How to Create a Strategy For Your Done-For-You

When you’re looking to use done-for you content for your business, it’s best to create a strategy. The opportunities PLR present are massive, but only if you know how to use them effectively.

So how do you create an effective strategy using your done-for-you content?

Here, I’ll reveal a few key tips which have really helped me over the years.

Focus On Trending Topics

I’ve always found my bestselling PLR packs are those which focus on trending topics at the time.

For example, my “Journaling for Anxiety” customizable pack has proven especially popular given it combines two of the biggest trending topics in the health and wellness sector.

If you focus on topics that are trending, you’re going to have a lot more interest in them. To do this think about what is going on in the world, in your niche or in the news. Is there something that you can use to help people with their struggles and challenges?

I bet right now you can use a lot of different topics – the key is to slant it specifically to solve problems with the problems going on.

A lot of people try and fail to incorporate PLR successfully into their business because they don’t pay attention to the content they’re choosing and whether there’s a demand for it or not.

Make It Your Own

One of the great things about the way that done-for-you content is the fact that it is created it to help you save a lot of time and effort. It’s designed to be used as is, or you can change it to make it your own. I highly recommend the latter.

While you’ll obviously save the maximum amount of time by leaving the content unchanged, you run the risk it will be exactly the same as others who own the same pack. So, by tweaking it you’ll be able to make sure your content still shows up as unique to search engines.

It’s much more valuable to both you and your customers if the content is unique to that they’ll find anywhere else.

Know What Your Target Audience Wants

Once you’ve tweaked the content, it’s time to start thinking about where to post it. There’s a lot of ways you can use PLR content, but you’ll need to make sure the method you choose matches what your target audience wants.

For example, does your target audience tend to prefer reading blogs or tuning into a podcast? Are they going to see more value in an eBook than a blog series? Knowing what your target audience wants will help you to ensure you’re using the PLR content most effectively.

You can experiment with this if you’re not sure what your customers want yet. You’ll be able to see which content does better over time, giving you a better idea of what your audience wants.

Choose Your Marketing Techniques Wisely

Closely related to the point above, you’re going to need to know the best ways to market your content.

If your target audience is largely on social media, you can utilize your profiles and pages to advertise new content. So, you could add a little snippet from the PLR content that you’ve posted as a blog for example. This would lead your social media followers to your website.

In some cases, you might find better results by turning your PLR content into videos or podcasts. It’s best to choose a PLR strategy that focuses on a variety of formats. This increases your marketing opportunities, allowing you to target a much wider audience.

Creating a PLR strategy is sure to increase your chances of success. You can also tweak the strategy as you monitor what’s working and what could be improved. Different topics do well on different platforms and in different formats. So, it’s best to experiment with a few different PLR strategies in order to find what works for you.

Of course, you’ll also want to ensure you’re using the best quality PLR content too. You aren’t going to see any results, even with the best strategy, if you aren’t providing quality content.


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