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Yesterday I got an email from Huw Hughes asking me to give his list an exclusive offer.  I said yes.

He then went to my site and picked out content that he thought his audience would love and sent me a list.

I was suprised that he took the time to go look for you and find PLR topics that he knew you could use in your business.

On this list you'll find topics on plant-based diets, nutrition, paleo, healthy kids and so much more.

Plus I found two more that I thought you'd like.

I've reduced the price significantly!  Normally I charge $5 to $37 for each pack, BUT for Huw's list you're going to get all of this content for ONLY $17!

So you're getting 17 packs for the price of one of my content bundles!  

Details Of PLR Include in Special Offer:

Here's a list of all the products you'll get, but if you'd like a break down of all the details scroll down and you'll see topic titles, report titles and what components are included in each bundle.

  • Smoothies for a Plant-Based Diet
  • Cooking Tips for Busy Moms PLR
  • Paleo Diet PLR Articles
  • Paleo Meal Ideas & Recipes
  • Dieting on a Budget
  • Vegan Living
  • Running for Beginners
  • Spring Fitness
  • Happiness PLR
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Benefits of Journaling
  • Enjoying Life eCourse
  • Nutrition PLR Bundle
  • Healthy Kids Content Bundle
  • Quick Guide to Protein Shakes
  • Cooking Spices
  • Home Cooking

If you have a blog that talks about health, wellness, personal development, parenting, kids or mental wellbeing you'll want to take a look at this amazing special deal just for Huw Hughes list!

Get All Of This For ONLY $17!

Pack #1: Smoothies for a Plant-Based Diet


21-Page Report, “Smoothies for a Plant-Based Diet”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Smoothies for a Plant-Based Diet Report, 10 sections, 4,453 words

Report Section:

•Benefits of Smoothies for a Plant-Based Diet
•Main Components to Change for a Plant-Based Smoothie
•How to Make a Plant-Based Protein Smoothie
•Ways to Add More Protein to Your Smoothies
•Ingredients for a Green Plant-Based Smoothie
•Nutrient-Packed Vegan Smoothie Recipes
•5 Simple Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs
•Basic Vegan Smoothies Without Using Soy
•How to Prepare a Plant-Based Smoothie Bowl
•Plant-Based Smoothies for the Morning

Pack #2: Cooking Tips for Busy Moms PLR – Articles

Includes 10 Articles:

1. Tips for Cooking Healthy Meals in the Slow Cooker (452 words)
2. Meal Planning 101: How to Plan a Week’s Worth of Meals in One Day (445 words)
3. Ingredients You Can Buy and Cook in Bulk (422 words)
4. Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas (481 words)
5. Tips for Packing Healthy Lunches for Your Kids (424 words)
6. Eat Out the Right Way (458 words)
7. Keep Your Pantry Stocked with the Essentials (422 words)
8. Cooking Appliances to Help Simplify the Cooking Process (422 words)
9. Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas (503 words)
10. Have Your Kids Help With Meals (440 words)

Pack #3: Healthy Kids


21-Page Report, “Healthy Kids: Creating a Positive & Healthy Life”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Healthy Kids: Creating a Positive & Healthy Life Report, 10 sections, 4,876 words
Report Section:

•Obesity and Your Child
•How to Talk to Your Child about Healthy Eating without Pressure
•How to Create a Positive Self-Image in Children
•How to Make Moving Fun and Natural
•Healthy Homemade Treats for Kids – Quick and Easy Baking Strategies to Reduce Calories and Stay Healthier
•Get Outdoors
•Easy Five-a-Day Strategies
•Easy Ways to Reduce Calories Consumption
•Tame that Sweet Tooth
•Creating Healthy Habits for Life

Pack #4: Paleo Diet PLR Articles

Includes 5 Articles:

1. What is the Paleo Diet? – 456 words
2. Paleo Diet Basics – 465 words
3. Paleo Diet for Beginners – 504 words
4. Is the Paleo Diet Healthy? – 482 words
5. What to Eat on Paleo Diet – 468 words

Pack #5: Paleo Meal Ideas & Recipes

Includes 10 Meal Ideas and 5 Recipes:

1. Quick and Easy Paleo Breakfasts (419 words)
2. Tips for Preparing Your Kids’ Paleo Lunches (420 words)
3. Ways to Use Cauliflower in Paleo Meals (417 words)
4. Light and Fit Paleo Lunches (427 words)
5. Filling Paleo Dinner Ideas (444 words)
6. Delicious Paleo Salads to Try (431 words)
7. Paleo-Friendly Dessert Ideas (423 words)
8. Paleo Alternatives for Your Favorite Foods (448 words)
9. Slow Cooker Paleo Meals (455 words)
10. Paleo Appetizers for Special Occasions (422 words)

5 Recipes:

•Baked Egg Cups
•Bell Pepper Tacos
•Chicken Salad on Apple Slices
•No Mayo Tuna Salad
•Sweet Potato Fries

Pack #6: Dieting on a Budget

Includes 5 Articles:

