Rachel Youngson is offering a health PLR on paleo. She offers high quality products and this one is no different. This one is great for anyone that helps athletes. She has angled the slant towards people who want to eat the paleo way that are participate in high intensity exercise.

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What’s Inside:

11 Articles

-Why Athletes Choose Paleo – 587 words
-Workouts for the Paleo Lifestyle – 533 words
-How to Eat Like a Paleo Athlete – 475 words
-Workout Recovery – 432 words
-Famous Paleo Athletes You Can Learn From – 542 words
-Are You Working Out Too Hard – 606 words
-Daily Supplements For Success – 481 words
-Plan Your Day for Success – 640 words
-Get Your Green Smoothie On – 455 words
-Your Pre and Post Workout Meals – 458 words
-How to Become a Paleo Athlete – 527 words

12 pages, 4570 words, Includes:

Flat and Spiral Report Covers
Table of Contents

Topics include

-Why Athletes Choose Paleo
-Types of Paleo Athletes
-Famous Paleo Athletes
-Eating Paleo for Endurance
-Foods that Hinder Endurance
-Pre-Workout Foods
-What to Look for in Pre-Workout Foods
-Post-Workout Foods
-When to Eat Your Post-Workout Meal
-Things to Remember

You’ll also get 12 powerpoint slides that could easily be turned into a video, plus webinar speaking points if you really want to engage your audience and handouts for anyone who attends, you’ll also get a checklist of What to Eat For Your Workouts. People LOVE checklists!

She does have an OTO called Paleo for Muscle Building, as well as another one of 32 articles that you can pick up for a great price.

Find the PLR Here- Right Now It Is On a Dimesale!



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