Stencil Rocks For Making Quote Posters

I have been using Stencil for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed using it.  I like how easy it is.  This is a paid software, but I believe it is well worth the price.

I am still learning how to use it for other graphics, but this is one of the EASIEST ways I’ve found to make a social media quote for your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms.

I love that you can easily change the size of the images and that they are already pre-programmed into Stencil.

Check out this tutorial that I recorded about how to quickly make a social media quote image.

Another great feature that Stencil offers is the templates. You can create an image and save it as a template. That way next time you want the same look and feel you click on the image you want and change the text and background image. That’s all. You’ll already have everything else set up.

I have been really impressed so far with this.

They have a free trial, so check out Stencil and see if you like it.