1. How to Eat Clean on a Budget (517 words)
2. How to Follow the Paleo Diet on a Budget (568 words)
3. How to Follow the Keto Diet on a Budget (571 words)
4. Tips for Making Low-Cost Meals in the Slow Cooker (543 words)
5. Cost-Saving Reasons to Buy a Rotisserie Chicken from the Store (526 words)

Pack #7: Vegan Living


21-Page Report, “Vegan Living for Beginners” and a 10 Day eCourse: Vegan Living

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Vegan Living for Beginners Report, 10 sections, 4,269 words
Report Section:

•What Is Vegan Living?
•Why Eat Vegan? What Are the Benefits to Your Health?
•Why Eat Vegan? What Are the Benefits to the Environment?
•What Can You Eat? Learning about the Many Amazing Food Options
•What Can You Expect When You Go Vegan?
•The Pros and Cons of Going Vegan Cold Turkey
•How to Go Vegan One Meal at a Time
•Supplements? Are They a Necessary Part of Being Vegan?
•How to Handle Dining Out and Talking about Vegan Living with Friends
•Are You Ready to Embrace Vegan Living?

10 Day eCourse: Vegan Living

Day 1: Vegan? Make sure you’re getting enough iron in your diet
Day 2: Protein powerhouses for vegans
Day 3: No dairy? Simple ways to make sure you’re getting your calcium as a vegan
Day 4: The importance of B-vitamins
Day 5: What about fats if you’re a vegan?
Day 6: What to do when you’re hungry – snack ideas for a vegan diet
Day 7: Breakfast ideas on a vegan diet
Day 8: Lunch ideas on a vegan diet
Day 9: Vegan dinner menu ideas
Day 10: Is vegan living expensive?

Pack #8: Running for Beginners


21-Page Report, “Running for Beginners”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Running for Beginners Report, 10 sections, 5,670 words
Report Section:

•Top Five Running Tips for Beginners and Practiced Runners Alike
•Five More Running Tips for Beginners and Practiced Runners Alike
•Running Program for Beginners
•How Many Calories Are Burned Running?
•Treadmill Running Tips Make Indoor Running Safe and Fun
•The Pros and Cons of Treadmill Running
•How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes
•How To Choose Your New Adidas Running Shoes
•Running Gear Suggestions for All Seasons
•Tips for Buying Nike Running Shoes

Pack #9: Spring Fitness

22-Page Report, “Spring Fitness: Strengthening and Improving Body”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Spring Fitness: Strengthening and Improving Body Report, 10 sections, 6,196 words
Report Section:

•Improve Your Cardio
•Stretching for Flexibility
•Flushing Body Fat
•Sag-Proofing Your Bust
•Get Six-Pack Abs
•Toning the Tummy
•Toning and Strengthening the Traps, Lats and Back Muscles
•Firming the Butt
•Defining Leg Muscles
•Strengthening Your Core

Pack #10: Happiness PLR

Includes 10 Articles:

1. The Link between Food and Happiness (518 words)
2. The Link between Friends and Happiness (586 words)
3. The Link between Hormones and Happiness (527 words)
4. The Link between Personality and Happiness (546 words)
5. Do You Need Money to Be Happy? (531 words)
6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (528 words)
7. Enjoying the Simple Pleasures in Life (579 words)
8. How Happy Are You? – Questions to Ask Yourself (517 words)
9. Seven Mantras to Increase Your Happiness (546 words)
10. Why Living in the Moment Makes You Happier (535 words)

Pack #11: Bullet Journaling

Includes 10 Articles:

1. Bullet Journals 101(633 words)
2. The Benefits of Keeping a Bullet Journal (425 words)
3. Recommended Page Layouts and Designs (419 words)
4. Things to Include in Your Journal (466 words)
5. How to Become More Organized with a Bullet Journal (453 words)
6. Use a Bullet Journal to Schedule Your Time Better (451 words)
7. The Emotional Benefits of a Bullet Journal (401 words)
8. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals (472 words)
9. Create a Bucket List with Your Bullet Journal (490 words)
10. Use a Bullet Journal to Stay on Top of Finances (412 words)

Pack #12: Benefits of Journaling

11-Page Report, “Benefits of Journaling”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Benefits of Journaling Report, 5 sections, 2,127 words
Report Section:

•Journaling for Mental Health
•Journaling for Physical Health
•Different Methods of Journaling
•Why Everyone Should Have a Journal
•Motivate Yourself to Journal Daily

Pack #13: Enjoying Life eCourse

Includes a 10 Day eCourse:

Email Day 1 – Six ways to add laughter to your life (581 words)
Email Day 2 – Dealing with jealousy (622 words)
Email Day 3 – How to get the most out of gratitude journaling (606 words)
Email Day 4 – Six ways to help others and increase your non-material wealth (587 words)
Email Day 5 – The joy of simple pleasures (635 words)
Email Day 6 – Tips for making the most of the relationship with our children (602 words)
Email Day 7 – Tips for making the most of the relationship with our children (602 words)
Email Day 8 – Tips for making the most of your relationship with your parents (604 words)
Email Day 9 – Tips for making the most of your relationship with your partner (589 words)
Email Day 10 – Tips for making the most of your relationship with your work colleagues (537 words)

Keyword Research Section

200 long tail keywords for each of these topics:
•Smoothie and a plant-based diet, cooking tips for busy moms, healthy kids, running, bullet journals, benefits of journaling, vegan living and keywords all related to spring fitness – like knowing what exercises to have a healthy and fit body.

