or an opt-in for people to sign up to become subscribers.

Put something in the sidebar for people who are interested to easily find the sign up form. It’s a great place to start and easy to do.

Get it up there. It’s something you only have to do once and it will work. Although you might want to change up the opt-in and products so that it produces more interest.

Also, consider testing different locations, different headlines, different images, and different opt-in offers until you find one that converts well for you.

If you’re not great at graphics or don’t have a sidebar image to showcase your opt-in then check out Dragonfly Design Lab. The site has great promotional graphics in its Canva Lead Magnet Design Kits.


Make Use Of the Power of Pop Up Forms

Love them or hate them, pop-up forms work and they work well that is why you see them on so many of the popular and big sites.

Usually you’ll be able to turn them off for regular visitors once they sign up to your email list. But, if you’re worried about annoying your loyal blog readers, set it up so that it only shows every few days or weeks.

As with any other opt-in form, it helps to switch things up. Try different things and see if you can get a better conversion rate with different copy or offers. You’ll also want to try new opt-ins and copy because people start blocking them out or if they’re not interested they’ll move on without subscribing.

It really is about testing to see what works best for your audience and then setting up a few different options so that there is a wider range of topics for your readers spark their interest enough to sign up.

Set aside your personal feelings because no matter how you personally feel about pop-up opt-in forms, give them a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well they work. Then watch how fast your email list starts to grow once you use them and I bet your feelings will change about them. 🙂

Create Content Upgrades In Your Blog Posts

Another amazing and powerful option is to use content upgrades in your blog posts.

This way is a slightly more advanced technique and you’ll find that the strategy that I’m going to give you takes more work on your part, but it is well worth the extra effort. You don’t have to use it on every single blog post, but I’d make sure to use it as a strategy for every 10 or so. It can be incredibly effective.

So what is a content upgrade? It is a related opt-in offer at the end of your blog post.

Let’s say you’re blogging about finances. You’ve just written a blog post about different ways to budget your finances to help you pay off your debt faster called the snowball effect. You could then use a Personal Budget Categories printable as an incentive opt-in at the end of the post. This gives readers a chance to sign up for more finance and personal budget tips from you and as thanks for signing up they get the printable.


So either the copy of the opt-in form or the opt-in freebie is catered specifically to the content of the blog post. Yes, this is a little more work and not something you will want to do for every single post. Instead, reserve this for your highest-traffic posts.

Use Tools To Help You Grow Your Email List

Another quick and easy method on how to build an email list is on autopilot through tools. One such tool is called Post Gopher. You set it up once and then it’ll work for you 24/7 all the time.

I’m going to take a short blurb off their website explaining what it does…

“Post Gopher is a WordPress plugin that converts your blog posts and pages into downloadable PDF books. It builds beautiful forms, integrates directly with your autoresponder, captures leads and sends out download links on complete autopilot…”

It really is an amazing plugin that is easy to use and once you set it up you’ll be collecting leads every single day.

It’s pretty simple…

The plugin takes your blog post, turns it into nicely formatted PDF, and then offers this downloadable file to your guests in exchange for their email address.

You don’t need to do any extra work to create your lead magnets, because now every post on your blog is a potential lead magnet.

You don’t need to create landing pages, because the Post Gopher WordPress plugin generates beautiful pop-up opt-in forms.

It’s the hands-free way to create high-converting lead magnets and build a responsive list!


Remember a good blog post that doesn’t convert isn’t actually doing its job well. You should have a goal to get a certain number of subscribers from everything you write – so when that happens, take a look at those that aren’t converting and see how you can make it better.

So there you have it four strategies on how to build an email list. Use these strategies for getting subscribers from your site.


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