Don’t Miss Out On Easy Profit With the Pokemon Go Trend

I went to the park with my son yesterday and they were people there hunting Pokemon’s. At first I saw two people. One looked like he could definitely be into it, but the other was an older woman that I really didn’t think would do something like that – so I dismissed it as them just taking a walk. Plus we were in a park outside of town, so I didn’t think there would be any there. But then I saw quite a few teens searching for them about fifteen minutes later.

Pokemon Go PLR

So now there are a lot of PLR being offered to help people get into this niche. I’ll admit we got into the game as well.

Yesterday alone there were three different PLR packs written. But the interesting thing is that none of these packs are even close to having the same angle or articles in them.

1st Pokemon Go Tips For Parents – This one will give tips on keeping your kids safe, making it a family activity, setting rules and tips to avoid being charged extra. This pack would be great for those of you that have a parenting blog, lifestyle blog, mom blog or any type of blog that has parents on it.

Here are the article titles:

  1. Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Pokemon GO (476 words)
  2. What You Need to Know About How Pokemon GO Works (513 words)
  3. How to Set Rules and Boundaries For Your Kids (426 words)
  4. Safety Precautions For Kids Playing Pokemon GO (476 words)
  5. Follow These Tips For Avoiding Extra Pokemon GO Charges (465 words)
  6. Important Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids With Pokemon GO (465 words)
  7. Turn Pokemon GO Into a Family Activity (440 words)

Get the PokemonGo Tips For Parents

2nd Pokemon Go – Talks about how Pokemon helps ward of depression, understanding the basics, fat loss playing it, childhood obesity and secrets no one is telling you. Again this one would be good for mom blogs, parenting and lifestyle.

You’ll get these articles:

  1. Pokemon Go 101: Understanding the Basics – (1,298 words)
  2. 4 Ways to Accelerate Your Fat Loss With Pokemon Go – (609 words)
  3. 6 Pokemon Secrets No One Is Telling You About – (549 words)
  4. Discover How Pokemon Go Helps Ward Off Depression and Anxiety – (683 words)
  5. Is Pokemon Go the Answer to Fighting Childhood Obesity? – (623 words)

Get the PokemonGo Articles Here

3rd Profiting From Pokemon Go – This one is geared towards making money with Pokemon. It coveres brick and mortar, bloggers, becoming a real world Pokemon Trainer, being an affiliate and sharing your knowledge.

Look at these titles:

  1. Use Pokémon Go Attract More Foot Traffic To Your Brick and Mortar Business
  2. Thanks To Pokémon Go You Can Become a Real World Pokémon Trainer
  3. How To Profit From Pokémon Go as a Blogger
  4. Share Your Gaming KnowHow And Profit From Pokémon Go
  5. Pokémon Merchandise Is Becoming The Hot New Trend In Affiliate Marketing

Get the Profiting From Pokemon Go Here

As you can see these are great ways to profit from this new craze. Fill that content calendar up for the next two or three weeks. Sign up to become an affiliate and promote Pokemon apparel, games, cups, backpacks and anything else you can think of.

Plus you could promote water bottles and even walking sticks if you find the right angle. You could angle this so many ways and possible earn money from it.

Plus Jenn has a PokemonGo Guide book that you could spruce up a bit and start selling to Pokemon players!

Also check out Alessandro’s PokemonGo cheat sheet to help you learn more about the game.

This is a craze that you don’t want to miss out on. I still can’t believe how big it got and how quickly! It is amazing.

Brainstorming Ideas For Pokemon Go

Post any of these articles and then create Top 5 lists. Or do linky lists of the Top 10 Best Places People Have Found Pokemon or Top 10 Pokemon Go Hunting Equipment to Get You the Best Results.

I did some quick research and look at all of these keywords that people are searching for on Pokemon Go.

Download these PokemonGo KWs2 (keywords)

If you noticed one of the top ones is a Pokemon Go Guide and there is PLR for that.

Get on top of this market and you’ll be happy that you did. It might just be a quick trend that comes in hard and goes out just as quick, but I’m not sure if this is going to be the case.

I buy so many Pokemon cards for my son and they range from $1 (at the dollar store for a few) to $40 at one of the bigger stores. Of course with me he only gets the $1 and maybe the $5 ones — but people are obviously buying the $40 sets otherwise they wouldn’t have them on display.

Pokemon is big as is, plus you’ve got people that participate in geocaching and have for years. I don’t see this trend going anywhere.

Did you download the Pokemon Go app to your phone? What do you think of it?



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