That is 800 keywords you’ll get with this PLR pack!  There are more keywords, but they are in the individual packs below.

Pack #14: Nutrition PLR Bundle

21-Page Report, “The Benefits of Complete Nutrients”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: The Benefits of Complete Nutrients Report, 10 sections, 4,313 words
Report Section:

•Why Is Complete Nutrition Important?
•Why Not Just Take a Pill?
•What Nutrients Do You Need?
•Tips for Better Meal Planning
•Foods High in B Vitamins
•Tips to Consume More Foods That Are High in Minerals
•Getting Minerals into Your Diet
•Food High in Antioxidants
•What about Protein and Fat?
•Simple Signs That Your Diet Is Missing Something

Plus the report is broken up into 10 articles.

Includes a 10 Day eCourse:

Email Day 1 – Three nutrient-dense foods to add to your diet (421 words)
Email Day 2 – Avoiding supplementation – what about vitamin D? (363 words)
Email Day 3 – Tips to add veggies to every meal (429 words)
Email Day 4 – RDAs or DRIs – what’s the difference? (483 words)
Email Day 5 – Key to reducing inflammation in your diet (393 words)
Email Day 6 – Do you have special nutritional needs? (380 words)
Email Day 7 – What about probiotics? (345 words)
Email Day 8 – Tips to get your calcium from natural sources (320 words)
Email Day 9 – Simple steps you can take to improve your digestion and absorption (380 words)
Email Day 10 – Top tips to embrace variety in your diet (353 words)

Includes: 200 Long Tail Keywords all related to nutrition

Bonus: Royalty Free Images

Pack #15: Quick Guide to Protein Shakes


16-Page Report, “Quick Guide to Protein Shakes”

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Quick Guide to Protein Shakes Report, 5 sections, 2,584 words
Report Section:

•Benefit of Drinking Protein Shakes - Tips for Making Protein Shakes
•6 Protein Shake Recipes to Try
•3 Ingredient Protein Shakes
•Protein Shakes to Make Without a Blender
•Ways to Increase Protein in Your Protein Shakes

6 Different Graphics in jpeg, png and psd formats

Plus the report is broken up into 6 articles.

Includes 10 Articles:

•4 Essential Minerals to Build Muscle (620 words)
•4 Reasons to Eat Protein (537 words)
•6 Foods You’d Be Surprised are Loaded with Protein (575 words)
•5 Recommended Proteins to Eat (590 words)
•Best Protein for Weight Loss (532 words)
•5 Ways Protein Helps You Lose Weight (572 words)
•4 Step to Help You Switch to a High Protein Diet (635 words)
•8 Types of Protein in Your Body (516 words)
•What is the Protein Diet Plan? (616 words)
•Why You Build Muscle Faster by Eating More Protein (522 words)

Pack #16 - Cooking Spices


33-Page eBook, "Everyday Cooking Spices"

Here’s what you’ll get in the report: Everyday Cooking Spices, 10 sections, 6,040 words
Report Section:

It has 10 sections that talk about the following:

The eBook is compiled of the articles below.  You'll find them formatted with headings, subheadings and images.  This will save you time and let's you repurpose the content quickly and easily. 

Plus you'll get:

  • 10 Articles (report broken up into articles)
  • Social Media posts
  • 200 Long Tail Keywords
  • Bonus: Royalty Free Images

Pack #17 - Home Cooking


10 Articles

1. Food Freezing Tips to Make Cooking Easier(625 words)
2. Getting the Kids to Help with the Cooking (640 words)
3. Items You Always Want to Have in Your Pantry (659 words)
4. Kitchen Gadgets to Speed Up Your Cooking (653 words)
5. Quick and Healthy Breakfasts (623 words)
6. Quick Meal Ideas Using Leftover Meat (640 words)
7. Things to Batch Cook and Save Time (633 words)
8. Tips on Effective Meal Planning (631 words)
9. Tips for Cooking with a Slow Cooker (654 words)
10. Quick and Healthy Sandwich Ideas (619 words)

Plus you'll get:

  • Social Media posts
  • 200 Long Tail Keywords
  • Bonus: Royalty Free Images

There is so much content in this special deal and a variety of subjects.

Download it All For ONLY $17

After you purchase this bundle – you will get to immediately download all of your content!

All PLR Products that you purchase from me are non-refundable.

PLR Rights Terms:

  1. Don’t pass on PLR rights to anyone, so your customers only get personal use rights.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

Please note – Some of this is PLR I have bought a special license to sell. I have added a lot of extra to the package to make it even better and more useful for you.  But rest assured It is high-quality content. I provide it because I want to make sure my customers get the opportunity to purchase what they need when they need it. Make sure you don’t own this already. I will always let you know if a pack is under special license or not.

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