I’ve been homeschooling in the mornings and we’ve been learning about caves.  DMan loves them since he learned about the Ape Cave’s about an hour away from us.  If you remember over the summer we visited them and now that it was over I didn’t mind.  I didn’t like the idea of being inside them when it was happening though.  :0)

Today I wanted to let you know about a DFY funnel that Kate Rieger’s has put together called “Reiki 101 – The Essentials of Reiki! ” and it is designed to help those who want to know more about reiki for health and wellness.

The information in this PLR special package provides them with ways to help heal themselves and others through the power of reiki.


Here’s what’s included in the main offer.


  • “Reiki 101 – The Essentials of Reiki! “
  • Massive 6,900+ words; 37 pages

Sales Funnel

  • HTML mini-site, thank you, download pages
  • Complete product sales funnel
  • Videos to show you how!

Lead Generation

  • “Introduction to Healing Energies” Over 3,000 words. 19 pages.

Premium Content

  • 12 Premium Niche Articles
  • 4 Page (1,200 word) Book Review “Essential Reiki”
  • 20 Slide Sales Teaser Presentation
  • 21 Done-4-You Autoresponder messages

Graphics & Resources

  • 2D & 3D eCovers
  • Social Media Messages
  • SEO Analysis
  • 3 Reiki Posters
  • Reiki Questionnaire


You can slant this so many ways – for beginners, for animals, for dogs (yes people are searching for these as well), for kids, for adhd, for anxiety, for fertility, for depression, for babies, for money, for love and for autism.  This is only a small list of ways to slant this.  People are searching for this in so many ways.

Alert: Profit Potential

Plus they are searching for the products that go with it.  You could create product reviews for reiki jewelry, stones, crystals, books, healing music, symbols, tables and art.  All of these are products that people want when they start researching Reiki.

Here are some more alternative healing and medicine PLR packs you might be interested in:

Alternative healing and medicine are big.  People look for natural ways of healing themselves and their loved ones.  Some people don’t believe in modern medicine, while others want to find a natural way before they go to the doctor.  Sometimes the natural way to heal is less expensive and easier to go to the store and get.

Have a great and productive day!

April Lemarr


P.S. You can’t go wrong with any of the high-quality PLR packs recommended on this page.  Grab Kate’s Reiki PLR bundle to get you started.



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