Productivity Planner: Brendon Burchard’s Daily Planner Review

When you’re in business for yourself you’ve got to make sure that you’re productive while you’re working so this year I purchased a Productivity Planner bundle from Brendon Burchard that he uses with his high-performance academy students.

I heard about this daily productivity planner from my mentor and when she suggests something I make sure to go get it.

Best Productivity Planner
Productivity Planner: Brendon Burchard's Daily Planner For High-Performance People
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Productivity Planner Establishes Habits For High-Performance

When you get this productivity planner you’ll notice that it is broken up differently than most planners.

In the beginning, Brendon Burchard has a short introduction of who he is, who he helps and why you should use these planners.  I found it interesting and even highlighted some of the important parts of the three-page intro.

After that, you’ll get into the daily productivity planner.  Each day is exactly the same and has questions that you answer.  These are thought-provoking questions.  

Right now I’m developing the habit of using the planner each day and some of these questions I really love and find they help me while others are harder and I have to think about them a little bit.  I can see each question creating a different way of thinking and I know that once I’ve mastered this – it’ll be easy and it won’t be as difficult.

The productivity planner makes engaging with people an important aspect of your life, as well as stepping out of your comfort zone.  Making people feel appreciated and thought about isn’t something most people do on a daily basis but this planner includes these types of actions every single day.

A few days before I started filling in the daily productivity planner section I kept getting a strong feeling to contact someone that is in my life.  We see each other often and she is like family but I’ve never expressed these types of feelings to her.  She means a lot to me and her family means a lot to me.  Since we spend so much time together I figured it was implied.

But the simple truth is that it isn’t.

After I started filling out this pages of this planner I decided I would connect with her in a more meaningful way, so I sent her a message that told her how much I appreciated her, that I thought she was an amazing mom and she was the reason that I started homeschooling.

Yes, it was hard and it was awkward but I did it because I felt that it was important…plus the planner told me too.  Haha.

She was at work but when she got the message she sent me one back immediately and she said she was surprised but appreciated that I did it because you live your life every day and you’re not sure of the impact that you have on other people.

I honestly don’t know if I would have had the courage to do this without the planner reminding me to do it with their daily questions.

Weekly Productivity Planner Section

At the beginning of the book, you’ll get a weekly review in the planner.  Then after seven days, you’ll get another one and the planner keeps offering the weekly reviews until it is done.

I filled out the first one and today I’ll be filling out the second seven-day weekly productivity portion of the planner.

This section asks questions about your week and then it gives you a few different categories where you rate what you’ve done and how you feel.  You’ll start to see patterns, as well as be able to focus on specific sections if they need it during the next week.

What I like about this planner is that it offers the deep thoughts, shows you what actions are important to make you a high-performance person and then helps you work on these specific tasks and makes you more aware of them every single day and every single week.

I’d highly recommend the Productivity Planner by Brendon Burchard for high-performance people.


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