Tapping Into the PLR Sellers Research to Find Hot and Evergreen Topics in Your Niche

Do you hate to research topics for your business?

I don’t blame you. It can be very time-consuming and then you’re not even sure if the topics you’ve found will interest your list.

One of the best things about finding a fabulous and professional PLR creator and seller is that they are continually researching to find out what types of content are in demand so that they create only content that the audience wants.

Taking advantage of their done-for-you research saves a lot of time and money.

As a PLR Seller, there are things that I do in order to make sure that I have evergreen topics that are popular. I do this for two reasons.

  1. I want to make sure that your readers want to know about these topics.
  2. I want to make a profit from the content that I sell.

Here’s How I Do This:

Hire A Professional Writer & Designer For My Products

I work with professional writers to write the content that I provide. I also work with professional designers.

I made the decision to work with professionals so that I could consistently get done-for-you content and products out to my customers. Plus it gives me an opportunity to offer you beautifully designed commercial use, low content products.

Every PLR seller is different. Some have teams while others create the content themselves. Both of these types of sellers are playing on their strengths. You’ll usually discover who writes their own and who has a team through their emails, website, or their social media interactions.

You can usually find out how they work by reading their website, terms of service, and by asking them questions.

Conduct Trending and Hot Topic Research

I hire writers, but I’m usually the one that comes up with the subject, topics, planner pages, and the overall “theme” of the PLR products that I produce.

I don’t want to pay for content and designs that won’t get a return on investment, so I do a lot of research about what is hot and trending about each niche I provide content for. I do this so that I know the content is useful and will provide a good return on investment to you, as well as me.

I normally dig deep into the subject matter when I do research. I like to know what the main topic is, but also what are the subtopics that keep coming up.

For example, when I was doing research for a new product called Living In The Moment, I realized that this subject also covers planning, being mindful, and meditation.

By digging deeper into the subject matter I start to see patterns with the problems, as well as solutions. This, in turn, makes my packages more complete because it is full of valuable information that grabs your audience’s attention, it addresses the problems that they’re having, and then it provides a solution through journaling prompts and a planner/workbook that they can work through.

Have Systems and Processes in Place

This took me longer than I’d like to admit to get up and running, but a well-run PLR business has systems and processes in place that ensure you get your content each month on time and that the quality is consistent.

In order to provide consistent high-quality content and commercial use products, some PLR sellers provide a monthly membership. When you join a membership you’re ensuring a certain income to them each month through the membership that they can use to pay their writers or use for themselves as they build their sole practitioner PLR seller website.

Licensing Terms For PLR

Every PLR seller has licensing terms.

I have different terms, but the main ideas are as follows:

  1. Do not sell PLR rights to the products.
  2. Do not put my name on it.

A lot of people get confused over the first one.

This essentially means that you can sell products that you’ve created from PLR, but you can’t give them the same rights. They get personal use. You cannot send editable files to them, so a PDF, video, or another format they cannot edit works.

If you want to offer PLR rights to the product, you can share them as an affiliate and earn commissions.

Here is another example: most PLR companies will allow you to edit the content at will and remove any author info and replace it with your own.

If they’re not offering this then you either haven’t bought PLR rights to it or they might not have the rights to sell them in this way.

Business owners, coaches, and bloggers use PLR because it cuts down on the cost and time needed to get the right content out to their audience at the right time. If you find the right PLR company to work with, you’ll be months ahead of your competitors because they typically release content in advance for you to use in your marketing efforts.

By using PLR content you’re tapping into the research they’ve already done for your niche.

Buying PLR  is honestly like having a team of professional experts writing content and designing products for you on a regular and predictable basis without having to come up with all the ideas or do any of the research, it’s the best of all worlds.

It will lead to fantastic success for you when you commit to using it and set up a plan to use the PLR you purchase.

Have a great and productive day!




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