In today’s tutorial I have taken an 8 page report from the Niche Starter Packs site called Seasonal Affective Disorder and showed you how to break it down into a 7 day blog series.

I didn’t actually go into a blog and add all of the content, but gave you directions on how to break it down. What I’d do and how I would add affiliate links and where to do it.

I went through a few days, but you can follow along and create the other days to include in the seven day series.

I also showed you what types of information people are seeking out when they search for this topic. People want informational content like symptoms, but they also want to know about therapy lamps and medication. Both of which is covered in the Seasonal Affective Disorder report and can be used as a day in the series.

Two of the products that I mention are below

Plus the PLR:

SAD is a serious issue that people dread every single year and they are looking for ways to make the winter months that much easier. This is a subject that goes across several different niches such as wellness, coaching, counseling, health, parenting and lifestyle blogs and sites. You can even include this in a blog that you talk about Christianity or homeschooling because this can affect those communities as well.

Do you use PLR Reports differently? If so, how do you use this type of content?



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