Tiffany’s  Self Defense Survival PLR sale ends tomorrow.  Look at the titles below.  You can easily add these to a parenting blog with a slant towards mom’s learning self defense or young girls.

Unfortunately we live in a time that our kids are vulnerable and teaching them how to defend themselves could save their life.  You can use these articles do a series towards Self Defense For Girls Between 10 & 14.  I can see several articles that you can use for this series.  You could also make it into a course.  Go to your local martial arts studio and see if any of the teachers would be willing to put together a step by step training to help young girls learn self defense.

This is only one angle that you could use these articles with.  I’ve been talking about my travel site, this would work really well on a site like that as well by creating a 5 day eCourse on Being Safe While Traveling With Kids.

That is the beauty of PLR – it can be used in so many ways and on so many sites.  You’ll get 20 articles for $7!

Here the articles in that pack:

  1. Awareness Is Key in Survival Situations
  2. Best Knives for Self Defense –
  3. How to Use the Run, Hide, Fight System Correctly
  4. Learn the Laws Before Engaging in Self Defense Tactics
  5. Lethal Self Defense for Survival
  6. Maiming an Attacker to Get Away Safely
  7. Martial Arts Options for Hand to Hand Combat
  8. Mentally Preparing Yourself for Survival
  9. Non Lethal Personal Protection Options
  10. Protecting Your Home from Intruders
  11. Psychological Measures to Keep You Safe as a Captive
  12. Safe Ways to Escape a Riot in Civil Unrest
  13. Self Defense for Senior Citizens
  14. Self Defense Tools Are Useless Without Training and Practice
  15. Stealth Tactical Defense Equipment
  16. Storing Proper Protection in Your Home
  17. Teaching Your Kids Self Defense Survival
  18. The Best Way to Use a Self Defense Baton
  19. Using Noise as a Deterrent
  20. Which Guns and Ammo Are Best for Home Protection?

Get her Survival Self Defense Pack today before the price goes up!



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